SAY BYE BYE TO AUTISM .............. :)

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Parents from chennai ,pls suggest some psychiatrist for my kids evaluation


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 CARS-- childhood autism rating scale,

done by psychiatrists


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 u can take appointment at dr pratibha karanth at bangalore, if it is faesible to u, although she is not  a psychiatrist but i feel that she would be of more help to u then any other person


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 i meant the above comment at skywalkr


Lita 2012-10-01 21:39:47


 Hi Skywalkr,

   I was in the same situation of not getting the answer to questions from my kid, Kids learn a lot by themselves but only things that they like, We have to teach them others. Does she talk other things?

For us we learnt that we have to work on teaching the answers first, Like just teach , "what's this? ...pause..  It's an Apple", You ask question, you answer it. For few days let her learn to say "it's an apple". Appreciate her whenever she repeats your answer, Just a hi-five or clap will make her feel good. Then you slowly stop saying the answer, just ask question. You can expand her answers slowly. Work on one thing at a time.

We worked like this on What, where and Who questions, Now my son can answer them.


raj0072000in 2012-10-01 22:16:39


We have purchased rice milk, coconut milk & some glutine free products like biscuits, pasta, macroni, aata etc.

We have stopped my son's dairy milk completely from last 2 days & enforcing him for rice milk. We have also added some badam milk along with rice milk.Initially He was very resistent but now he has started taking it.

Today we have also purchased Dairy free Soya milk pack from La Marche. Can some tell is that also casein free. Should we try this diet change own our own or we require consultation.

We have already taken appointment of Child Phychatrist Dr. Deepak Gupta (At Delhi) for 10th Oct'12.

Just praying from the God that all actions will place well for my 3 year old son.


aditis 2012-10-01 22:51:45


 thanks rh for the valuable comments, it will help to my child also

is any body know about gluten free diet ..... any body have the diet chart ????



i also took an appointment with Dr Deepak Gupta form delhi.... its on 9th oct 12

its will be skype session.... 

best luck to u too......


aditis 2012-10-01 22:57:40


 please go for 


it is one of the wonderful training program for our children. i tried lot of things form the videos  loaded in youtube


aditis 2012-10-01 23:02:35


 Hi Skywalkr,

welcome to the discussion ...... thanks for sharing the things with us. u are always welcome to suggest any of your feelings and share ours. as u told abt your daughter.  rh is right. they are similar symptoms of my son. but u realize it early. thats very good. best luck. 

raunak24 2012-10-02 01:29:58


Hi RH,


Hide n seek

Make a big square or any gometrical shape with coloured tapes on the floor and tell ur child to walk on it helps improve concentration

Throw n catch

Throwing loop on desired objects

Puzzles of community helpers alphabets, shapes, colours, veggies,fruits and so on and so forth list is endless

Taking chances and playing fill in the blanks for alphabets and numbers.

Tippie tippie top what colour u want game (played a lot in my childhood days)

Make letters or any numbers or any figures with the help of stones

Hope all these games  will help u




raj0072000in 2012-10-02 04:29:23


Aditis , kindly share your feedback for Dr. Deepak Gupta after session. That may help a lot.


aditis 2012-10-03 00:27:29


 yes raj sure i will


aditis 2012-10-03 16:23:00


 give your children a practice of hidden things 

that is ....

make few letters or small pic (animals) allow him to read it then hide 

see if she or he can repeat  it or not......


 Former member 2012-10-03 19:25:58


 @raunak24, wow raunak u have given me really very useful tips, thanks a lot, i am straightaway gonna use them

@aditi, thank u dear for all ur suggestions :)

 @raj-- it is good that u are going to a DAN practitioner (dr deepak gupta), it is always better to go for treatment under a doctor's guidance and not do everything at your own, as all kind of supplements etc have both effects and side effects also a protocol has to b followed,

 and u hv someone to whom you can back up and ask querries, though his appointments are short but he remains in touch with his patients all the time.

best wishes to u


raj0072000in 2012-10-03 20:28:16


thanks rh. Can u share experience with Doctor Deepak Gupta.

