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anu80k 2017-11-16 16:58:46


Hello there

what are the different treatments have you tried on your child and had it worked. Have you tried siddha? 
Looking forward to hearing from you.


anu80k 2017-11-16 16:59:57


My question was for chocky 1. Thanks

chandigarh 2017-11-19 15:45:30


I am trying to understand the problem of my 2 year daughter. We have seen a number of doctors since past one month but unfortunately haven'"t got any proper diagnosis for her. Some of them say she is in ASD spectrum.

As per our understanding, kids with ASD spectrum must have stereotypical/repetitive/stimming behaviors which she rarely does, hence, we would like to request you if from your experience with ASD kids, could you please confirm her working diagnosis (if she is in ASD spectrum or she has only language disorder with  behaviors inhibition/phobias

Major area of problem:

language delay

  • No verbal language: does not speak any meaning full word at 2 year, no expressive language but receptive language ok

  • impaired Non-verbal language: Does not point from index finger, prefer hand leading, only recently started gestures (hello, bye, clapping etc)

Social behavior

she is social at home (play ringa ringa, peek a boo, hide and seek etc) however, in social situations she is different person.

  • Very fearful in social/new situations

  • She does not like to greet/see any stranger, cry inconsolably if any stranger try to touch her/say hello or try to communicate with her anyways.  

  • Anxious in new places/people/situations

  • Does not like if we talk to strangers or any stranger visit our house

  • Phobia of narrow places

  • Phobia of torch/laser light

With careful observation we realized that it is not social deficit however, she does not like to play because of fear. However, once she is settled she starts playing with other kinds/adults (she took an almost a month in day care center to start playing with others).  However, now also, she plays with one kid and caregiver.

Toe walking almost all time ever since she learned walking

Very clingy with family members especially mother.

Some restricted interests and sometimes line-up objects however not obsessive toward them. If we distract her, she stops that activity easily. Likes going to only a one particular swing out of 10 in a park nearby. Wants to watch/listen only one type of cartoon poems

Not easy going since birth, Irritated very easily


Positive points:

  1. She started social smile when she was three months old. Now also she exchanges smiles with her parents and grandparents and some known people (2-3).

  2. She invites us , her grandparents, our maid to play with her (games like ringa ringa rosie). Enjoy hide and seek/ peek aboo games.

  3. Normal eye contact with family members

  4. Eats almost every kind of food

  5. Wears almost every kind of texture

  6. Not afraid of sounds, noises, heights, water, speed, swings etc

  7. No unnecessary body movements

  8. Learns to play with toys appropriately

  9. Receptive language seems ok and understand tone of voice also

  10. She follow simple commands like, sit, stand, give me, eat, pass a toy

  11. She has started imitating few actions since last fifteen days (finger plays)

  12. She has started responding to her name (5 out of 10 calls)

  13. No stereotypical behavior or stimming

  14. No major hyper/hyposensitivity issue/ tantrums/metdowns

  15. Recognize us very well and feel affectionate with us. Hugs family members. Has stranger and separation anxiety.

  16. No major sleep/GI issues

  17. Looks at what we point to. Looks at us while doing some new activity like finger plays. Attract our attention.

Sorry for long post however, we would be highly thankful if anyone can provide their comments is she is in spectrum and  the typical symptoms of ASD are not visible due to her small age or she is not is spectrum and has other issues.


swethasri2005 2017-11-19 17:23:07


Chandīgarh, please se a doctor. Your message sounds like typical child with ASD. But please find a developmental specialist and look st out all your concerns. If one doctor says its nothing then you find other Dr. How is her eye contact?. Where do you live?

swethasri2005 2017-11-19 17:25:59


Please send her to a play school nearby your home.

anupama123 2017-11-20 11:05:08


Hello Chandigarh, ASD is a spectrum. Some kids on spectrum are social, some are verbal, some have stereotypocal behavior and some dont. It depends how deep they are on the spectrum. Your child is very small. So even if she is on the spectrum, she will make huge gains with therapies. So dont delay a minute and do everything possible for her. We all normal people also score on autism spectrum somwhere. To know how much she is on spectrum try childbrain autism questionnaire or atec scoring. You will get a fair idea.

Raj192012 2017-11-20 14:46:34


Anupama is right....rigorous therapies help your daughter a lot. There is no harm opting for therapies. I suggest please look out for any good ABA therapist and OT therapist in your area. 

