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Royfamily 2014-02-09 10:13:48


Hi all wonderful parents,

Recently my 2 years and 3 months old son diagnosed with Autism. Initially this news came to as disaster and end of the world. Then I started to learn about this new term - "Autism", reading through internet. I came across to this group few days back. You wonderful parents motivated us a lot to fight against this fate. I am sure your experience and guidance will be a great help to us.

Below are few initial queries for you guys.

1. What are the therapies I should start immediately ? ABA or occupational therapy ? Does ABA includes all the therapy required ?

2. How good is - Smita Awasthi's - Behavioral Momentum India  for ABA ? Anyone knows any better option in Kolkata ?

3. What should be the first step towards biomedical treatment ?

4. First step towards GFCF diet.

Any suggestion is deeply appreciated.  Please.



Royfamily 2014-02-10 22:27:34


@ rh , raunak24,

Need your valuable inputs.

Lita 2014-02-12 12:43:36


I think these questions has been answered many times before, 

These are some of the answers for your queries.

1. Therapies that you need to start immediately are Speech, OT and ABA. These depends on your kid too, If speech is an issue start that first, OT for hyperactivity,sensory issues or to teach basic skills, ABA if you have behaviour issues, Actually learning the ABA skills yourself helps more that just sending the kid to any center as it will be needed to handle in many situations. Our friends have mentioned in other forums about structured play, floor time and many methods....... Ofcourse you need the guidance from any center, books. ABA doesn't include all the therapy but can use ABA techniques to increase speech.

2. Don't have answer for this one.

3. First step towards biomedical treatment is the GFCFSFCF diet and including a good probiotic.

4. Start eliminating one food at a time, Start with eliminating Milk product first, doesn't mean you can include Soy, avoid that too, The once the kid has adjusted to that slowly start eliminating Gluten, corn, presevatives....

Hope it helps.

Royfamily 2014-02-12 21:49:03


Thank you very much Lita.

1. Looks like there is no doctors in Kolkata who does bio medical treatment (DAN or MAPS). Now we are planning to travel to any other city to visit a doctor for biomedical treatment. Can you suggest any good doctor in India.

2. Also, can we start probiotic immediately till we visit bio medical doctor. If yes, can you please suggest. 

3. I got Kirkman's multivitamin "Super Nu thera". Kirkman's customer care suggested me the dosage as well. Again, can we start "Super Nu Thera" before we visit biomedical doctor.

Any opinion is deeply appreciated.   

Lita 2014-02-12 22:03:51


I have not been to any DAN in India, but many of our friends in this Forum contact Dr Deepak in Delhi,
Probiotic can be started anytime, make sure it agrees with your kid, GFCF..., It will be helpfull in healing Gut.
No experience with Super Nu thera, probably someone else can help you with this, 


Royfamily 2014-02-12 22:23:43


Thanks Lita, could you please suggest any good probiotic available in India.

Lita 2014-02-13 10:38:24


Sorry, I don't know any available in India, I have been using Klaire labs or Metagenics ultraflora Probiotics. 

abhihoney 2014-02-13 14:40:05



Purovi16 2014-02-15 17:37:11


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Roy,

Apna r post er reply korte deri holo karon ami ekhane chilam na, ko ekta questions er reply dilam hoy toh apna ra labh paben.

I am a parent & have tried all kind of therapies for my 8 years old son. It has been a long journey & I have learnt a lot. ABA & OT are both the best treatments & ensure excellent results.
ABA is the science & the therapy planned for the child is very specific to his needs.
I have consulted with Ms. Smita Awasthi, as I don't live in the city where BMI is & assigned that she is not only the most knowledgeable but has magic in her fingers.
Her program for my child has changed my world.
I have no experience with bio-medicals but my child had some allergies & by stopping read products it has helped me alot.
I have heard form some other families that BMI's language program has helped many children who did not have speech.


Royfamily 2014-02-16 14:20:08


Thanks much abhihoney and Purovi16

raunak24 2014-02-16 19:27:52


Hi Royfamily,

Sorry for replying so late to start of with pls don't take any medication on ur own consult dr kanaklatha at hyd she has done gud to us.

To start the diet I know it will be difficult but soon u'll get the hang of it. Along with gluten and casein avoid corn, soy, sugar n preservatives. Make everything fresh as much as possible. Avoid sea food if possible. To start of with the bio medical intervention I would suggest u to get in touch with dr kanaklatha as she would osuggesting u the dosage along with it.

I hope it helps u




Royfamily 2014-02-17 21:58:51


Thanks much SG

Lavanya123 2014-03-21 15:00:49


Hi @raunak24
My daughter has recently been diagnosed with Autism.We started her treatment from Dr. Kanakalatha.Need your guidance, can your please send your contact number .It will be a great help to me.Thanks in advance.

raunak24 2014-03-22 18:36:59



check ur inbox for my no


ak1983 2014-04-07 23:53:56


Hi Purovi16 and all parents,
My daughter diagnosed with Autism just few days back.
I am trying to get resources to help her.

