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 Former member 2012-10-10 15:44:30


 @Lita-- Dr. Deepak Gupta does chelation and testing , he also has HBOT chamber

@NJ-- as u might already be knowing that Risperidone is a second generation antipsychotic , primarily used in psychotic disorders e.g. Schizophrenia etc, but now it is prescribed in many conditions including aggression and behavioural problems in children which is part of ASD in many kids, many trials have been conducted about its efficacy in safety, psychiatrists prefer this drug as they do more about its use and long term use then any other drugs, it has lower propensity to cause EPS (extrapyramidal symptoms, there is a long list of these symptoms) then the typical antipsychotic, (prototype haloperidol etc) but still it has the potential to cause this side effect and more so in children, much is not known about its effect on developing brains etc but due to potential to cause E.P.S., it MUST be given with great precaution and ALWAYS ALWAYS  (i deliberately used always twice) under psychiatrist's guidance and continuous monitoring and close observation with regular appointment from the psychiatrist is highly necessary if any parent's child is taking this drug, it should not be taht once started and stabilised the child is on this drug for indefinite period without monitoring, blood test and psychiatric guidance (this is a common serious mistake done by many parents).

@Brave-- ur kid may be having oral sensory issues and u have to work on them first, plz consult an oral sensitivity expert, google it for more info, also feed him in smaller amounts in increased frequency (Bebo style), if still he feels vommitting like then we will see what to do next.

@aditi-- i have written my experience in detail in biomedical discussion thread , still -- in first meeting all the therapist and Dr deepak gupta evaluated my daughter on 1st day, 2nd day we had one session from all 3 therapist to understand our home plan, after evaluation he had started casien free diet and supplements immediately and had told us to make it gluten free too over next month, he remains connected with his patients via e mail etc too. We have to do some blood tests too and they are really expensive but necessary too.

@raj-- plz write about ur meeting with Dr Deepak Gupta.


Lita 2012-10-11 10:47:56


 Thanks everyone for update on Chelation.

@brave, I know you might have done many things, but just wanted to check if you have consulted a Gastroenterology for your son's problem, probably he is having difficulty with certain food. As he feels vomittish he may have some other issues, One of my son's last year classmate had reflux issue and won't eat many foods, He improved a lot by treatment with the Gastroenterology and they were giving some Feeding Therapy.

Probably Checking for allergy may also help, as sometimes the body just tries to avoid certain food. or he feels uncomfortable eating certain foods.

Since you said he doesn't bite, check if it hurts his gums or teeth when he bites, or does he just doesn't like the texture.

There can be many reasons for this try to rule out all the medical condition then work on slowly introducing the food.


 Former member 2012-10-11 13:48:28


 @brave-- Lita has said a very valid point, plz check according to it.


raj0072000in 2012-10-11 22:57:33


Hi all,

Yesterday we consulted Dr. Deepak Gupta & told him about the current therapies /homeopathic medicines.

He suggested following things:

1) Continue with existing ABA & OT therapies.

2) To focus on speech therapy.

3) Precribed a no. of blood, urine & food test which are really expensive.

4) Told to start caseine free diet first for which He gave one chart what to do & what not.

5) Prescribed Biocare Multivitamin of Kids Plus.

6) To maintain a food dairy which should be refered weekly basis.

Called for further consultation after 1 month.

He has also told for some future test like one for checking mercury & profiling etc.

For main stream adjustment, he define following milestones :

3 year 6 month for words, 4 year for language & 5 year for communication. (My son is 3 year old currently).

I personally feel it's better to consult him one to one rather on skype. And He seemed quite knowledgable in that area.Rest can be tell after certain time.


aditis 2012-10-12 10:19:17


 thanks raj.....

i live in mumbai. 

i had an appt with dr Deepak gupta. on 16 th of this month

it is skype. for the second time i will go to delhi......

thanks for the information

can u please mail the list of diet chart to my mail id

thanks again


NJ 2012-10-12 11:18:47


What did he mean by language and communication?


raj0072000in 2012-10-12 12:57:27


What I interpret is Language means able to speak sentences.And communication we know.


raj0072000in 2012-10-12 12:58:27


Sure aditis,

I don't have it currently at office. Tomorrow I will send that to you.


aditis 2012-10-12 16:26:53


 thanks raj


 Former member 2012-10-12 20:07:36


 @raj and aditi, in GFCF diet they suggest banning sugar too, but i am not doing that, i thought that it may be too much restriction for my daughter.

and i am happy for u raj that ur consultation was a good one,

i am also thinking of taking skype session with Dr Deepak Gupta, as it is difficult for us to go there every time


aditis 2012-10-12 23:57:19



i also thinking  like that only

how our kid get total nutrients of food then ?

i m not sure that the nutritional requirment of our child may me fulfill or not.



aditis 2012-10-13 00:10:23



can you please tell me what are the other food that to be avoided and taken......

i have started gfcf food for my kid. he is showing positively. its only his 5th day. the changes are very little but satisfactory. 