I have also gone through some programms on internet like Son-rise, Teachh, RDI etc.

Is some one have an experience about these programms especially I found Son-rise program techniques quite good as shown in Video on their site.


 Former member 2012-10-03 21:36:03


 @raj-- i hv shared my experience in biomedical discussion, u can read details there.

i have yet to review son rise programme, there are lot of contrdictory reports about it, i will myself get the details and then only comment, about RDI i know very little,

TEACHH is certainly good,

u should first go for ABA programme


aditis 2012-10-03 22:02:29


 thanks rh , raj and raunak24 ....

please tel me abt rdi .... what is that ? i also going to doctor Deepak Gupta... you know little bit more about him. i have an appt on 9th of this month. please guide me ... how to tell the problem and how to get more information in less time.  i have started gfcf diet for my kid. just 2 days before. but i need a complete diet chart of indian food... if any one have that knowledge please share ........

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 i read on amazon the review posted by a parent about the book SON RISE by kauffman--

Never trust any miracles that come with price-tags, June 28, 1998By A CustomerThis review is from: Son Rise: The Miracle Continues (Paperback)I have very mixed feelings about this book. When Kaufman describes them in any detail, the developmental play techniques he uses with his son seem intelligent and useful, and the emphasis on responsiveness and attention to what motivates the child in question is good. It's also nice to read someone who is not continually worried about how to eliminate entirely harmless but "inappropriate" autistic behavior. Various other writers - Stanley Greenspan, Melanie Nind and Dave Hewett, etc. - have actually developed similar techniques, but have described them in much greater detail and scientifically documented their (more modest) claims, something Kaufman has consistently failed to do.

Too often, however, Kaufman seems to reject practical details in favour of claiming that the right attitude is all that matters, the right attitude apparently requiring "choosing" to feel happy about everything. Any parent of a child with autism who occasionally feels tired, frustrated, or momentarily unable to "choose" to be ecstatic will now have to feel inadequate as well. As a person with an autistic spectrum condition (Asperger's syndrome) myself, and as a volunteer with severely autistic children, I happen to think that autism and autistic people are beautiful and wonderful beyond measure, but I don't think that such enjoyment and delight should be made compulsory (a sure way to destroy them anyway) or that parents should have to feel that they are failing their child if they also feel the other, equally human and valid emotions of fatigue, worry, or grief...he seems to be selling acceptance on the basis that if you just accept something enough, then a "miracle" will occur and it will go away (which is an odd sort of acceptance). If a mirac! le doesn't occur, then presumably you had the wrong attitude... For many children, I'm sure that the practical techniques he describes are genuinely beneficial (Craig Schulze, in "When Snow Turns to Rain", describes how they were not for his son), but I have an innate distrust of anyone who sells (literally or figuratively) a fixed package of techniques as a "miracle cure" for all children and all problems. Some limits and differences are real; some children can't just "choose" to be normal; some disabilities don't go away, and true acceptance may mean learning to live and work with them.

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Last edited by the author on Sep 19, 2010 8:54:34 AM PDTTD says: Yes, Kaufman price-tag is high. His "choice" of happiness very much like denial. "People who are dissociated live in great peace. But this is only because they have blocked their negative feelings. The enlightened person resolves his negatives feelings, and thus his peace is not false."Reply to this postPermalink | Report abuse | Ignore this customer
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2 of 2 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you?  Yes NoPosted on Mar 14, 2011 2:50:23 PM PDTTD says: I find that the Kaufman method excludes all others, as if no one else on the planet has a clue. Their pricetag is so high they won't even post it anywhere and if their method fails, they blame the parents for not being "happy" enough. Seems cultish to me.