I live in Ravet, Pune and to get ABA and Speech is difficult here.
I have twin daughters and its very difficult for my wife to travel 25km away with both of them to do these classes.

In this situation what best we can do?


Prathana 2014-04-08 12:48:41


Hi ak1983, 

I know a therapist working in Pune. Her name is Siddhi Poyarekar, her number is 08408941570. You can try calling her and in case she does not answer the call, just drop a message, she will call you back. I am not sure where exactly she is located in Pune, but even if she is far from your place, she will know of other resources available in pune. 

Hope this helps. 


ak1983 2014-04-08 16:54:21


Thanks Prathana !!
I am feeling little relieved due to this website and amazing parents on this website.

I spent hours and hours on internet but no much info. When I logged in here .. I am getting direction and hope.

Also there are many motivating examples.

Thanks for everything.

ak1983 2014-04-08 23:04:08


Sure ,,I will give you a call. My phone number is 7798312200.


psjp 2014-04-23 03:04:59


Some advice regarding therapy - parents have to be involved in therapy; it is important to observe/sit-in the therapy sessions. It would be preferable to go to therapists who allow this. This will help train us parents also so that we can continue the therapy at home. It will also allow us to discuss minute details and get immediate feedback/suggestions from them.


sp123 2014-04-23 09:08:39


we are also sailing the same .
please suggest me a good OT, ABA ,biomedical doctor....we are residing in pimple saudagar ,pune.

mp07 2014-04-23 17:19:02


Hi Sp123, We r also from pune. We r in aundh .My son goes to siddhi poyarekar for aba in magarpatta city & for ot he goes to isha soni at cgc in prabhat rd. Both of them r excellent in there respective fields.

aditis 2014-05-27 10:55:10


As My husband and I were not aware of Autism, We develop our own traditional techniques to help our child. Today i work for Special Children. I treated 3 children. It was wonderful experience indeed. Though i am MSc in Geology. But my child opens a new field for me. Treating those children and a smile on their mothers face is the most precious thing i got. .....................
Believe me all the children are same. They need attention in a planned manner .............. basss...... that is the key to success.
I made a diary for my kid. I noted all the things in that. What are his strength or weakness. I worked on the strengths not weaknesses. If you work on strengths you will never lose hope. If you worked on weaknesses you will fail and never come up. My kid shows tremendous strength in making different recipes. His memory is very sharp. 
I work really hard for that. he also did it very well. then we work on weaknesses. every person got weaknesses. I treat his every weakness in very casual manner. Treating Autistic child is very difficult thing but it is very interesting also. Every thing is challanging, Diffrent, that makes us diffrent from other parents. I envy on my sis-in-lows because they have no work to do. But remember we are far far ahead of those people who have no difficulties in there life. Now we are ready to face any kind of difficulties in your life....... just sit and think ........ is it not true ?????????? Though our children are not normal they teach us how to face hard situations, embarrassment....... is it.... ????
Take this is an opportunity, not curse or not burden........ see this though automatically change your sons life and your family life also. Always discuss strengths of your child let people guess the weaknesses. this will create only positive things. you can change the view of the people. 


playdoh 2014-05-28 13:49:30


I agree with "aditis" as far as our approach towards handling autism goes. Handling autism will make us strong person/ parent and we need to see that our children are reflection of our own personalities. Any therapy works when we have accepted and worked on and on in a positive manner. It is back breaking and sometimes frustrating, hopeless but we are living life not expecting someone will make us happy one day but it is our actions that will makes us happy. We learn everyday that "Happiness is a choice" even in a smallest achievement and we don't fuss over small failures.
Keep going all parents!!

Hoticeberg 2014-06-04 03:54:37


What are the facilities in BLR that provide drug free therapy or treatment for Autism? We are near JayaNagar area. 
This is for a 10 yr old boy, who probably has high functioning autism. 
Thanks in advance,


Purovi16 2014-06-12 10:48:33


Hello Parents...
Today want to share with you something. I am very happy today as my son is finally main streamed.
He started with 1 hour in school with a shadow teacher & yesterday after 2 years of mainstreaming attempt I received a call saying that my son can be in the school for full day.
I want to thank the team at BMI to help me achieve my dream.
I would also like to inform all parents that this year I have heard BMI has mainstreamed almost 8-10 children.
I know Smita Awasthi is very strict but she can visualize years ahead & gives a very good program for long term for our children.


Purovi16 2014-06-12 10:55:29


hii Hoticeberg,
As you are looking for a center close by Jaynagar area, I would suggest you can visit one of the centers of BMI at Jaynagar,
 for details visit:

Royfamily 2014-06-12 12:06:31


Hi Purovi,

Felt very happy to hear the good news about your son. God bless him. My son is also going to BMI. Could you please email me your number ( so that my wife can discuss and take guidance from you.



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