NJ 2012-10-13 05:22:05


What i did not understand is why communication only at 5??? Even when the child uses only single words, he should use it for communication? For instance if the child needs water, he tells "water" or signs for water. That means the child is communicating already.. One teaches words (ie vocabulary building), to a young child for the main purpose of communication. That explanation of Dr Deepak gupta sounds completely strange to me, unless it has been misunderstood by the consultee.


 Former member 2012-10-13 06:48:40


 @aditi-- most of the processed food, artiicial flavour, colours, market food to be avoided, replaced by fresh home cooked items, fruits, juices, salads etc.

i hv also read at many places that indian spices e.g. turmeric (haldi), asofoetida (hing), mustard seeds, garlic etc are vaery good for these kids as they kill intestinal bad pathogens and yeast so i encourage my daughter to eat masala wali sabji (indian gravy cooked at home) and lahsun chuteny (garlic indian sauce).


@NJ-- u r completely right, even if child is non verbal he can be taught to communicate, with single words too he can communicate, i have taught my daughter to communicate using single words only with help of ABA/VBA approach, as she uses monosyllable only, may be some misunderstanding here,

but i certainly dont understand one thing at his centre, speech therapists discourage using PECS etc for young children and try to teach them speech itself, i agree with this for young children that PECS and AAC should be tried when child is totally unable to learn speech (advised by mary lynch barbera too), but i hv seen that sm 6-7 year old children who were almost non verbal had not been given AAC there, with which i couldn't agree, but therapist know more then me, and there must be some reason to do so, which i can not understand at this point.


raj0072000in 2012-10-13 09:18:35


what is PECS & AAC?? I am today on leave so will be able to share dr. deepak gupta food list only on monday.

Also the test he told to conduct currently cost more than 50,000 Rs. Approx. 20~30 k are in pipeline in addition to them next month.

RH is that the same with you??


NJ 2012-10-13 10:02:26


raj, PECS is Picture exchange communication system which is a form of communication used usually be non verbal people who use pictures in usually flash card forms to communicate their needs.

rh, I prefer sign language over PECS. It gives more flexibility to the person who wants to communicate. They say that babies who are taught to sign have much better vocabulary than babies who are not taught to sign. When my son was diagnosed and before he became verbal, I taught him how to sign for simple needs like water, eat, sleep etc. He caught up on it very quickly. Usually people say that if the child is taught how to sign then it will delay speech further. But I feel it helps in facilitating communication and thereby bringing the childs and parents frustration levels down to a huge extent. Else the only other option the child has is to cry and cry till the parent figures out whats the matter. Its my opinion that understanding and speech goes hand in hand.. Once understanding is there speech will usually follow unless there is some other condition which is preventing the childs verbal ability like apraxia, tongue tie.


NJ 2012-10-13 10:03:32


PECS can be tailored to have an entire dialog as well, than just communicating needs.


aditis 2012-10-13 10:54:32


 any idea that how to teach communication skills ????? or behavior skills ?




Lita 2012-10-13 11:04:17


@Raj, Glad that your consultation went through fine and you find them knowledgable in this area.

From our experience, the initial blood test helped us identify the deficiency or excess of any minerals and vitamins in our kid, but the Urine and Stool test were the one that showed the yeast, Parasites, heavy metal. Though we don't repeat the blood test but have to repeat the other test after 2-3 months on the treatment, to verify that we got rid of them, sometimes the behaviour of the kid will show us that we are on the right track. If it is fine can you please share the diet chart with me, My id is

@rh they asked to avoid Sugar to reduce the hyperactivityy, also if the kid shows yeasty behaviour like stimming, spinning then we should avoid, as Yeast feeds on Sugar and those behaviour will increase. 

@NJ RH I agree, Sign Languages are better than PECS, They can be taught the words along with the Sign language, so it can make their life easier, but PECS came into picture, as everyone cannot understand Sign language.  

@rh PECS are not usually recommended for every kid, that's because the therapists feel if the child can use sounds, He/She can learn words, If they start using PECS they get comfortable with that and won't attempt to learn words. For my son who was not using words, even if he made a "Wa" sound we gave him water and slowly challenged his vocabulary. 


aditis 2012-10-13 11:12:04


 thanks lita for the wonderful information ....... 


