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brave 2012-10-16 12:26:02



 I feel it is important to share the encouraging stories of recovery from our experience (even if it is hearsay)

to keep the morale high...to go on

infact the people around us should be positive too...

it is exhausting  emotionally and physically to go thru the process of therapies and assessments,various methods of treatment ....

to start with

i would like to share

the story of a boy (who attends the therapy where my kid goes for therapy)...he is 7+, diagnosed as ADHD at 3+

on O.T for hyperactivity for 2 years with therapist,then they changed O.T with a different person..

.along side they had put him in swimming and music class (key board)

his speech too improved ,has a younger sis...his interection and speech improved with interaction wid her.

goes to a regular school..and regular interaction with his class teachers by his mom took care of his school performance.his mom has taken a break from job for the past few years.now it seems worth all the effort.

he has become calm and cognitive skills improved.

so therapists have  gradually told to wean him away...and may be after few months he need not attend any therapy at all.

what a relief



 Former member 2012-10-16 15:49:29


 i know about 3 children who have shown great improvement over years who had been diagnosed as autistic around 3 years of age, chiefly due to their parent's efforts and off course by god's grace.


 Former member 2012-10-16 15:51:27


 @brave-- There is no comparision between ADHD and Autism, both have different levels of disability, it is like comparing lemons with pumpkin

it will be better if u start seperate threads (discussion ) for the two


Neethi 2012-10-16 15:54:10



Thanks so much Brave and Rh..Iam so glad to read this...I wish n pray all our children recover v v soon..and  we too pen down our success stories here.......


raunak24 2012-10-16 20:43:22


Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to share my son at the age of 2 was dsiagnosed with autism non verbal borderline.Then after the diet modification and biomedical intervention along with speech therapy at the age of 3.10 he goes to a normal school speaks fluently in hindi and understandable english.Has friends in class talks about germination now a days. Goes for skating 3 times a week and people around him just love his company.We are still on diet and biomedical but all hardwork is paying off and by god's grace he is improving day by day.

Just a message to all the parents who are in the recovery path pls pls pls dont giveup take a step forward research on ur own we have a special aid named google it really really helps n never ever take a back seat.I am sure u will see these lovely buds bloom into flower one day. Take my word i have tried n every penny every second every minute that you have invested will be fruitful.

All the best




NJ 2012-10-17 02:13:26


Special aid named google... Lol, I like that,, It definitely helped me a lot to get to the right information.

The key is starting early taking note of the early signs.. best improvement are seen in the children diagnosed around 1.5 to 2 years, and if steps were taken at that time.


NJ 2012-10-17 02:18:17


I have a now 4 year old who was diagnosed at 1.10 years of age. He was completely non verbal, total lack of understanding, hyperactive, no response to name , absolutely no eye contact, lining up toys, or repetetive playing was all he used to do. 

I quit my well paying software job. He went for OT for about a year. I was his sole speech therapist and playmate. And like raunak did diet and biomedical intervention.

Now he is developmentally recovered for his age (but not biomedically recovered which means he still needs the diet and biomed intervention to be typical).


NJ 2012-10-17 02:29:46


I know another boy diagnosed at 3. He has hyperactive (used to just run into traffic), frequent hand flapping, no eye contact, completely non verbal, monotonous voice.

Treatments - OT for 6 months, meds - low dose risperidone and mentat, and moms lots of Xtra effort at home to help him cope academically.

He is 5 now. Goes to regular school and has a best friend in class. Hand flapping only rarely now. Become verbal and had just started using pronouns. Academically the teachers consider him at the top of the class.


NJ 2012-10-17 02:42:52


An Indian family I know who is in a western country - Their boy diagnosed at 2.5 years, He had total lack of understanding, hyperactive and could not put 2 words together. He would be able to sing, but can only talk single words and cannot explain anything. The daycare he was going to had informed his parents that they found something amiss in him and had recommended them to get an experts opinion.   A few years later he was diagnosed with auditory processing issues and could not play group sports like football or basketball due to background noise confusing him.

