SAY BYE BYE TO AUTISM .............. :)

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Lita 2012-10-14 10:06:13


 Hi Neethi, 

As NJ said we have to work on communication with our kids, they are not able to learn by themselves, We can teach them speech but we have to make them use the language more and more. Even if he doesn't talk, you keep asking the question and then allow him to move to the next task when you get the answer, even a 1 word answer is enough, Don't give up, initially you may have to prompt the answers, It is more about building confidence, There are lot of reasons for them to not talk, the reasons I see in my son are 

  • Confidence.He is not sure if the words he uses is correct(our kids wants perfection in everything). We make a big deal by clapping and praising even if he says wrong but we are happy that he attempted to use his own words. 
  • Laziness.He knows it doesn't matter if he talks or not, he will anyhow get what he wants. We(parents) learnt a lesson now and don't give anything without asking. We even insisted his teacher to not allow him through the door unless he says Hi or Good Morning.
  • Not getting the correct word at the moment, I have seen my son wondering what to say when he is asked something or want to say something, when I give a choice it is easy for him to pick words from the choice. Doing Biomedical is helping us a bit in this area. 
  • Not able to understand the Question, ask very simple questions, once the to and fro conversations have started then move to complicated questions.

Though I am suggesting all this, still my son doesn't use much words out of the house or to people whom he doesn't see often. We are always working on that, just hoping he will start using words once he gets more confident. 

most of our kids have the diagnosis because of communication issues, the receptive and expressive speech part has to be tuned a lot.

Don't allow him to play by himself a lot, He wants that, but you may want him to mingle with others in future, Shyness and wanting to be alone is different. You don't have to intrude what he is playing, but get involved in his play, If he is playing with Cars, you make the sound of car and block the road saying the gate is closed, let him say open the gate to move his car further, lot of prtend play and look for opportunity to talk in what he is doing instead of pulling him to your need.We have to get silly with them.  



NJ 2012-10-14 12:58:46



Thanks for mentioning about nulife. I'm going through the link.

Are you doing ALA chelation or DMSA? and are you following the Andy-Cutler protocol? I want to try out chelation myself first before doing it on my son. I have severe attention deficit myself and am also not good with people interaction and facing people. In a 1-1 conversation I can follow ok, but in a group, i tend to lose conversations. Just a week ago I started gluten free and casein free diet myself. I want to go sugar free as well and also start on fish oils. But high potent fish oils are very expensive and so I need to wait till I get a job. ALA is less expensive but DMSA costs a lot. So have to wait to start that also. The whole frustrating part about chelation is that nobody knows when to stop. Some have been doing for 6 months and some for 2-3 years and still there is no clear indication to know when to stop.


Lita 2012-10-15 10:21:03


 Hi NJ, I am not doing Andy Cutler(AC) Chelation but the way recommended by my DAN. Since my son is sensitive to lot of medication we are working with a DAN.

We are doing only DMSA, we have only completed 5 rounds. Since my son's lead level is high we want to get that reduced first then work on other metals. He has other metals but those are within limits for now.  But during this we have to supplement with other minerals which may also go out with the metals, so frequent testing is required to make sure the body is not losing anything else. Also lot of yeasty behaviour increases on DMSA. It seems it may even take an year or two to get rid of the metals. For now there is a slight improvement in his receptive speech.

AC chelation include both DMSA and ALA, As per whatever I have read ALA doesn't remove lead but removes other metals from the brain, whereas DMSA works with Lead and mercury from organs but doesn't remove anything from brain.  So they use both together to get rid of metals, but mostly they also start with DMSA alone first.

The dosage depends on body weight. I personally feel it is better to start only after finding what metal is affecting you, I wish we have any affordable doc who can help us with the lab tests.

Don't worry NJ, your ADD may not be related to any metal, it is probably that your son is in your mind all the time, It happens to me too,  I keep writing notes everywhere to remind me of things to do,  My friends tease me you may become like Gajini one day :) 


raj0072000in 2012-10-15 11:15:36


I have send the details to all requestees. Kindly check.


aditis 2012-10-15 17:40:43


 thanks raj i got it .....



brave 2012-10-15 20:23:28


any parent tried wilbarger brushing protocolfor thier child here for sensory integration?

if so what are the benefits? can we do it at home


raj0072000in 2012-10-15 22:52:28


@brave, I am not aware about wilbarger brushing but my OT asked for a vibrating toothbrush which we purchased from market & then he made my son brush with that.

For that they even hold my son in one cloth. Someone else may clarify if it differs.


 Former member 2012-10-16 10:21:48


 This brushing protocol is for people with tactile hypersensitivity, it is a good one, but the proper recommended brush is very costly and has to be imported in INDIA from USA/UK


aditis 2012-10-16 16:15:29



Dr deepak Gupta session was over. it was skype. it was good enough.

he told me about gfcf diet , multivitamin capsuls and probiotic capsules

he told me to do some blood tests and 

MB12 injections. is any one hear to know about this injection ? any body had taken this injection before ? please write to me...............


 Former member 2012-10-16 16:19:21


 @aditi, we have started MB12 injetions for my daughter, but we have given 10 injections only till date, though we have noted some minor improvement in speech, i will be able to tell more after 3 months (30 injections = 1 cycle)


aditis 2012-10-16 16:30:48


he told me the first injection is after 3 weeks after starting gfcf diet

he told me to take this injection form a doctor from mumbai. 

rh. have you notice any reaction or something ?



NJ 2012-10-17 02:51:01


Nowadays all vibrating toothbrushes are imported- is what my pharmacist told me.


