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Violetlight 2013-04-06 20:36:12


Hi ,

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

My son is three year old (3 Y 2m). We currently live outside India. He  receives weekly speech (2 hrs per week) OT sessions (45 minutes), attends a mother-toddler class. He has speech delay and some sensory issues. 

Attention span very much varies from 10 minutes to 1.5 hrs.  If it is 1:1 like speech therapy session it is as long as 1 hr or more. He is a sensitive boy. Enjoys circle time if it is 5 to 6 children;  The more the number of children ,  he is impatient to get his turn;  His recent ATEC score is 41. He will be starting Kindergarten- K1 or LKG in June /July 2013. Please suggest,
Any inclusive school in Mumbai or navi Mumbai areas. What is the student : teacher ratio in these schools. Any location is Ok , we can choose some near by housing; any curriculum is OK.  I am more interested in low teacher-student ratio , not keen about academic side but wanting a caring and safe environment.

Violetlight 2013-04-07 09:20:10



 Your replies are very very important to me as I don't have any information. I lived in Mumbai long time back. But never had the chance or opportunity to know about any school.

Pls give your suggestions.



rad1234 2013-04-07 10:32:07


Dear Violetlight ,

I donot have much info about inclusive schools in Mumbai.

Am listing the names of some centers in Mumbai . They should be able to help you as they deal with children on the spectrum.

Umeed -

Samarpan -


T-370 Chiragaon, 3rd Floor,
New Delhi-110017
Tel: 91-11-29256469, 91-11-29256470

:: Forum for Autism
2nd Floor,
Block A,
Jyeshtaram Baug,
Dr. Ambedkar Road,
Dadar, Mumbai - 400 014,

:: DEALL Communication Centre
2nd Flr. Laud Mansion
Opp. Charni Rd Stn.

:: Pradip Centre for Autism Management
203B Lake Town, Block - B

:: Ashiana Institute for Autism
Nityanand Marg,
Municipal School,
Sahar Rd
Andheri (E)
Mumbai- 400 059
Tel No:26845062

:: Sai Ram Autism Centre
Sewri Hill,
Sewri, Mumbai
Tel No: 24701129

:: Umang Centre for Autistic and Slow Learners
Kandivali (W)
Mumbai - 400 067
Tel No: 28660317/2808/7080

:: People Concerned About Autism
c/o Tamanna Association,
D-6, Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi - 110057
Tel No: 26143853

:: SAI-Support for Autistic Individuals
173,Ram Krishna,2nd Floor, 10th Rod,
Khar (W), Mumbai - 400 052
Tel No: 2600 7267

:: Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism
S-123, Kirloskar Colony,
3rd Stage, 4th Block,
Basaveswara Nagar,
Bangalore- 560079

:: Prerna Centre for Autism and Related Disorders
29, Ground Floor, Meherzin CHS Ltd.
109-A Wodehouse Rd,
Near Thompsons General Stores,
Colaba, Mumbai 400 005

:: Ummeed Child Development Centre
7-A Chinoy Mansion,
Warden Road, Mumbai - 400 036,
Tel No: 23632258, 23632932




Violetlight 2013-04-07 17:36:17



Rad, thank you so much for your details. As you suggested, I will email them to know about inclusive schools.  Thank you once again. It's a wonderful suggestion.

Would like to know, any one else here have direct experience or heard about Mumbai or Navi Mumbai schools (for kindergarten level) with low teacher : student ratio. Thanks.



muskaan 2013-04-07 17:56:26


hi violetlight,

   though i have no much idea for kindergaeten level, but still do contact   euroschool (airoli)

contact no.02227799005.




Violetlight 2013-04-08 04:11:00


  Hi Muskaan,

Thanks for your reference. I shall contact them.



rad1234 2013-04-08 07:20:39


 Hi Violet light, 

There are a lot of franchaisee kindergarten schools all over India. You surely should be able to find one near your neighbourhood. 

Eurokids is a good kindergarten , student child ratio is 1: 10 for KG and Sr. KG. Nursery - 1 : 15 . My child goes to Eurokids and had tremendously benefitted.His teacher is very patient with him.

A few others you can look up is - Treehouse, Radcliffe,Shemrock ,Little Millenium.

A search on montessori schools should give u an idea in Mumbai. My advice would be to look for a small neighbourhood kindergarten with a less chikdren . It would be easy on the child to adjust and the teachers would be more accomodating. You can then look for big schools having nursery /KG etc ..once he settles down.

Good luck




Violetlight 2013-04-09 20:36:05


 Thank you Rads for your suggestions on schools. Yes. As you said, he settling down is very important and should be the first step to be focused.

Any idea about these schools allowing shadow teachers(if needed)

He has attention span issues. We don't have definite/conclusive reports on AdHD etc.,on the safe side considering to have shadow teacher for initial months and slowly fade out based on speech therapist recommendation.

Also, any idea about primary schools allowing such shadow teachers? 

Thanks and best wishes


rad1234 2013-04-10 07:02:32


 Sorry dear ! I donot know of any schools allowing shadow teachers. I am sure someone at umeed or Sopan would be able to guide you better.

