SAY BYE BYE TO AUTISM .............. :)

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mom100 2012-09-28 10:17:19


lita , i personally feel when a child acquires skill to swim ..which increases blood circulation to brain .skating &catching for hand eye coordination .

practicing a skill tunes the mind to understand & act better like everyone else,saying suits us the best  "Practice makes a man perfect " something we forget as we go deep in to our kids

we should think of streching little more ..

LITA , your son's issues do seems to be over as he is learning of the best gift we can give to our kids .your hard work is paying i said , he might be more acting in aparticular way   because he is used to act in a that way .

Aditis , even my son  practice catching & bat ball everyday with  a  football. ii think .i should also move to smaller sizes. thanks for idea .





 Former member 2012-09-28 11:25:03


 friends can u plz sugest some outdoor activities or indoor sports for my 3 year old daughter?

in vicinity no play place/park/garden/sports centre etc is available for her,

we have a a small bit approximately 200 square ft traingular open area in our house, i have grown grass there and i am planning to place small slide, sand pit and some aother activities for her, plz give suggestions for this bit of land and other activities too.

thank u.


aditis 2012-09-28 11:53:59


 though this is very unusual  thing to tell u but still it will help your child

take a bucket of water and put some soap, make a foam. dip some clothes give it to your child to rinse and dry with hands by twisting it...... 

try it........


KKris 2012-09-28 12:22:24


I find my son loves music & songs. While playing on is own, he would keep humming to himself or singing aloud.

Are there any set of songs that your child is crazy about. I find children seem to like the same set of songs.

* "Train is Coming" on youtube. This sparked the interest in trains in my son.

* "Hup Hup one two three" - jungle book. This is a new fancy. He likes to march around.

* "Hum Honge kamiyab" - For some reason, this songs really rejuvenates him. He keeps reminding me on the stanzas i am missing out on. The english equivalent too - "We shall overcome"

Do suggest some more songs.


KKris 2012-09-28 12:27:23


This is a very positive post. I thank you all for the ideas. Am definitely going to use them. Some of the ideas are very intuitive and unconventional (rinsing clothes & twisting them dry).

My son loves to give company in the kitchen. My mom-in-law gives him chappati atta. He tries making different shaped chappatis. Exercise for the fingers (a good alternative for play dough).

I saw a few suggestions for website:

1. starfalls

2. dreamenglish

3. Patty shukla.

Please do suggest a few more.


brave 2012-09-28 17:00:32


thanks friends for such postive suggestions and ideas.

some ideas that i follow

  •    bought a key board and make him play it.since he likes music...he likes to play.good for motor skills too
  •  once a week ,we take him to beach...loves to play in the sand
  •  pushing vehicle toys and playing with him and asking questions..
  • .
  •  blow bubbles,candles,make him drink wid a straw all for oral exercises and its fun too  

and all u moms like me....please relax whenever possible

u deserve to rejuvenate



brave 2012-09-28 17:30:40



  1. buy a small trampolin,let her jump
  2. make her help in planting and watering plants
  3. u can have a hammock for her to swing



mom100 2012-09-28 18:32:30


try above mentioned sites . ..there are few more

  we decide & list out activities on weekly basis & pre plan everythign a night before. keeps everything very organised .& material ready for next day .when my son comes back from school ..his eveings are already planned . but still we give him one hr of unstructured play time .....completely  on his own as he wants it .


brave 2012-09-28 22:18:21


  1. buy a small trampolin,let her jump
  2. make her help in planting and watering plants
  3. u can have a hammock for her to swing

Lita 2012-09-28 22:31:54


@KKris,         You can check Wiggles on youtube, they have lot of good songs for kids, not something to learn but for fun. My son loves to dance with them. we use wiggles songs to wake him and lot of other activities. Since he like wiggles he will do lot of activity on this website.

Also if the kid loves funny voice then is another site for fun songs. Mostly We always see what is his new interest and just search in youtube. 

raj0072000in 2012-09-28 22:43:50


mom 100,

I have gone through the sites of OT. These are really good......