Mylife29 2017-11-20 20:13:54


HI Anupama

                                 I my son was recently  diagnosed as Mild  Autism, and he is 3.3 years old, he responds to his name and he can say only few words  like ma, brother, father in mother tongue some or meaning less, recently we joined him ABA and speech therapy he is going to school also(He enjoys to go ), no sleep issue and he eats all most what we can feed, (Able to eat with his hands also)right now we kept him under GFC Diet , because of this he is very lean but hyper active reduced and still active in all the things. as we requested  Homeopathy Dr (We are counslting him right now)he suggested stared zinkovit and omega 3 Tab, so could you please suggest us for some tips about this and any good tips which may missed, other than homeopathy any better suggestion from you.
Thanks in advance for u r Great support through this ParentTree.


anupama123 2017-11-21 10:00:23


Hi Mylife29, Glad to know that your son is doing well in other areas apart from speech. Omega and zincovit will help him in his overall health. I am no expert but from what i have read and interacted with parents, there are homeopathic doctors who specialize in autism like ketan patel etc. You can search in parenttree to get the names of these homeopathic doctors. It has helped couple of them. But dont continue homeopathy or any other treatment options for more than 6 months if you dont see any significant change. You can also try biomedical approach. I consult Deepak gupta over skype. My son is recovered now and he only has mild communication and attention issues which i am hoping will resolve before he turns 4. Even he is on GFCF diet and trust me i have seen lot of positive changes in my son after we started it. Even my son is very lean, but its a small price to pay for the larger good. Keep continuing therapies and also try homeopathy/biomedical in parallel. Therapies are slow but sure shot of way treating autism. Homeopathy/biomedical will make the recovery a little faster. Again, what works for one doesnt work for another. So you have to keep trying and reading as much as possible.

19lucky 2017-11-21 13:04:43


Hai anupama
           Thanks for all the detailed explanation and I want some more things to know. As my son is 4.2 and started with homeopathy medicines( from one month) and about to start biomed treatment. I wanted to know if:

1. Does the biomed supplements cause any hyperactivity or aggression. 
2. We are not able to follow the GFCF diet 100 percent. Will it be a problem if we don€™t follow it completely and using the medicines??( we have also noticed some improvement with the diet)
3. Does omega 3 causes hyperactivity or aggression. ( we have tried giving omega 3  and seen improvement with eye contact and learning but becoming aggressive)

Please help me I have posted my worries in some groups but no response. 

Thank you. 

anupama123 2017-11-21 13:51:15


Sometimes biomed may cause hyperactivity in some kids. It doesnt happen everytime and it subsides after a month. If it isnt, then you have to change the medicine. Yes. Going completely GFCF is recommended. Infact Deepak Gupta suggested GFCFSFCFSF which is sugar, corn and soya free too. Omega 3 doesnt cause aggression. But make sure you get good branded fish oil. Nordic Naturals and SPEAK is the best.

anupama123 2017-11-21 13:53:17


Dont do homeopathy and biomed together. Try onething at a time.

Arsh23 2017-11-21 14:34:32


Hi anupama I brought barlean fish this a good brand

19lucky 2017-11-21 14:39:29


Thanks for the reply anupama. Yes we are minimizing the sugar contents and all others also.



chandigarh 2017-11-21 19:41:39


Thanks Anupama, Swethasri and Raj for your valuable responses Recently we have started sending her to playway. After 10-15 days, she started smiling, shaking hand and waving bye bye and feeding other childern. She has good eye contact and invite familiar people to play. Do children in spectrum able to play with people once they are familiar? Actually we are confused if our child is language delayed or in ASD. She has no sensory and repetitive issue hence no point of starting OT/pt therepies. Do these sensory or repetitive issues appear after 2? Thanks

chandigarh 2017-11-21 19:50:54


Regarding supplements, we are using brainwise and methyl b12 drops and vit d3 drops. Recently started dr Ketan Patel homeopathy he suggested to use coromega omega 3 orange squeeze. Anyone used this brand?

anupama123 2017-11-21 21:44:47


Hello chandigarh, Your daughter is more likely on the spectrum. Toewalking, stranger anxiety, phobias, restricted interests and no speech. All of them are autism symptoms and not langauage delay. Some kids on the spectrum who dont have the typical symptoms of autism get categorized as pdd nos which is again mild form of autism. She needs to start with speech therapy and occupational therapy. Toe walking is not normal. OT will help fix that. Yes some behaviors start becoming obvious after 2. I have seen some parents ignoring these subtle hints and then when the kid is 3 or 4, realizing that they have wasted precious time. It will really help if your child is getting monitored and trained by therapists. If at all it is not autism, these therapies will only help her. Her speech and motor skills will speed up.

Mylife29 2017-11-22 13:31:03


HI Anupama 
Thanks a lot for u r suggestions. 
Hope u r son will overcome his problems by his Birthday
I have so many doubts could anyone please clarify those who are overcome all these problems.
Which will give some valuable information for us like new to this world of ASD.

1. At which age U r son was diagnosed.
2. R u tried homeopathy earlier or directly start bio medical,
3. if start homeopathy how much time you continue in Homeopathy what was the progress. 
4. how long he is in therapies like ABA and OT.

Raj192012 2017-11-22 15:22:06


@ Anupama: - As you suggested I am also thinking to give omega 3 to my son. Currently, i am giving other allopathy medicines. My son is having repetitive behaviors. I have one doubt can I start fish oil and homeopathy medicines together. Also, I was looking for Nordic Naturals Arctic D Cod liver oil - there are capsules in lemon flavor only. It includes Vit D also. Should I start these medicines to my son? Please suggest.

