Son has started laughing for no reason

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piyusha 2013-09-25 16:59:18


Hello Friends, since the past one week my son has started laughing for no reason. The laughing happens at any time of the day.

My heart breaks to see my child behaving like this, and am at a loss as to how to handle this new development. Would seek your guidance and advice on this

 Former member 2013-09-25 17:17:47


 Mostly because of Yeast/parasites .. sometimes with Improper Cu and Zn... 

Is your son on any diet or supplements.. 


piyusha 2013-09-25 19:05:35


 yes he is taking the following supplements:




vitamin c

cod liver oil 



we just recently started him on the gfcf diet


 Former member 2013-09-26 09:11:29


 Which doctor you are consulting…

Gfcf is actually gluten free, Casein Free and Soy free, Sugar free..

Soy has similarities with gluten and sugar free to reduce the growth of yeast.

With strict GFCFSF and sugar free most of the issues will be solved. Then start with other supplementations. 

Can you review about econorm?

What all there and quantities in your multivitamins.. ?


Lita 2013-09-26 11:39:00


 As JoVV said it can be yeast,or it can be other food.

 In my house we see this behaviour when my son has banana , Check if you are giving him anything new from past 1 week. when starting the GFCF diet, you may be including something that he is not able to tolerate, check all the ingredients of the food and the supplements that you have included in past 1 week. 


piyusha 2013-09-26 17:38:16


thanks JOVV: we have just started consulting Dr Deepak Gupta one month back. We are GFCF however my son has been having Orgrann GFCF biscuits every day around 6-7 of them.. do you think that could have caused yeast overgrowth as they contain sugar. he doesnt have any physical symptom of yeast .. can he still ahve yeast???

we are giving amway multivitamin which contains corn starch.. should we continue with it or stop??.. will collate the details of the multivitamin and revert

Thanks Lita..will check and get back


ABA 2013-09-26 23:56:44


It's very common for kids on the spectrum to have times of seemingly uncontrollable laughter.

Laughing spells might be, because of he's responding to internal stimuli .

Most of the kids in the autism spectrum undergoes these spells of uncontrollable laughter. The good news is they will come out of it with the age.  Just ignore it and divert it with interesting things for the kids.....


 Former member 2013-09-27 00:40:06


Good.. I heard Dr. Deepak Gupta is a very good doc.. keep in touch with him always..

If you are following GFCF.. please do it very strictly..

Sugar is very dangerous.. I have seen very good change in my kid after stopping sugar..

Some of the yeast symptos are like stimming, head banging, Constipation, ring in anus, sound sensitivity, uncontrolled silly laughing, sleepless at night, moving furniture, climbing up things, hyperactivity, white tongue etc...

There are lots of laboratory tests to detect Yeast..

Try to use better probiotics.. and start a better Omega-3..

I dont know about Amway mutlivitamin.. If they use little amount of corn is okay.. But increase More EPA/DHA (omega-3) if you are using little corn..

Try Kirkman's SuperNuThera..

ASD kids lack most of the vitamins..

For eg Vitamin B12 it wont be absorbed easily.. and the most of the oral B12 is Cyanocobalamine.. extracted from cyanobacteria.. That wont be effective..

Track Vitamin A consumption.. there is certain limit for it.. Beyond that it is also toxic.. 




raunak24 2013-09-27 12:22:20


Dear Piyusha,

I was going thru the whole conversation just wanted to give my point of view ORGAN gfcf biscuit are made up of sugar n sugar is a cause for yeast overgrowth. Try and reduce the intake of the biscuits 6-7 biscuit a day is too much for the child i give my son only 4 biscuits a week plus one cup cake and the sweetner used is honey in those cake n biscuit and that too not too much.

Sugar is a major factor for over growth of yeast try and limit the biscuit intake and stop giving ur child banana u will surely see changes in ur son's behavior.





Savasachi43 2018-09-17 23:08:37


Dear parents What are the probiotics you are using to counter self laugh.. Pls suggest..


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