NJ 2012-10-17 02:52:37



What i heard is there will be increased hyperactivity and mouthing of objects initially, with these injections.


aditis 2012-10-17 08:05:39



yes it was written in many websites also.... lets c what will happen...

i hope for the best of my child.


Neethi 2012-10-17 08:30:14



When we talk about Casein free diet,In what way is this diet helpful?Can anyone tell me who has tried this diet?

Does it bring down hyperactivity and motivate speech??


raj0072000in 2012-10-17 09:37:43


Hi neeti,

Casein is actually a protein which was found in dairy products. Usually the child under Autism spectrum have weak immune system & the reason of that is because of weak Gut. Because of the same the proteins like Casein & Guetin were not digested by them properly will be circulated with Blood to Mind & have some sort of clots there.

Anyone may further add in that in more specifically.  


Lita 2012-10-17 09:58:32


 Neethi, as Raj said it helps with clearing the immune system from the undigested protein, Some have reported increase in speech after the diet, like something was blocking the kid from talking. but for us my son started feeling good and was calmer,  even now if he has casien any day from school or others plate, we expect a bad tantrum next day it's like it upsets his stomach in some way which we can't figure out and he won't show interest in any talk or activity..

Aditi,Rh did you get the demonstration of how to give the B12shots, just want to tell what was advised to us, we have to give the shots in 30 degree angle, so it just goes under the muscle, Also don't buy the shots in stock as if it is pre made syringe it dries up after a while and difficult to give, Since my son couldn't tolerate we had few syringe left for 2-3 month, then we observed that it dried off and couldn't use. check with the pharmacist how long you can keep them.

The reaction is different, for many they have seen increase in speech the very next day, The effect of the shots goes off in a week or 2-3 days so we have to repeat in a week or sooner for some kids. 


raj0072000in 2012-10-17 11:43:17



Dr. Deepak Gupta has not told me about MB12 injections as of now. Have u yourself enquired for that?? Also kindly share that have u done some blood /stool test before consultation to Dr. Deepak .


 Former member 2012-10-17 11:48:00


 for my dd casein causes hyperactivity and gluten causes cognitive impairment, stomach pain, non sensical laughing and crying

i let her take casien sometimes (dairy products) but gluten is the main culprit and it is absolute NO NO.

GFCF diet has definitely helped my dd and certainly after its initiation only her speech immerged, calmer and cognitively better


 Former member 2012-10-17 11:49:45


 @aditi, biomedial is a gradual process, step by step, he will tell u MB12 injections after taking some steps before it,

no i hadnt done any test prior to meeting him except Thyroid testing


 Former member 2012-10-17 11:57:55


about premade syringes-- we have got 30 syringes prefilled with MB12 solution, to be given every 3rd day, that is 3 months, it comprises of one cycle, i will recheck ATEC scores after this period, today is 12th injection day, we r giving it as had been prescribed and described at dr neubrander's site , who is pioneer of this treatment, i hv read and seen everything about MB12 prior to giving it to my daughter

side effects-- my dd became more hyperactive, stubborn, temper tantrums increased, tactile and auditory hypersensitivity increased, somewhat fear too returned

benefits-- we have seen that she is trying to put 2 words together and she also seems more aware and tries to communicate her experiences too

but i can not be sure that these benefits are due to MB12 or just the usual process of growth and improvement, though i am sure about side effects, that these are caused by MB12 definitely, if we do not see substantial benefits at the end of 3 month periods we will think of discontinuing it. I will start additional folic acid as prescribed by dr neubrander, as 5 weeks will elapse soon.


aditis 2012-10-17 20:41:36


 hi all......

as if now my sons ATEC score is geting down and down. i was not tried any therapies on him. all are given by me itself. this is first time i visited any doctor or so. doctor prescribed MB12 injection. it is only one initially. my child is on the edge of autism and normal child. the symptoms are very less that no one can guss that he had some kind of problem (i must tell you that he was diagnosed as autism when he was 3 yr old)Dr Deepak told me to inject the medicine in my child's body. he showed me, how to inject. the process is very easy. but i scare to give him. so i will take the help of any doctor near by.regarding gfcf dieti must tell you that my son showed positive to gfcfthough it is difficult for me to change his diet completely but he is quite happy with it and helping me lot. you must be right that some diet will change the mental clot. Dr Deepak wrote me some multivitamin capsules and calcium supplements.@raj i will mail you the prescription of my child if possible please mail me yours. 


 Former member 2012-10-17 22:32:38


 @raj and @aditi, plz mail me too.


aditis 2012-10-18 09:23:41


 dear rh

please send me your id on my mail



raj0072000in 2012-10-18 10:37:57


already send to Aditi. rh please share ur e-mail id.


raj0072000in 2012-10-18 21:40:35


Is anybody using MMS (Master Mineral Suppliments) for his child. I heard about that.

Kindly share.


aditis 2012-10-18 22:25:41


 no i think no one is there to use mms for their child as it is poisonous and harmful 


Lita 2012-10-19 10:05:50


 We are still not sure what it is, whether MMS is good or harmful, it has recovered 64 kids till date, but since this is completely new, we are still not aware of the future side effects. It is better to try other proved and old methods than the new ones, we can always keep it as the last option.


raj0072000in 2012-10-19 22:43:29


I have recently received my son food intolerance test report & some of other blood test report. Still we have to conduct his stool & urine test as prescribed by Dr. Deepak.

In his current reports, He was found highly deficit for Iron & Vitamin D. Is someone suggest some solutions to remove these deficits.




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