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 this is a cTo parents of special-needs children, June 26, 2005

By S. Sreedhar "Sree" This review is from: Son Rise: The Miracle Continues (Paperback)As you read all the reviews of this book here, I suggest you take a moment to mentally classify the reviewers into two categories: (1) parents who decided after reading this book to adopt the Son-Rise method for their autistic children, and (2) everybody else.

You'll notice a clear difference - the parents are all UNANIMOUS in their approval of this book and the program, while the rest offer a mixed bag - some approval, sure, but a lot of criticism, cynicism, condescension, outright ridicule, and some cheap shots. All are personal viewpoints, and therefore equally valid perspectives. But if you're reading this book not as a literary exercise, but in search of an effective way to help your child, that difference should send you a crystal-clear message.

My personal viewpoint: I picked up this book almost three years ago (6 months after having had my son diagnosed with autism), and I finished it in one sitting (ending well past midnight). Within a day or two my wife and I called the Institute, signed up for their training program and haven't looked back since. Our son, who was totally non-verbal at age 3, now has a large & growing vocabulary, speaks in 5-10 word sentences, and is interacting socially, learning freely and living joyfully. And along the way, it has also transformed our family's experience of life. Not that I was the New Age type - I'm an engineer, the skeptical, numbers-guy kind. Thank goodness I could recognize the genuine article when I see it. I don't care if Son-Rise doesn't quote the statistics some people demand - my son is the only statistic I need.

The difference between the perspectives of a player on the field and a spectator in the stands can be seen in the following quotes from Rivkah McCaby's review:

* "Imitation Therapy" - if this is a reference to the practice of `joining', it reflects a very shallow understanding of this foundational pillar of the Son-Rise method.

* "Their institute is the temple of a personality cult": Oh, come on! Somebody who has spent a week there wouldn't be saying this.

* "This isn't going to be very helpful to most 21st century families looking for help with an autistic child ...", "... most parents today don't have the time and money the Kaufmans had, but they do have the resources of public funding, Medicaid, and established programs ...", "... but love is not the reason this therapy works...": Maybe these statements are true and maybe they aren't, but who would know better than someone running a Son-Rise program for their child?Help other customers find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? Yes NoReport abuse | Permalink  [Add comment]CommentsTrack comments by e-mailSort: Oldest first | Newest firstShowing 1-2 of 2 posts in this discussionInitial post: Dec 29, 2006 10:06:28 PM PST 
Last edited by the author on Dec 29, 2006 10:11:02 PM PSTNicole R. Seidel says: Thank you for pointing out the two categories of reviewers! It should also be noted that Rivkah McCaby makes a living by providing services for those with special needs, so there is a vested interest in people staying disabled. As to her "cult" comment, people often throw around that word when they feel threatened, so they can squash the "threat" to their own financial interests. Parents, like us, love this book because we have a vested interest in our children thriving! I bought this book in June; saw changes in my daughter in July; decided to take a trip to the Autism Treatment Center of America for the August Son-Rise Start-up and now my 5 year old daughter is having her first real Christmas!!! Her verbal skills are growing exponentially; her eye contact and focus has increased dramatically; and next month when her birthday comes around, she will be able (for the first time) to blow out the candles on her birthday cake!!! Thanks again for correcting misinformation!!!Reply to this postPermalink | Report abuse | Ignore this customer
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I'm misty-eyed...Reply to this post 

ompletely opposite review by another parent at amazon about son rise programme--



 Former member 2012-10-03 22:18:02


 what i think that i will buy the book SON RISE, it is not that costly and then after reading it, will post once again....


Chukki1 2012-10-03 23:19:09


Has anyone here had any experience with ordering books,supplements,etc from idea as to how prompt is their delivery and how many days do they generally take?