@ Chandigarh:- As Anupama said I have also wasted so many years. I did not accept the reality easily and it leads to delay in every action. I have wasted precious years of my son. As I said earlier these therapies will be beneficial for your daughter. So please rethink and take some actions.

chandigarh 2017-11-22 16:52:33


Thanks Anupama and Raj, we are not in denial mode.we agree there is issues with our daughter and we are trying everything from GFCF, homeopathy ( dr Ketan Patel) to biomedical (consulted dr Mukherjee from udan, dr Deepak appointment is next month). We would like to have your suggestions regarding the following Brand of fish liver oil, anyone tried coromega dr Ketan prescribed this or speak is best? There is no ABA therapist in Chandigarh, can any one guide best ABA therepy centres in NCR region and if there any home plan or training for ABA therepy at home

Mylife29 2017-11-22 17:12:10


Hi Chandigarh 
Why u r changing the way of treatment from Homeopathy to BIo Medical  may i know the reason, Since how long ur using DR.Kethan Patel Treatment any improvement is there, could you please let us know. 
Is any time frame given to u by DR Kethan  Patel Earlier. 


chandigarh 2017-11-22 17:19:28


Hi we are not changing, we are giving supplements and homeopathy both. Waiting for certain tests results prescribed by dr Mukherjee and see if any other biomedical intervention are required or not. We consulted dr Ketan around 20 days back. No as such changes yet. Recently my daughter seems very clingy to mother and wake up multiple time at night. donot know it is just phase of growth or any other reason or side effect of medicine. He was very confident that it will work and given time frame of 4 months.

Mylife29 2017-11-22 17:33:13


Hey Chandigarh 
Thanks for the update ,  Omega 3 and Zinkovit syrup suggested by my Homeopathy Dr is  Omega 3 Tab full or Half you are using could you please assist on this. 
Thanks in advance...


chandigarh 2017-11-22 21:34:51


@My life we are using brainwise syrup for omega 5 ml per day. However now dr Ketan suggested coromega orange squeeze. One sachet per day. I am going to order this from Amazon

anupama123 2017-11-22 21:37:32


@raj192012, pls check with your homeopathic doctor before giving fish oil. He might already be giving omega supplement to your child in his medicines. Always keep a gap of atleast a week or 2 before giving any new supplements. If at all, you get any side affect you will not.know what is causing it. Pls note that homeopathic/biomedical doctors do lot of trial and error with their medicines. What might suit one child might not suit another. I use nordic natural artic cod liver oil for my son. Its not the one with the vitamin d.

swethasri2005 2017-11-23 07:41:55


Chandīgarh looks like you are on the right path. Please do pecs (picture exchange communication system) it will really work for her to communicate her basic needs. Take her to the play ground to play with other kids or if you have neighbors kids in her same age try to socialize with them. Please watch what she is eating, please avoid packaged food. Try as much home made food as possible it makes a big difference in focusing and attention and also better digestion. Please do not over medicate, she is a baby just 2 years...take care

anupama123 2017-11-23 14:52:52


Hello Chandigarh, Dont try too many doctors. Have one biomedical doctor. Why are you consulting both ayan and deepak and then homeopathy too. I know you are worried about your daughter. But she is only 2 to try too many things.Too many mediciations will only cause more side effects like sleep disturbance etc and you will not know which medicine to stop. At her age, therapies will help more than medicines. Incase it is difficult for you to find therapy centres, start speech related activities right away. Blowing bubbles, sipping from straws, spitting water helps strengthen the oral muscules which are needed for speech. Does she make different sounds or words. Try to build on the sounds she makes. Like if she says s, try to make her say sun. Read speech therapy related docs and try to implement it at home. Continue working on her at home even when if she starts going to therapy. Moms can make a huge difference in recovering a child.

suku1985 2017-11-23 15:15:34


Hi Anupama123

kindky check your inbox 

chandigarh 2017-11-23 16:17:02


Thanks Anupama for your concern. We are not giving too many medicines. We are giving medicines as suggested by dr Ketan patel. Homeopathy and three supplements, fish liver oil, b12 and vit d3. All these are suggested by dr ketan. Regarding biomedical intervention, dr Mukherjee did not prescribed any medicine. Just prescribed few tests. we are not satisfied with dr Mukherjee assessment and overall experience of udan centre. Hence will consult dr Deepak for further investigation and medicines. Regarding therepies, we tried home based OT therepist however my daughter was not cooperative with her hence we are trying at our level only. Some sonsory therapies. She also goes to play way for 1,2 hour and we are happy that she is getting socialize with other kids.we will also try speech therepist if she co-operate. We are also finding good ABA therepist. Do you know any good ABA centre in Delhi. In western world ABA is considered as most useful technique.


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