SAY BYE BYE TO AUTISM .............. :)

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aditis 2012-09-21 11:06:40



(only mothers can change them)


I m mother of 11 years boy. He was  diagnosed  AUTISTIC when he was 3 yrs old.

Doctors told me MY CHILD will not cure.........

I gave him daily 1 hour attention, and my child showed magic change. i want to share those things with you.  

Now my child is showing mild autism, asperger,s symptoms. 

In every discussion i will help mothers of autistic child. please do it with your child,

do it and see the change...... 

you may not get result at once but it will definitely give a little sign of improvement...

i welcome your comments on my procedure . also please suggest any thing or any idea that u are giving your child for his/her development......


 Former member 2012-09-21 15:06:46


 @dear aditi,

u r right, MOTHER has the best power, whwn my daughter diagnosed with Autism, i took a major decision, i left my job, my career and wholeheartedly focussed my attention on my daughter's cure, as i have posted in other discussions, i am doing all therapies at home with a little guidance, i also did research on biomedical treatment, and with lot of affection, hard work , treatment and unwavering focuss from the goal my daughter is improving day by day,

yes it is not overnight, but MOTHER has the power, 

we may not be able to get our daughter TOTALLY CURED but most of the kids can improve up to 80% or even 90%, and even neurotypical kids may also lack 10 or 20 % somewhere.

Even social communication can be taught, there are various methods, one has to do research..............

We PARENTS & MOTHERS will do whatever we can do, whatever is in our power and our kids will continue to improve.........................

God bless us all..........


VL 2012-09-21 16:33:04


@rh / aditis,

    kudos to both of you that as a Mom you are doing/done your best. I have a daughter who is 4.5 yrs.. she too had lots of symptoms of ASD when she was around 2-3 yrs. We did OT, she is lot better. her speech is good for her needs but still she may not be able to commuicate or describe many things like her NT peers of her age...

Still I struggle majorily with her behaviour part especially when we are outside or someone's house. Another major one is she doesnt listen to words much.. so disciplining or explaining her why she shouldn't so something or what she should do right to make her understand becomes very difficult.. I feel now that she has more ADD traits than ASD

So when i try to make her understand she will completely remove her eye contact from me and keep saying or wailing for what she wants.. Any suggestion as to how to deal with this..

I am a full time working  mom but last 1 month on leave and will be on leave for atleast 2 more months.. want to make use of this time to get her better



 Former member 2012-09-21 21:53:45


 @VL-- ur daughtre may be having auditory processing difficulty which means that she is able to hear words but unable to understand them clearly, search about auditory processing disorder & its treatmnt, this is part of autism in many autistic children,

u will find answers.............


Lita 2012-09-22 01:19:26


Kudos to you all to bring the kid so far,

I totally agree it is the dedication of the family that make the changes more in the kid. We can send them to all the therapy but unless we spend time with them they are nowhere. 

We have to spend lot of time with the kid to know the reason for every behaviour, My son was a normal kid till he was 2.5 yr, he was talking and was doing everything that a 2 yr will do, but gradually he stopped interacting much, his speech reduced, he was very much involved in playing with the toys, we never heard of Autism before his diagnosis, we thought he is busy exploring so he is not interested in us, He was always a hyperactive kid, as most of the boys are. There was no red flag for us, It was only after his 3rd birthday we realised, he is not doing what a 3 yr old should do, It took time to get the diagnosis, then after that we started with all the therapy but felt we were spending time taking him in and out of therapies, whenever he is at home we are busy feeding him, putting him to sleep, tackling some or the other behaviour, I have a 10 yr old daughter, she was also affected with all this. Then we realised we have to learn what the therapist knows, ofcourse we can't learn everything, some basic tips, I went for ABA seminars and classes,

There I learnt every behaviour has a reason. They asked us to note what happens before the behaviour and after the behaviour, we noticed we always gave attention to him when there is a bad behaviour and never appreciated when he is doing good. Making a diary and noting the pre and post behaviour helps.

