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anupama123 2017-11-23 17:10:35


@chandigarh, i have heard about dew drops centre in delhi. Check that out. I am not sure about the reviews. You are right. Aba helps the most. Trust me, since you have started early, she will recover faster. All the best!

anupama123 2017-11-23 17:15:02


@suku1985, i am not able to see inbox from my mobile device. Let me know.

suku1985 2017-11-23 19:26:34


Share your mail I€™d 

swethasri2005 2017-11-23 21:39:44


Dew drops is good I heard they have it in Delhi. My son was going in Bangalore with the same center. They are good open door system. You can observe what they are doing in the class. Check it out. Hope it helps... Take care.

Raj192012 2017-11-24 15:35:55


@Chandigarh: If you are not getting any ABA therapist, you can start PECS (picture exchange communication system) for your daughter. You can search ABA PECS video on Youtube to get more idea about it. I think PECS you can start on your own. Don't worry everything will be fine, she will be out of spectrum very soon. 

@ Anupama: Can you guide me for Biomed treatment/doctor for my son. I am doing therapies rigorously, as he is 5.5 now so I feel iI should start Biomed for him. I am from Pune. As per my knowledge, there are no biomed docs in the Pune city.

anupama123 2017-11-24 21:59:01


@raj192012, look for dr deepak gupta, dr shantha venkat, dr arun mukherjee or dr praveen saxena. There are only 3-4 registrered DAN doctors in india. Pls go through the same thread from the beginning. You will get to know lot of information. You can become member of desibiomed group on fb. There are lot of other groups too. You will get to know on what has worked and what hasnt.

chandigarh 2017-11-27 07:06:18


Hi, my dd who is cosleeper with me is recently started waking up multiple times in night. She just want my shoulder and want me to walk and then immediately fall asleep. She does not open her eyes. This happen multiple times in night. If I does not stand up she start crying. In day time naps she does not show this behaviour. I have heard that in sleep regression this thing happen however it is not going away. Any suggestions to overcome this?

amit0101 2018-01-24 14:46:25


Hi Aditi, I am khushbu,My child is 2 years old..diagnised with autism....we are in utmost dipression.i tried to contact you a lot..can you please share your contact...i am available on 6375184767 and 9414539244. Pls help...

PinkFire 2018-01-24 17:38:57


Dew drops learning centre is best in delhi. I hav personal experience of meera bagh centre.

habibmuhammad 2018-01-25 10:48:55


Hai, I don't know about aditi,but you will surely get help in what info and Alot of hope you want from her. Search Google , Sonrise program autism,you will get Alot of free videos how to connect and play with your son.he will be happy as well as you.try this at least an hour a day. And try the site,qigong massage for autism. You will get Alot of valuable information there and join their Facebook page for more help.

Simmi1 2018-02-22 15:38:03


Some one plz help me... my 2.7 years old daughter find artistic... plz help plzzz

Simmi1 2018-02-22 15:46:09


Hii anupma plz help me for my 2.7 years old baby girl find artistic... plz help

anupama123 2018-02-24 11:41:14


Simmi, where do you stay? Dont panic! Autism is not a death sentence. Your child has been diagnosed early which means there is a high chance she will grow up just fine. Start with GFCF diet along with speech and ot therapies. Best wishes!

Simmi1 2018-02-25 00:29:04


Anupama123 M from Raipur.. can u tell me abt CFGF dite plz...

Simmi1 2018-02-25 00:36:47


Mam my WhatsApp no is 9993016429 plz add me.. when u saw my no plz reply me I will delete msg frm here.. thnxxx

Simmi1 2018-02-25 00:59:49


Neete how's ur son now?

Girl15 2018-02-25 20:40:28


Please add me t WhatsApp group +18607252797

grs476 2018-03-20 18:57:11


Hi All,
I am new to this site. My DD who is 3.2 has been diagnosed with Social Communication Disorder which i believe is a mild form of ASD. The dev ped says she is on high risk for ASD. So we started her therapies here in Chandigarh (Special ed, OT and ST).
I am also starting homeopathy from Dr Vikas Sharma.
Reading this thread, I am inclining towards biomedical treatment as well. The obvious choice to me is Dr Deepak Gupta considering the proxmity. 
Can someone add me to desi biomed group on FB please?

grs476 2018-03-20 19:01:59


@chandigarh : I believe you are from tricity. Do you know of any good therapy centers here? I heve heard of IIAHP only.

prashant82 2018-04-28 05:14:17 son is five yrs old...we just came to know that he is affected with ADS....can u pls tell how was your experience with homeopathic medicines & also with biomedical treatment if any, & also how effective ABA in the treatment of autism...we are just initiating the treatment.... we are from delhi...pls provide ur valuable replies &

chandigarh 2018-04-28 18:18:25


Hi Gaurav Yes I am from chandigarh. We had visited iihp but it was very unprofessional and children were treated very badly there. Therepist are also not qualified. We are not able to find any good professional or deveolpment pediatrician here. Who has diagnosed your dd with SCD?

nivedith 2018-04-29 17:01:25


hi all...wanted to know how effective is homeopathic treatment for autism for my 2.5 yrs lo....m very much confused ....plz add me in autism related watsapp group...9042022844...thank u

grs476 2018-04-30 14:27:39


Hi Satish (Chandigarh) - There is one Asha Child care centre at Manimajra . We have consulted Dr. Chhaya Prasad there who is a dev ped. They also have in-house therapies like OT, Special Education and Speech Therapy. Their therapists look inexperienced to me except the one from OT.
I have not visited IIAHP but called them once . They told me they don't have any doctor , only therapists. Hence I stayed away.
Where are you currently undergoing treatment for your daughter? Also , please share any feedback for Dr Deepak Gupta. I may also go for Biomed if I don't see any improvement.


prashant82 2018-05-02 08:18:15


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aritra268 2018-06-25 18:47:56


Hi All, If possible can you please add my number +14438196857 in Autism whats app group


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