Interventions - OT, ST, Special class in school and lot of heavy duty sports like swimming, cycling, tennis. Music like drums , keyboard , singing in the church choir. Play dates and arranging special aid in class and at home to help him with school work.

Now he is 9 years old. He can play foot ball and basket ball with teams properly. Has become very confident of himself and can interact with people to a well reasonable level. Has started attending regular class school and is doing well. Is a math genius and wants to become an aeronautic engineer.  


NJ 2012-10-17 02:54:50


Overall the road to recovery is not easy.. There is no such thing called a miracle cure... Every intervention has its own challenges....


brave 2012-10-17 20:09:52



raunak - i appreciate ur every word


brave 2012-10-17 20:10:58


nj - its true that the road to recovery is long and its an endurance test

rh- for want of time,had clubbed both


brave 2012-10-17 20:18:46


neethi -

pray that our kids get better soon...

.until then

"keep trying until u have no more chances left"

keep boosting each others' morale



Lita 2012-10-19 09:51:03


 Thanks for sharing all the stories, It helps a lot to keep us going and gives us strength to do more.


brave 2012-10-21 11:27:20


A book on postive stories...

Thomas sowell,the american economist has a son with similar issues . has wrtten a book on how he brought up his son .titled "Late Talking Children"

He has written a book on the topic in 1997-98. he had undertaken a study of many case studies of children with problems.eventhough he is an economist ,his veiw point is worth understanding.


.he narrates how it was tough briging up the child various kinds of labels that are changing.

eventually he means to say that the children do get better with age and therapy.

it is an eye-opener for us. he has also a written a book "einstein syndrome" .

one can google and read more info on it


brave 2012-10-21 11:29:58



vckumar 2012-11-10 03:23:01


Dear Ms.Ranuka

My name is Chandrakumar , nice hear your message and wish your boy do have all best things in the world.

My son actually have a trace of ADD (as per Dr/Asha centre) ,  he is 3.5 yrs old and attending the special class fm Jul'12. His eye contact is good, listen to instructions (many times) but he is not able to do anything his own or recognise things. Hence we are really confused about his nature . Hence wish to have your guidance for proper diagonisis and  required (specific) treatment. 

Please help me by giving your guidence  to my mail addresss vckumar2000@yahoo.com or can call my wife no. 09019122334.



vckumar 2012-11-10 03:38:49


Please Guide me

My name is Chandrakumar , Please note  my son actually have a trace of ADD (as per Dr/Asha centre) ,  he is 3.5 yrs old and attending the special class fm Jul'12. His eye contact is good, listen to instructions (many times) but he is not able to do anything his own or recognise things. Hence we are really confused about his nature . Need of hour is  guidance for proper diagnosis and  required (specific) treatment. Anyone knows special Dr./Therapist please share your valuable guidance/ views. Thanks


raunak24 2013-07-25 11:49:53


thanks dear hope all parents just get their angels back


raunak24 2013-07-25 11:55:15


Hi vc kumar

i had taken a break of few months from parenttree so did not get thru the msg

today called up at the no given by u but nobody picked up the phone u can call m,e back on 09949822851 for any help

take care



indiapk007 2013-10-19 05:39:24


Hi SG,

May I ask where did you get the bio medical intervention from



subhani 2013-12-09 11:01:33


can you please give me your contact number please? i need a small help for my son.

subhani 2013-12-10 11:19:48


Can you please give me your contact number? i need a help.

 Former member 2015-04-14 09:28:46


Hi raunak

Can you suggest what is biomed.
I have 2 year old kid with mild level of autism. She does not speak and has very low eye contact.
Please help.
If possible Please share me ur number. Mine is 9886295720. i stay in Bangalore. I am looking for good speech therapy and OT and Behavior therapy.

If anyone has any idea please suggest.

HAR100 2015-05-11 08:08:29




rose3 2015-05-11 11:01:08


could you share your contact detail with me. I live in Australia as well.