My son never answered choice questions, He used to repeat the questions, we will remind him we have to choose, after the class we learnt to wait and saw that he repeats the question then gives the answer,  It seems we think in mind when someone asks something but some kids  repeat it loud and we think they are just repeating. Now he can answer simple questions, we just have to give him time. They have time delay, VL you can just try using small sentences probably just 2 word sentence to explain, then he will concentrate, Probably first few times he will move away but when you talk in short sentence everytime he will start listening.

VL is there any specific behaviour you notice when you go outside? Actually preparing the kid a lot before going to some place helps a lot, When we plan to go to someone's house we keep telling him probably 20-30 times from the previous day,  "we  go to X house" We don't break things" and so on. When we reach there we keep reminding him there too. 

These classes helped us a lot, now he is 5 yrs old and plays well with his sister, We are able to handle many behaviour issues at home, but he still has few sensory issues, OCD, Speech delay. We have learnt a lot from him. The whole family has to work together and come up with plan for 1 or the other behaviour, you may be surprised we get more tips from my daughter than we can think of. She has become very adjustable and understanding kid at this age.

Sorry for long post but felt like writing. 



aditis 2012-09-22 10:39:26


 Our children have tremendous power and problem solving capacity. But the problem is in us that we are not able to utilize it properly.

First of all I worked on my child’s eye contact.

As eyes are first door of the world. I improved his eye contact.

I tried…..

1.       Grab his eye contact by moving our head here and there i.e.  I didn’t insist him to see at me but I grab his eye contact by moving myself.

2.       I showed many pictures in the book and on computer. The pictures are related our world. Ex mall, vegetable seller, railway station, etc.


Lita 2012-09-22 22:31:36


 Yes Aditis you are right, having eye contact will give them confidence to say what they want. 

That's right instead of insisting them to look at us we have to move to their level or their side, Another thing that worked for us was having his favorite toy(my son will look at red car anywhere) near our face and slowly getting rid of the toy. 


 Former member 2012-09-24 12:22:54


aditis I really loved the way your subject read "autism can be cured" it was really powerful statement, the only statement that comes even close to is "mother courage at talking back to autism" that was coined by tito's mom. Hats off to you, or starting on positive blogs, many times we are so focused on our child challenges then focusing on the strengths, I would like you write a details blog on your journey so far, it will be great learning for parents like me who has a child in the spectrum as well.


aditis 2012-09-24 23:50:15


 thanks 'spaceandtime'...... 

punishment is also a one part of my way... some times soft word doesn't work. it is very essential to show our care with anger to our child to grab his attention. 

grabbing attention is the main and important part of the children suffering with autism. 

if you get success in that u will change their lives as u can.....


NJ 2012-09-25 07:16:54


hmm grabbing attention..... I think all children do want attention... But our children do it in a socially inappropriate kind of way... Like for instance asking questions loudly while we are talking on the phone, and continuing stubbornly, even after we tell them to wait for 5 mins or remind them that we are talking on the phone... The most hurting part of it all, is when others , sometimes unfortunately even our own family or close friends tend to think that our children are just undisciplined and we parents are not disciplining them enough..... Its definitely challenging for us all to take care of such kids... I dont know how long this challenges are going to continue and just while we think that things are looking up, then there is some diet infraction in my sons case and things start going downwards. Its like,, this will never end!!!!!.....I want to just honestly and bluntly say ,,, that I certainly do feel trapped..I gave up my job,, and looks like I may never be able to get it back.. coz I am thinking who will be able to maintain his diet while I am working, coz its hell when he is off it...


tanujaravi 2012-09-25 09:09:55


Dear Aditis,

Kudos to you !!

I liked your positive views and efforts and that is what is required to fight it.

I am a mother of a 9 year old son who is PDD studying in 4th grade ( I.C.S.E)

My son is not going to any therapies right now since no time , his time is consumed in school and after school activities. like H.W, studies, project etc .

I am only his friend, therapist , guide and we are his world too and he is our world too.

Best Wishes for all your future endeavours.