Lita 2012-09-28 22:44:05


Thanks everyone for all the wonderful ideas.

 my son has improved a lot in motor skills and coordination but has a long way to go in other areas.I have only mentioned his strengths so far. These are some of the issues we have

  • He can swim ride bicycle with training wheels but can't catch a ball, Whenever we try to play ball he gets so excited that he keeps jumping in place and won't stand to catch. We will keep trying Aditis suggestions on this.
  • He can sing lot of songs on his own and use it appropriately but won't talk. He seems to understand many words but won't use it. We keep working on this, We don't give him anything unless he uses words, he doesn't even get water or a single chips unless he asks for it.When we know he needs it, we take water cup next to him and wait for him to say. He has learnt a lot now and can use words in the house but uses only with people who insist him to. 
  • We cannot have any conversation with him, he will answer in 1-2 words if he wants to and we are the one who is always starting a conversation.
  • He has lot of OCD's and repeatative behaviour,like wants to go to the bathroom or to the car only by running, if something falls, he will throw it again and again multiple times in the same way. Gets upset very easily if food spills on his dress while he is eating or if any toy is not working or he is not able to continue the video game. There is a long list of these behaviours. He is a happy kid but very small things trigger him to aggression. We have learnt lot of ways to deal with these behaviour. Also lot of these behaviour subsided with the diet and treating for yeast and parasites, probably few more years on biomed will get rid of all. 
  • Since he doesn't have much speech, he won't play well with others, he will start hitting, kicking and someone has to always keep an eye on him.      


Any ideas to improve speech and social skills are really appreciated.


raj0072000in 2012-09-28 22:46:17


i am thinking to have one pet also (preferably one dog) who always pin point my 3 year son & make sure that He will not go in his own shell.

Is anyone have an experience regarding that???


 Former member 2012-09-28 22:48:37


 thank u friends for all of your suggestions,

i am currently doing--

1-all kitchen equipments working like real, mixer, washing machine, egg beater etc she loves them, i let her do washing clothes in machine and rinse and dry them.

2-play dough

3-carrom board

4-jumping bugs............... i can not write all of them, it will take sooo much of time and space

actually i have soooooooo many indoor activities, educational and other sorts games, video and audio cds for her that i can open a library , it has cost us so much of our financial resoursces to get all these, but my daughter has almost all sort of toys and educational material which most of the children can dream of, including  doll houses, big litchen, cycle, rocking horse, swing, big seating car and list goes on........

educational material is of the quality which professional therapists use in big centres......

i just can not tell you how we have searched from place to place in various cities to collect all this but we r happy as it makes her happy and helps in teaching her various skills and academics

i am also teaching her dance and vocal music, she is very very good dancer and sings all tunes very well

apart from it i am using ideas from various websites and books dedicated for ASD children


almost all of these activities are indoor, i want to get her some good physical excercise and fresh air, and this is not being possible,

we have park in colony but it is very small and big kids play cricket in it leaving no room for smaller children like my daughter, also as she has communication and social issues most of the children do not want to include her in play

dont know what to do :(

I am her only play mate, friend, teacher etc.....


 Former member 2012-09-28 22:50:59


 i am so thankful to all such kind and nice friends here, i have found a place where i can share and where people care....

thank u friends... :)

p.s.-- i just want same for my daughter as well


 Former member 2012-09-28 22:56:40


 friends, IKEN ZING SYSTEM BOOKS may be of use to many of our kids, there is an electronic pen in it and 35 different kind of books, pen touches various characters and pics and sound come out of it, there are also sound like barking of dog, crickets, owl, rain and lightening, various stories,

the book and its characters come alive with it, my daughter loves it, plz see videos on you tube of IKEN ZING


aditis 2012-09-29 17:02:23


 Hi rh,

You can arrange a special tutor for the outdoor play. If you have a professional ground somewhere near then pay a little to set a special instructor for your daughter, he will help to teach her many outdoor sports like badminton, cricket, tennis, swimming etc… 


aditis 2012-09-29 17:12:44


 hi there,

Wonderful suggestions from all, bravo

But I deeply suggest that though we are helping our child in their life using this various toys, the main motto of our mission is to stand our children in the row of normal people.

