SAY BYE BYE TO AUTISM .............. :)

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childdoc 2020-05-27 21:01:09


Start occupational therapy even before the diagnosis is confirmed

Rminhas 2020-05-31 21:48:43


@Autism1mom and Admin hi please add me to the groups.thankyou.+91 86268 73211.

childdoc 2020-06-05 19:49:35


Please discuss your issues

Pawansuthanu2305 2020-06-17 16:22:41


Hello sirji pls add me in parents group my no is 9795510334 My son age is 2.1 yrs is not yet diagnosis with ASD due to covid online video dr told he has symptoms of mild autism we have not done any psychological test to confirm the level We started its OT training also started focussing for its full attention. Thinking for homoepathy treatment. We must go with biomeds? Diet will also plan by us. Really confusing time some says it's to early to say he has autism or something like that Very tired with internet reading also. What three major goal we must hav for 6 months? Any suggestions pls

Pawansuthanu2305 2020-06-17 16:26:56 Maam how to join d group I have tried no luck

Akk88 2020-06-25 12:39:18


Hi Childdoc

My question is should i go for biomedical ?

Brief history of my son really confused as doctor did not give any diagonosis yet.
My son is now 2.5 year old and i started his aba from 2.1 month

His abilities

Excellent gross motor skill
Excellent pencil grip and hand eye cordination
excellent cognitivitie skill
excellent problem solving
very curious and well aware of surrounding
respond to name very well
has good memory learns fast
can say and know abc,colors,123 and few more words but not use them to communicate can only say when we ask and show whats this ?
can point to several things n a book
good at following 1 step instruction like give me,jump,clap keep,hi,bye
knows his body parts (4-5)
no sensory issue
no food issue
Can point to desired items (I have taught him to do so)
Can immitate well
Sleeps well

His disabilities
Does not communicate by saying things generally takes his own because he knows where it is,or pull me or point or whim by looking at the thing
Majorly not intrested in other kids play on his own(i have not put him on any school yet)
Eye contact is poor ,He can look into eyes properly but only when he wants to when something is intresting is there like rhymes ,songs etc
Hyperactive but can sit for an hour for activities (I usually take two sessions for him in morning and one in evening)
jumps and runs a lot

I am worried can anybody please suugest what could it be will he overcome his delays will he communicate with me someday ,will he be a normal boy.I love him so much,Even he loves me too,he always wanted me to be his side,Sorry for the long post 

Worried mom

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Akk88 2020-07-23 08:29:48


Hi Can you please tell me how you taught the social skills to your child .

BABU76 2020-08-05 08:58:20


Dear All ,

I am basically from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu but settled in Chennai till 2015. Presently living in Canada for last 5 years.
My 2 year old son is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ( ASD ) exactly 1 day after his birthday and our family's entire happiness gone. Planned to come to India to get treatment. Kindly requesting guidance from all my friends in this group as everyone knows how worst this pain is.
Please add my mobile number +1 6479361144 and my wife's mobile number +1 6479363344 in all discussion groups - Whatsapp group, Telegram group immediately. Will be very much appreciated and thankful

Doctors in Canada told it could be due to Genetic factors (or) environmental factors

But after lot of analysis, one of our suspection is doctors gave 2 dosage of MMR to my son, one in 11th month and one in 15th month

Dear Admin,
Eagerly waiting every minute for the invite in Whatsapp and telegram group. 

Thanks a lot in advance 

Suja22 2020-08-05 17:08:16

Suja22 2020-08-05 17:10:09


Join the posted ASD Telegram group......from there u can check for banglore group also

childdoc 2020-08-05 23:00:20


To join any WhatsApp group send a message to 9869405747

childdoc 2020-08-05 23:01:25


To join a WhatsApp gr click

Savasachi43 2020-08-06 01:41:03


@BABU76 Comming back to india for treatment is a bad idea, ..there is no treatment and cure for autism, these docters fooling parents. Therapy and good environment is crucial for better per my experience homeopathy helps alot to mannage some behaviors..

BABU76 2020-08-06 19:10:53


 @ Savasachi43

Thanks very much for your feedback


BABU76 2020-08-07 02:50:25


Hi Admin,

My 2 year old son is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) a month ago. We are presently in Canada but moving to India next month. Need your valuable guidance and support

Please add myself Shuresh, Mobile number +1 647 936 1144 to this whatsapp group
Also add my wife Vinodhini , Mobile number +1 647 936 3344 to this whatsapp group


Suja22 2020-08-07 07:41:03


Hi Babu76......i posted the telegram link of parents...u join that ...admin will not add u anywhere

jahanvi1 2020-08-23 17:50:17


What is your procedure?

505480 2020-08-29 12:23:14


What therapies u done at home at share how u thoufght plsss my num 8248460547 in

7709 2020-08-31 09:16:00


My daughter autism... ple add parents group... My number in Chennai...

505480 2020-09-04 11:20:17


Adithi plsss message me 8248460547..I want suggestions from u

AnUnexpectedJourney 2020-09-07 11:25:17


You are so right. 

I also have a similar story. My son was diagnosed about 5 years ago and has made credible improvement since then.

Key is to not give up and stay focused on the child.

Recently I have also written a book to share my experiences of raising a child with autism. The idea is to provide hope to fellow parents and to create awareness about the condition.

The book is now available on amazon, you may want to have a look at the same.

1713 2020-09-10 01:54:42


How to join the autism group, the link is not working seems.. kindly help

Begde02 2020-09-21 17:16:53


Hello ,
My child showing symptoms of autism , he will be 3 now . We are staying out of India rt now not able to come back to India with this pandemic . Here we are still into appointments and his assessments. Meanwhile would like to know what i can do as a mother to see developments in him .also would like to know that can these kids start normal schooling , if they are into high functioning autism spectrum.

123bhavi 2020-09-22 11:09:38


Check nemecheck protocol

determined 2020-10-08 12:55:42


Hi Lita, I would like to connect with you seeing similar symptoms in my daughter who is almost 3. Can you share email?

determined 2020-10-08 13:38:20


Is there any WhatsApp group for Indian parents living in US with Autistic kid?

bhavya1 2020-10-08 15:17:14


unfortunately the parents are in hundreds so whatsapp has been replaced by telegram app ( due the user limitations in whatsapp )

install telegram  and register your number just like whatsapp

then click on the below link to join parents group


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