Aniadhvi 2012-09-25 09:30:16


 Hi Adiis,Tanujaravi,

I wanted to know did u guys do follow the gfcf diet?as u both hav come long way with ur kids what do u think helped ur kids the mosts?

ur personal attention/OT/Diet/biomedical??

Please do share.




brave 2012-09-25 13:16:50


all of us doing great job


brave 2012-09-25 13:22:24



  all the brave moms out there ...u r all doing great job


running from one therapy to the therapy with kids


have the faith

 keep going is wd get better...



aditis 2012-09-25 16:21:40


 to all moms,

life is not tough dear,

we are making it tougher ......

actually we are running out of the fact that our child has any problem....

let face it yar.......

see...... every person in the world hides his/her disadvantages..... i request to all moms please do no hide any thing and face the world ......... dont hesitate  to say that my child has this this problem........

if we  overcome to this problem we can face any hell problem in our life......

try it...........   :)


NJ 2012-09-25 18:27:24


For me diet and biomed did a lot!!!!. .........Therapies, in my sons case, were literally inefficient without them


Lita 2012-09-26 10:51:34


My son has a long way to go but I feel we are on the right path. I would like to share some of the things that we are doing and that helped us. 

1. Diet and Biomedical  :  Helped with his immune system This was must for us before doing anything.

2. We didn't do Ocupational Therpy but invested on a Trampoline and small wooden swing , He is Adhd and he seeks movement all the time and this helps him a lot, We even try to talk to him and get more response when he is jumping or swinging and also prevents the rest of the house from Damage. Started professional OT this week for sensory issues.

3. He loves music and songs alot so we try to teach him mostly through songs. our favourite site is  Also he goes for speech therapy once a week, we try to follow that at home.

4. We did the Sensory learning program for some of his sensory issues but got other benefits like Good night sleep, Started to observe other people more after this. Even started to show me what others are doing by pointing at them. Though still has some sensory issues. Reduced hyperactivity.

5. We went for ABA classes and deal with behaviour issues ourselves or get help from the school teachers if they have any ideas for any specific behaviour.

6. Also we have told everyone about his diagnosis, sometimes people who are pokey give you more information about someone who might have benefitted with some or the other treatment,we are always open to all the suggestions.

7. Take him for Social skills group once in a week, invite his older sisters friends and include him while they play, which he enjoys a lot.

More things which we have in mind is include more friends for him, Want to try the QEEG program, heard it has helped many, but we are asked to wait till he is atleast 7 yrs old for this.

Please if anyone is doing anything else which we have missed and helps our kids let me know. Thanks


brave 2012-09-26 12:30:59



we are doing most of the things that u r doing...

in addition we are trying the following

1     outdoor activities....taking him to park,beach

2     trying skating classes which consumes lot of energy...thinking of swimming too

3   following a sugar free diet



Neethi 2012-09-26 14:04:16



The title of this thread is so motivating..we all wish we really cud bid adieu to autism....

My six yr old child is so loving n affectionate...he never has any demands or complaints...he is happy joyful n content in his own world...

Kids in school bully him,teachers have left him 2 fend for considers him abnormal..But he bears everything without a word of regret...In my heart n soul,I know he is bearing much more pain and trouble than me!!

I respect him for his abilities n salute him for his will power...though I wish he wud be a little more expressive....

The thought of changing school often comes 2 my mind...but again the next moment I think,how wud it help,if its not better??

The v fact that he is managing in full day school,without speech motivates me to be there for him always.....I dont know how hes doin it..but I know for sure that its not easy for him.....sometimes he stays without lunch till evening just bcos he cudnt open his lunch box...sometimes without water bcos he cudnt open the lid..My heart goes  out for him....

Nobody likes dependent people..not even the school not even the one wants to help...I sincerely wish people wud understand woes of such children and lend a helping hand....acceptance helps in building social skills....

May God help us all in all our endeavours!!