 Former member 2012-10-13 14:50:21


 thank u NJ and LITA :)


Neethi 2012-10-13 17:20:17


I have been following this thread regularly..All parents have given valuable inputs..I too feel understanding has a direct connection with speech...My child,six yrs..will open his mouth to talk when its absoloutely essential to! For instance he says..water,when I dont budge,N ask him talk properly..then he says Mama I want water...I am not able to figure out if its laziness(assuming all his needs will be catered to without asking) or he simply cant talk....

I keep on asking questions like what happenned in school..what u did n so on,He dosent respond most of the times....At times he does answer after a lot of pursuation...

As of now my biggest challenge is his cummunication...I dont know how to make him express his feelings...which is v v important..

I am controlling his sugar he is high on energy...but I havent tried GFCF diet..I cant imagine life without diary products..They r a regular part of his intake...sometimes,I feel I shud giv this diet a try for a month to notice changes(if any)

Social issues are there too..Prefers to be lonely...Now again,If I force him 2 play he again Iam confused,whether I shud leave him to be alone,considering his personality is such or I shud invade into his territory,pull n push him 2 play,where I know hell be unhappy....Iam so confused abt how I shud deal with him.....


raj0072000in 2012-10-13 20:33:51


i will send the diet chart to all requestees on monday. However it simply tell u do & don't for casein free.


NJ 2012-10-14 06:31:14



For casein free you need only 3 days to decide if going CF will work for you. If it helps then by the 4th day you would see benefits.. But during these days you have to avoid all milk and milk derived products even including ghee. If you are giving outside snacks avoid this as well coz  of cross contamination issues and they are high on artificials.

Gluten free takes a long time and is a more difficult to follow. It takes 2 to 4 months to see any benefits at all from it.

I think communication is very difficult for these children and does not come naturally to them, just like how I am towards maths. Unless I am forced to learn maths, like there is a test, I wouldnt learn, and I need a good mentor too... So for these children I feel regarding language its something similar.


NJ 2012-10-14 06:32:49


Lita, What is the name of the heavy metal test you did? Was it blood test or hair test? and was it done in India? If so which lab did you do it from.


NJ 2012-10-14 06:36:42



Did he also write an amino acid profile test or only vitamin/mineral profile test? If he has written an amino profile test then I'm interested in knowing details like test name, what aminos acids were asked to be checked and after you have taken the test what were the results and what interpretation was given by the doctor . I had done an amino acid profile test for my son a year ago, but I was not successful in interpreting it, or knowing anyone who could interpret it properly.


raj0072012in 2012-10-14 08:21:30



He told to do ammonia & lactate test (No amino acid test till now) for which he told that the samples should be put immediately after taking them for test. I conduct it yesterday at Medicity, gurgaon & reports shown that these are within the range.

He told other test also which include heavy metal test, different vitamin, zinc, magnesium etc, ige & food infection test. I may have to wait for month end to get reports of these as some of them will be conducted internationally. I have to consult him back after one month along with all test reports.


raj0072012in 2012-10-14 08:27:47


profile test he will tell next month along with some other test to check mercury level (I think it's probably hair test).

For the ones who want to start chilation may go to the below mentioned link.!getting-started/c1ktj

This is andy cutler guidliness for chillation. Myself will prefer it after conducting test's.

Also the things should be included step by step to understand the impact.

Some other inetrvention methods i heard like fast forward & earobics. Is anyone using it.

Pls share. 


Lita 2012-10-14 09:17:53


 Hi NJ, 

I have done all the tests in US, We did the blood test initially but it doesn't show the heavy metals properly as most of the metals sticks to the bones.

I have read somewhere don't remember the exact website but Heavy metals are like the algae sticking to the Fish tank or pond, The water is clean but the base is dirty, We have to scrub them to get rid of it. so it won't be seen in the blood.

We did the DMSA challenge test for Heavy metals, it is the urine test. For my son Lead is the biggest culprit in his body, other metals are also present but not  to the extent as lead. We started the chelation from last couple of months and seeing gains but it takes long time to get rid of that as it is a slow process. Hair analysis is also one of the way to find the metals.

Since I will be moving to Chennai, I am also in search of any center there as I may need to continue his chelation.

I came across this center doesn't seem to work with autistic kids but for other illness, but they are doing the same process. I am planning to enquire them about this. 

I have also done the aminoacid test long back, almost more than an year, His result showed very low Glutamine, and B12, we started him on B12 shots and Glutothione IV but he couldn't tolerate B12 shots and the iv effects lasts only for 3 days, can't do it long term, we tried the Glutothione cream but didn't see any difference, so moved to work on other areas and expecting that to be resolved when we clear other things.   



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