 Former member 2015-05-20 18:51:58


I haven't read all comments, but here is mine.

DS, age 1.3, separated from parents because of their careers, moved to India to live with grand parents. Age 1.7, DS started hitting his head on the wall, no speech of any kind, no eye contact, a lot of crying, Spinning non stop, used to line cars, looking at car wheels only etc. etc. Diagnosis at age 1.8 over Skype. Moved to the US at age 2.5

Immediately after the move, he was evaluated by Speech, OT, Psychologist and he was enrolled in early intervention. 20 hours/wk ABA, 3 hours speech and 3 hours OT. At age 3, he was transferred to ABA school, no improvement that we could notice for 1 year. Very slow improvement, if any until age 4.5. Dark period of our lives, emotionally wreaked, financially weakened. I was seriously contemplating suicide. But quickly learned, thats the stupidest thing I can do. I will relieve myself but the kid will be lost in the world and his life will be worse than a street dog. Got my sh!t together and stuck around.

Until this period, from diagnosis to age 4.5, I read a lot, A LOT. Every possible book that was in the library, I got it and read it. Every morning, first thing I did was to hit Pubmed and read research articles (I have access to almost all articles from work, so could read papers, other parents can read abstract and try to glean info, there are few free papers as well). Made my notes all the time. At age 4.5, I was brave enough to try supplements. Until this period, DS used to take 1tbsp of Psyllium seed powder and a pinch of activated charcoal daily twice in apple sauce. He had a tough time with pooping and it used to help him poop.
First thing I tried was SPEAK (Speech Nutrients), I got lucky and hit jackpot. thats where our course of development changed. 3 months in SPEAK and his blood reports were super abnormal (because of SPEAK). I  dug into the reports and figured it was due to very high levels of Vit E in SPEAK. Discontinued SPEAK but continued high EPA fish oil. thats where all experimentation started.

DS took a ton of supplements, majority showed no benefit. I would try for 3 months, if it helped, continue else discontinue. All information was obtained from the books I read and/or articles I read on biomedical intervention. Steadily until age 6.5 DS improved, his speech became very good, so was his comprehension. He showed global development. I can not ignore the contribution of the therapists and the school. It has been phenomenal. Probably, I was among the lucky parents who got all therapist with ASD child so they 'knew' what we were going through and had enough experience other than booky knowledge from their own kids. When I had to employ any therapist of my own, I made sure to get similar therapists only. Luckily, I got them all the time.

In the period of 2 years, I tried everything I made notes about. With significant benefit, I was open to trying to out physicians and meds, if required. Went to supposedly best physician costing fortune and he was diagnosed with Cerebral Folate deficiency and mitochondrial dysfunction. The physician ordered meds to address CFD and supplements for Mito dysfunction. We are just 4 months in his treatment and wow, the language has exploded. He talks pretty similar to a NT child, but social functioning isn't at par as he doesn't have any friends, thanks to autism. But now he will get there slowly.

Take home message, things change, keep faith in yourself and your child. Talk to as many parents as possible, because something helped one parent doesn't mean it will help you too. So you talk to everyone, listen to everyone, make your best educated/informed guess, and implement it. Trial and error is the key. Unless you try, you won't know if its helping. Just make sure you are not going overboard with anything. And other virtue is patience, this is not a magic wand, it will take time, so give at least 3 months to everything you try. If child shows any negative reaction, discontinue right away and talk to the parents again. Somebody already faced what you are facing and they will tell you how, if at all, they managed to get out of it.

It IS nerve wreaking, but your time investment will pay off if you keep discussing with other parents.

priya2015 2015-05-20 19:30:14


Thanks deltaforce for sharing your experience.Just started homeopathy treatment and also giving Nordic naturals but it had only 135mg EPA.Read in an article that Epa of over 1gm should be good.Which fish oil has high EPA?

 Former member 2015-05-20 22:06:35


Because you are probably using Junior version. Ultimate Omega is what I used when DS could not swallow caplets, now I use Minami Nutrition Pro EPA Platinum.


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