Right brain and left brain...which is dominant and how to activate either sidefor optimal growth of a child?

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brave 2012-12-19 12:13:40


Brain is divided into two hemispheres. The research of Sperry and Onstein showed that we have two hemispheres in our brain, which have different characteristics or functions.

The left side of the brain generally deals with language (speech, writing, etc.)

The right side of the brain generally deals with more spatial activities (music, math, art, etc.)

 now the question is how to activate the left side ? i request all of u repsond with whatever u may know on the topic  

 Former member 2012-12-19 18:43:32


 @brave-- i request u to read Disconnected Kids, this book tells about brain balance programme and many techniques to activate specefic brain hemisphere


Lita 2012-12-21 22:05:39


 I have heard of brain mapping, QEEG to improve the part of the brain. They use it at a particular part of the brain for Focus, Left side for speech, some other spot for night bedwetting. I have checked about it at one of the center but they asked me to wait for few more years as my son won't cooperate with their electrodes. Not sure how effective those are but some claim to have seen lot of improvement.



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