So this is very important to stress on the study part

As our kids are little bit hard but the root-memory of our kids is even stronger than us. By keeping this in mind we should proceed in that way.

Teachers of any school do not support our children so we have to work very hard for their academics

I personally do his notes of every chapter. I helped him to understand the critical problems of math and science……

Really … I  understands ,what were  the real concepts of math and sciences ……. lol



 Former member 2012-09-29 21:11:22


 hi aditi,

u r right that our goal is to make them blend in main stream,

we will do everything for our children,

whatever it will take.............


brave 2012-09-29 21:32:52



u can put her in group interaction classes of similar kids ,done by therapiist

they organise group socialising games and fun activities

try it


Lita 2012-09-30 07:28:29


Hi rh, probably you can get a tricycle or a bicycle with training wheels, depending on her height and try to take her for a small ride in the neighbourhood, Initially you can just push her slowly she will learn, It will improve her motor skill and give her chance to go outside the house too.


brave 2012-09-30 09:27:57


" do not pray for an easy life"

pray for the strength to endure the difficult one"

Bruce Lee


 Former member 2012-09-30 22:39:53


 @brave-- i really liked your suggestion of buying trempoline, i was going to purhase a slide and swing but not trampoline, but now i enquired about cost of trampoline too and it is affordable

slide by play grow height 3 and half ft, length 5 ft-- 3,300 rs

swing plastic with stand--1300 rs

trampoline 45 inches-- 3500 rs

with discount all 3 above items are available at 7,300 rs,

so i am gonna buy all 3 and make a sand pit by myself for her, which will make 4 items, we r also gonna hang another swing (350 rs) for her so that she will experience torque too, we already have a big adult swing

i hope that all this helps her....

@lita-- i have tricycle and we use to pull her in it with a rope, she never tries to paddle no matter how hard we try, plz suggest something so that she starts paddling

@brave-- i will try to find such socialization group by all means


Chukki1 2012-10-01 00:52:35


Hi Rh,

From which website are you going to purchase these items from?



 Former member 2012-10-01 15:38:36


 @chukki1-- no website, i m gona purchase all these from local market, a big toy shop


 Former member 2012-10-01 15:55:52


Hi all ,i new to this group after reading so many comments i feel really proud of all .you parents are taking such a great care of your kids,its really amazing.I feel like i finally got a space where i can share mine

My daughter is three years old ,very friendly and happy kid,but wat we are facing is she is not able to answer simple questions like "what are you eating" ,she simple repeats the question .but she is very good school in recitng poems ,number 1-10,days of a week ,Months and lots more.Her memory is extremly good .The only problem is with the responding to questions and hyperactive .When we take her outside to shops sometime we will not be able to manage her she keeps running and gets irritated very easily and wanted to move form there.

But in a paty kid of atmosphere she enjoys playing with other kids and she never hurts anyone .We had visited a psychologist and they said she is perfectly alrite .But i am too much worried .Will my daughter be fine by getting older ?

Does any of the parents faced this and how you are to bring your child out of that

We have not tried any evaluation/assessment,if i need to go for any please suggest some good centres in chennai

Parents please help :(


 Former member 2012-10-01 15:59:17


and i am so confused with all the terms AUTISM,ADHD,ECHOLALIA ,don know what she undergoing but i wanted to bring her out of it


 Former member 2012-10-01 16:51:04



your daughter may be having a type of communication disorder known as-- 


plz discuss it with a psychiatrist (not with paediatritian/ psychologist etc),

if your daughter points to objects, has good eye contact, loves to socialise, comes to you when gets hurt, doesn't have much sensory issues then it is unlikely that she has Autism,

plz get her thouroughly evaluated and only then decide, and take second opinion too, 

get CARS testing done and tell me score and report, i will tell u what to do next


 Former member 2012-10-01 17:49:51


Thanks a lot rh for the response ,i feel like getting some help :)

She is poiting out well,having good eye contacts and very social girl ,she has nto received any complaints from her Pre -kg school,she is doing very will there ,very affectionate with teachers as well

What does CARS testing mean and where can i do that ,i mean in which place will they do that






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