Good luck in finding a school of your liking for your son.


jyothi10 2013-04-11 00:36:39


 Hello Violet,


I have worked as a shadow teacher and was put at Vibgyor in mumbai, there r schools like Vibgyor, Billabong, Gokuldham Group of schools (Yasodham, Lakshdham centres are more autism specific) which take shadow teachers and student ratio is 1 : 10. There r a good number of international schools but how many of them do take shadow teachers or asd kids is a question, although they state and declare that they r inclusive schools.


Violetlight 2013-04-12 05:51:59


 Good Morning Jyothi !

i don't have engough words to thank you for your information. The school list provided by you holds key point in our move to Mumbai.  Thank you from my bottom of the heart.

Since my son is too young (3 yrs 2 months) , I am not able to say how he will pick up the additional languages like Hindi, Marati when comes to primary. But we switched over to english and not talking to him in our mother tounge since it was bit tough for him. In english he speaks in sentences.

Out side India, for children with learning delays they even get exemption of additional language paper. Because, different levels are maintained for language classes for normal kids also.

how this language policy is handled in India in ICSE/IB/CBSE schools. The above schools you mentioned, do they give any exemption?




jyothi10 2013-04-13 00:15:52


 Hi, SSC boards have exemptions..not sure about ib or others, u can try or approach the principal or coordinators..I think FORUM FOR AUTISM has worked with the education departments and in many cases persuaded them for exemptions..U r child is still v.v. young, pls consider before moving to Mumbai..rgds, jyothi


Violetlight 2013-04-16 20:37:22


Thanks Jyothi for your info.

It looks huge task to find the match with our requirements and expectation. Especially without visiting the schools directly as we are staying overseas right now.

I have send mails to few NGO's and expecting their guidance.

This forum has given me strength as well as information to proceed. Thank you once again.




Violetlight 2013-05-02 20:37:46


Good day!

Jyothi and Muskaan had given school references and Rad has given NGOs list. Thank you all.

Rad, two NGO's replied and gave parent's contact. Those Parents are wonderful and gave contacts about therapists. Thank you for your suggestion.

School is not yet finalized as many school's admission for upcoming academic year is closed. Hoping the best to happen. Also the parent's feedback were "everything depends on the class teacher" which is basically the role of luck. It gives bit of fear.

thank you once again. If any one would like to add any school or therapist details or your experiences / feedback here, you are most welcome. 



Prathana 2013-05-03 13:00:25


 Hi Violetlight

As mentioned above Forum For Autism and Ummeed Child Development center are places which will give you all the help possible. Therapy services at "Ummeed " would also be good and you will get all evidence based/ research based therapy services there.


Violetlight 2013-05-03 15:42:34


 Hi Prathana,

 thank you for your feedback. 

 I understand from other post that you are a therapist. I need your help with two issues right now I am trying to handle. Please chek your PM please. 






Meenasneha 2013-10-21 22:29:36


Hi Violetlight..Have you got any inclusive school in mumbai, if so pls share with me as i need for my daughter(IV std)

Violetlight 2013-10-23 07:58:55



sent you a personal message.

best wishes

manessvijay 2014-01-31 04:29:39


the teacher- student ratio at oberoi international is 1 : 5
good luck

Violetlight 2014-01-31 10:56:03



good day!

Thank you for your info on oberoi school.

 You are one of the early set of parents on this forum. Thank you for your posts.

 I have read your old posts, I think those are posted  during your stay at a hill station.
i also strongly believe nature can calm down when children are bit more active.  Your posts reinforced this thought. How is your child doing now? 


Meenasneha 2014-01-31 17:32:35


Thanks for lovely reply..with regards..Meena

manessvijay 2014-02-07 16:00:43




i have uploaded a new photo so as to get an idea, he is slowly but surely moving towards absorbing neuro-typical behavior as well as holding his own autistic characteristics. 
but still he is non-verbal, voices of different range do come out from his vocal chord, he understands, he listens, he responds, his earlier form of repetitive behavior has vanished, his past of toe walking, shying of eye-contact, rocking has gone, his destructive habit has gone, he has cooled whilst sitting in a hotel, enjoys going to malls, he enjoys playing in the garden, has lost interest in moving around streets, has cooled down and shows less interests in watching luxury buses or that insane intensity of travelling in a vehicle though he still enjoys it.
has started playing with different kinds of balls, of different sizes, texture, tries but still not confident of interacting with other children, smiles and shies away, but other children do make an attempt to involve him in our society and at the garden he visits, luckily, there are 3 gardens close to our place of residence.
two years back, my daughter settled as a boarder in the same school in panchgani for preparation of her board exams, so we came to mumbai and he was finding it tough to adjust to our goregaon environment, as we reside in a corner flat at a prime location near station, there is traffic and noise pollution nearly 18 hours on a daily basis but he also realized and enjoyed the extra attention as his sister was not at home. now my daughter is in 11th and has taken computer science and she is liking and enjoying her studies.


Violetlight 2014-02-09 07:36:12


Good day!