 Former member 2012-10-03 23:41:06


 @chukki1-- i order books from flipkart, all books from amazon are available there

@aditi-- if u have gone any formal testing earlier then get those scanned, also all the interventions u have tried, type them in computer folder and send all this to dr deepak gupta by e mail prior to your session (2-3 days ahead), let him observe your child on skype if he wants so, keep all educational material, toys etc handy and near your webcam so that he can observe your child playing with toys and using education material

he may ask u questions which u will be answering, generally in first session doctor (all the doctors) obtain all the information based upon which he goes for diagnosis and decides treatment

@ADITI-- go for south indian food, it is mostly GFCF, also there are various websites on which u can find GFCF recipe, no pre made indian diet chart available in my knowledge, u will hv to seek one from a nutritionist, ask dr deepak gupta about this for sure and he may tell u about some nutritionist, (i should also have asked him for the same, i will ask in my next appointment)


aditis 2012-10-03 23:45:18


 thanks rh ,

u dont know how deeply u helped me....

thanks a lot.....


Chukki1 2012-10-03 23:47:38



Actually, I wanted to order some supplements like Nutrasea, Equazen,etc from amazon.So wanted to know if anybody has had any prior experience with amazon.

Abt Dr.Deepak Gupta, was ur 1st appointment with him an elaborate one.Did u meet the other doctors also like OT and ST also.....I mean how many days did it take in all?I just needed more info as I am planning to take an appointment with him.Presuming U stay in some hotel in Delhi whenevr u go there, can u pls guide me abt some good hotels there which are convemient locationwise also.





aditis 2012-10-03 23:49:53


 hi chukki,

u can do skype session first. 


aditis 2012-10-03 23:57:13



any one knows about MMS 

its Miracle Mineral Solution....  i have gone through various  websites... but the

concept  is out of my mind.....

people are saying that it is the ultimate treatment  for autism and other cronic and dangerous  and incurable diseases


Lita 2012-10-04 05:48:56


Hi Aditis,

The concept of MMS is  to remove the parasites, pathogen from the body.

One of my friend has tried it during summer, Her son's OCD went away completely in 2 months. But MMS alone is not enough, you have to give with other supplements like B12, Hbot..  She followed Kerri's protocol and gave almost every hr 8 times in a day. You should not have anything with Vit C with MMS else it will not work. Also should not eat or have other supplements immediately with MMS.So after the school started she couldn't give 8 times and was worried that it may contradict with other supplements she was giving so has stopped.

As for me, my kid is very sensitive and because of the smell he didn't even try that. Also there are lot of contradictory discussions everywhere and our DAN is not aware as which supplement it will contradict so I have put that on hold. still  it is tempted to try seeing so many testimonials. 

You can get updated about MMS for autism on Kerri's facebook page.


Lita 2012-10-04 06:16:00


I see that many wants to start the Biomed path, it is really worth trying, It has done wonders to many.

Just one thing I would like everyone to do is Please Please keep a diary of daily intake of supplement and behaviour. Try one supplement at a time. wait for a 3-4 days to see one supplements reaction. I am not a doctor but I am saying this from my experience.

Nothing to scare you and don't take me wrong, but I learnt it hard way. Some kids are very sensitive to some brand or some supplement. My son became very emotional and cried a lot after we started B12 and it took us 1 month to realize that he was reacting to B12. he was fine once we stopped it. Same when we started Omega3 he started having facial tics, we figured it after 5 days and stopped that. Since every kid is different it works different for everyone. Just note everything. 

I wholeheartedly wish good luck to you all and pray that it works well for all the kids. 


aditis 2012-10-04 10:34:10


 thanks lita for your concern .....

is any one knows about stem cell therapy .......

is it safe ???? 


 Former member 2012-10-04 13:48:38


 @aditi, u r welcome dear always

@chukki-- i hv written in detail about my experience with dr deepak gupta in biomedical discussion

@everybody--lita is right read her post and follow it, i would like to add that, one must keep at least 15 days gap between starting of 2 treatments and after MB12 shots for next 6 weeks no other intervention has to be tried

@everybody-- about MMS, this has got lot of contraditory evidence, MMS solution in all practical aspect is a sort of bleach and i am not sure that it may also damage delicate intestinal linings of young children

@chukki-- u can order supplemets from--




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