New parents to Autism. Need your guidance

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 Former member 2015-06-03 16:45:45


I haven't read all comments, but start with evaluations. Your evals will tell you what therapies you need, then you will have to do some tests to check out biomedical interventions. I would suggest you to look for someone else than Dr. Arun Mukherjee and Dr. Deepak Gupta. I am helping a parents who goes to Dr. Gupta and he has no clue what he is doing, the test results and suggestions just do not make sense. Mukherjee will tell you to shoot MB12, which is pointless without checking MTHFR mutations. Check the thread I started about TACA guides. If you can get one of that, your life will be lot simpler and you will have all info spoon fed to you.

Rahulm 2015-07-31 04:22:07


Hi Abhishek,

Can you guide me on the Organic Acid Test.

Where is it done?




specialkid 2015-07-31 19:07:04


Could you please suggest what is BMI?
I'm glad to know that BMI did wonders for your kid.
You think it is suggestible for every kid?
Kindly reply


lttl 2015-07-31 23:14:52


I consulted Dr Arun Mukherjee and MTHFR Mutations was one of the tests required before he prescribed the medications/supplements. MTHFR for my child was normal and we were not suggested MB12 injections.

binnu123 2016-01-12 16:37:05


Hi @raunak24 My son has recently been diagnosed with Autism.We started treatment from Dr. Kanakalatha.Need your guidance, can your please send your contact number .It will be a great help to me.Thanks in mail Id is

aayudad 2016-01-26 16:57:52


Hi @raunak24,

 My son has recently been diagnosed with Autism.

Need your guidance, can your please send your contact number .It will be a great help to me.

Thanks in advance.

my mail Id -:


victory21 2016-02-29 13:45:16


Hi All,

I'm from Hyderabad and new to this group.  My son who is 2 years and 10 months has signs of autism based on what we have observed so far. 

Good Signs so far:  Examples, after returning home from his playschool, he takes his shoes and puts them in the shoe racks.  He waves bye and shakes hand when asked.  He speaks alphabets and numbers 1-10 at this point.  Tries to attempt words but doesn't come naturally to him.  He is trying to say "thank you" these days.

Not so Good Signs:  Very limited eye contact, no reactions to instructions, gets hyper when we are outdoors, not verbal, mostly uses non verbal methods to get what he wants i.e., drags one of our hands to switch on TV, give food etc.,

Question:  We approached the SLC in Miyapur and were suggested to go for Parent training first and then shift to ST and OT.  Wanted to understand how all this works.  Is parent training the first step to all of this? or can we have the ABA, ST and OT first.

Thank you for reading and look forward to your advise...




 Former member 2016-03-01 16:33:37


Super smart idea. If parents don't know what therapy involves, how can you judge if your money is well spent and your son's time is well utilized? I wish, every place trains the parents first.

IMO, They will do their job of trying to make you understand various aspects of therapy and autism. Before you start therapy, you should have enough understanding of what therapy entails. There are a zillion videos on youtube, watch those videos so that you will have a rough understanding and you will be able to ask better questions. Once the therapy is done, ask them if they have a resource where you can reach anytime when you are in a situation, you don't know if its going well or not. More you educate yourself, more your child will benefit.

If one parent is a house-maker, their most of the waking time should go into educating themselves to address child's issues. In all honesty, majority of those kids who have shown improvement, parents' participation has been a huge factor in their improvement.

Last but not least, make Pubmed your friend. If you are not of biology background, it will be very difficult but your attempts to learn something new will teach you A LOT. Before asking any question, google the situation. Now there are so many kids with autism that there is a good certainty that you will find someone has already experienced it. Don't freak out if you read horrible things on google (but you should know), just like not every chest pain is heart attack. Once you do your homework, it is easier for other parents to help you out. As I said earlier, look for a parent mentor if you can, but don't expect to be spoon fed, they have their kids to help too. And pay it forward, don't be selfish that your job is done now you will run away. It will bite you a big time in autism world.

Nusarat 2016-03-05 19:40:33


Hi I am Nusarat Attar from pune,pimpri. My younger child Ishan 5 year old has diagnosed with autism from last 4 months.I took treatment for him from KEM like they send him for speech therapy ....but we didn't get any positive response in Ishan.They also gave some allopathic medicine which didn't suit his body.I m very frustrating from this disease.... Now I get an appointment with Dr.Archan Kadam on 14 March Please need help & guidance from you all guys that,is her treatment is best for Autism?? I want my chid will survive normally ....please help me.

anirban01 2016-03-06 07:46:39


Mrs. Attar, There is a large group of parents from Pune who are successfully combating autism. Please get in touch with them. They can help and guide you. Name of group us we and autism. Regards Anirban

Nusarat 2016-03-06 13:54:38


Thanks a lot anirban01 How can I add this pune group....please guide me

Nusarat 2016-03-06 13:57:41


Is homoeopathic treatment gives positive response in Autism or hyperactive ....

anirban01 2016-03-06 15:29:43


Hi Mrs Attar, please email me at Regards Anirban

Abhi2182 2016-03-17 23:42:21


Our 2 yrs 5 months old son has been diagnosed Autism.Need pointers for good OT and speech therapist in Pune. Also please guide me as to how can I add to this group.

AIM1 2016-03-26 18:44:33


Using a detox and nutrition approach you can recover a child yourself from your home. This can be done without spending a lot of money and using a lot of medical professionals. 
We have a son recovered using this approach and there are many other similarly recovered. 
Take care of underlying medical issues. We cannot train ASD kids out of their behaviors without addressing root medical causes. 
Start by cleaning up the diet and use a nutrient dense diet all the time.


buli 2016-04-16 02:13:55


How did u detox. I am put up in bannerghatta road Bangalore Nd would like to know more on this. As my son is having those issues including erratic sleep patterns...

buli 2016-04-16 02:22:38


Is the thread still working.. I got some guidance but would like to connect with Bangalore ppl. I am residing here in Bangalore bannerghatta road and looking out for diagnostic as well as treatment of this. Already initiated gfcf diet.. Pls. Help Nd guide Thanx

infinitevision 2016-04-18 12:17:50



I am a consultant at a mental health organisation. We are currently working on putting together information on ASD for parents (and any lay person in general). In this regard, I'm talking to a number of parents of children with autism to find out what their key concerns are? Our work is aimed towards raising awareness around mental health issues and empowering people through right information. My main questions are:

1. How easy/difficult was it to navigate the system and receive a diagnosis? What were the key challenges?

2. Following diagnosis, what were your next steps? What sort of information were you seeking to help support your child better?

Would any of you like to share some thoughts?

Thank you!


AIM1 2016-04-22 03:22:55


We used several tools to help with detox, including CD, raw foods, lugols iodine, garlic, turmeric, borax. 
More here:



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