Best wishes to your daughter for her studies.

happy to know your son has progressed in many aspects and learning new things.

strongly suggest you for intensive Speech, OT and ABA. ( if he is already doing.. Pls consider including varieties like floor time , RDI principles in natural or coincidental teaching )

i have heard a school which follows Waldrof method in Mumbai. they do take special need kids. I shall try to get the name, details and send it to you.

best wishes



manessvijay 2014-02-11 09:58:10




thnks, for taking keen interest in the well-being of our children.

now, as regards with his treatments and therapies, i have visited very many places but wasn't satisfied, not that there was anything wrong on the other side but my focus was and is to cure him 100%.
secondly, i don't accept the term disorder or disability as they are high-speed energy beings and if we drive a car at a speed 200 kms. plus, we are bound to meet with an accident.
so it is beyond my ability to teach anything to my child. i just guide him, create space for him and allow him to enjoy life, all his improvements are subsidiary, they are bound to happen, will happen/manifest at the appropriate time and space.
as regards his future or career, he needn't worry as he can sustain a higher middle class lifestyle, and these autistic people are very simple living beings and he has people to look after him.    
to get an idea, you listen to  enya's wild child lyrics, or to be in the flow/rhythm, i prefer enya - caribbean blue or lisa gerrard - now we are free - gladiator or album : divine chants of ganesh by uma mohan.
i have given him avurvedic medicines for nearly 2 years in pune, tried to give homeopathy medicines from a reputed homeopath for 4 months but his assistant was not particular about our details and he couldn't find time for us, recently i have got a very good homeopath whose follow-up is also very good.
i have heard other autistic parents and even i give example of michael phelps but in his case he had a swimming pool in his house, whereas, here i fear to take him to a public swimming pool as he may catch a virus fever which nowadays is stresful.
this month, i am going to get his full medical check-up, then decide his future course of action.


Prateek1105 2014-06-04 02:53:17


Hi Violetlight and Friends in the group,

I am a father of a 8 year old high functioning autistic child. I read your posit and the responses, and I find myself in a similar position to where you were earlier (although my child is older). We are moving from US to Navi Mumbai in 2 months of time, and I am trying to find out inclusive schools which may provide admission. I know the search will be tough.

My child has speech, language and communication difficulties, focus and concentration issues, and few behavioral issues are also surfacing up now. However he has a very sharp memory, is good in mathematics and drawing. It will be great if you can suggest schools, therapists and support system near navi Mumbai. It will be of immense help to me.

Thanks & Regards,



Violetlight 2014-06-08 10:20:00


Good day!
Sorry for this delayed reply. We did lot of field work to move to Mumbai but since our project got cancelled did not move finally.
Please message me your email I'd. I can forward  more details and give some contacts. For new Bombay, there is a wonderful mother who coordinates special need parents there. I can forward her email id to you.
I would like to give you a overall picture first.
Western suburbs of Mumbai has many school which supports special needs compare to other parts. Even for therapists , the more they are experienced it's more crowded and queue for appointments.
Most of the IB schools will have special need assistance though the level might vary from school to school.
Some schools are not  mentioning it in their website but still in practical, they provide such service. 
My suggestion to you is, please finalise the school first and then find your residence near by if your situation permits.
Powai GM shetty school (IB curriculum) has good number of special need teachers who provides one to one session after school hrs it seems
Many of the Poddar schools has Spl need co ordinatior (spoke to  Spl need coordinator in new Bombay- nerul who was kind)
Pls visit, which is is woldorf method school who supports Spl needs kids
Oberoi intl school. Heard good about them but very costly.
If you feel child needs are more support,
Umeed centre or any similar NGO can guide you.
Best wishes for your child.

Sent from my iPad

Violetlight 2014-06-08 10:30:38



also, please finalise which stream of education your child will undergo - IB, IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE first. 
Once you chose the stream, then your school search will be much more easy.

also look at Billabong international school and  pawar public school at thane.

Beet wishes


safq 2014-06-09 18:08:34


Dear All,

My son is in the spectrum of autism (mild to moderate), and he is 4 yrs old. He is going to school, treatment, therapies in Chembur, but off late we are desperately seeking an inclusive school as he unable to cope with the regular one (tree house), and not learning much. We are advised to look at Yashodham (Goenka Associate) schools' one of the early intervention program. We are thinking of shifting to Goregaon E. Please share your experience, feedback (any alternative) to help us making this crucial decision..



Prateek1105 2014-06-10 02:02:59


Thanks Violetlight for your inputs. They are very helpful. My email id is
Please do provide the details/contacts you mentioned, at your convenience. It will be very helpful for our search. We are currently in US but moving in next 2 months or so, I have started speaking with schools from here.


Violetlight 2014-06-14 19:44:50



good day!

two days before a mail is sent to you with navi Mumbai contact detail. Did you receive it?


76powaimum 2014-07-30 10:19:57


Hi I m also from Mumbai Powai. Can u plz help me finding inclusive school for my 6 yr old son. He is very hyper n hv developmental delays. Right now he is in sr kg podar jumbo kids. But I m not getting support from school n teacher is not cooperative with us. Feeling lost n worried abt my child . Thanks.


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