NJ 2012-09-26 14:04:37


IMO, it is not going to make any difference revealing the diagnosis to the world. What is the advantage for us on letting others know. Probably momentary sympathy and thats it. Even if they try to understand initially, it will be quite difficult for them to continue understanding and they are going to get irritated, exhausted, confused etc on seeing our kids behaviors and challenges. Currently we are touring abroad and it is difficult to maintain his diet, and he is now extremely hyper and shouting, bouncing or jumping everywhere, increased verbal stimming, extreme stubborness and constantly complaining about my brothers lil girl to her parents-- though he is actually trying to act big brother, he just does not know where to stop and its quite exhausting to everybody around. Just yesterday my brother was telling me that he does not have eye contact, and tips on how to improve eye contact(actually my son did have, but during this period of infraction he lost it and does not like posing for photos as well now). When I asked him that you know about the diagnosis right? and he said that he does not feel that there is anything wrong with him and according to him he is a 200% normal boy and its only my feeling. So friends,,,, in the eyes of the world, we are all just bad parents. Nobody will understand unless one is going through this, so no point telling others about it. Keep it to ourselves and fight our own ghosts.

rh, I shall pm you my number.


aditis 2012-09-26 15:26:08


 Hey guys,

What happened, don’t get so upset. If we get upset then how the problem solve????

We are the powerful parents to solve this problem. And we are here to find out the solutions on the big issues. We are not united… the unity is must for every change.. And I m sure we will change it….

There are some wonderful suggestions from your side ….. This will help our children very much…

If we helped each other we can defiantly change the future…..



Lita 2012-09-27 03:17:37


Hats off to everyone, you have got succes in so many things by yourself, The kids speak for all your effort. Don't give up, keep going, don't care about others, Our kids need us.

I am so glad i joined this group, you all give me lot of inspiration.



Aniadhvi 2012-09-27 05:04:12



kudos to all u mother's.May god bless u all success with ur efforts.




brave 2012-09-27 12:08:51


hi all ,

all of us are sailing in the same boat...the degree and the intensity of the problems may vary.

abt revealing the diagnosis- i agree with NJ...We have to reveal to the docs,therpists and the school authorities and those wh r in the family with whom we interact on daily basis.

becos telling all will get temporary sympathy and life long differential treatment.

our kids wd get better someday with all our efforts and therapies..

but the stigma and the tags and labels will remain with them forever...becos, for some its just a juicy piece of information for gossip.

and its disheartening to get discouragement from close relatives when u do all the running around...struggle thru the day hopng for miracle.

stay self motivated...ignore all the negative comments

and tell the world "things will change for good" with their help or without their taunts

just keep peace and walk ur journey...




tanujaravi 2012-09-27 15:05:33


Dear all,

Thks a lot.

In my case I am following my motherly instinct and try to give my child the best and I have  decided to leave the rest to god because I am very confident that he is our best well-wisher and whatever he decides for  us it is going to be the best.

I have not done bio-medical and GFCF diet.

I think my personal attention as a mother has bought us so far and still we have a long way to go since life is a journey and not a destination.









 Former member 2012-09-27 19:56:07



thank u friends for your feedback, 

so at least at present i should listen to my hubby and postpone revealing of diagnosis, at present my daughter is so young , just 3 years old, things may improve with consistent efforts........... amen


mom100 2012-09-27 21:29:29


 i completely agree to what lita said . i could relate to you so well. we have been doing a lot like you. & my son tooo loves dream english & patty shukla al ot

we too are using this music for my son on playgrounds & at home .

few things which we did include in my son daily activities at home are

swinging  & sliding in different ways . on the stomach  like patty shukla super hero song , with one leg on both sides,  standing  on swing helped him balance improved. but took a lot of time nearly 3-4 months but he did pick up

different textures to walk on  ( confeti balls , sandpaper, velvet paper, satin , cotton balls water gels,  cloth material like silk ,cotton all cut & pasted on theracoal sheets each .) d made to walk like in straight line.

we let him walk bare feet on sand ,grass etc

we ask him to push

lot of finger color activities .

pretend  different animals  like roar like lion , crawl  like snake , hop like kangaroo , jump like frog.

 counting while he jumps on gym ball  & then wheelbarrow on texture walk we have made at home

he showed a lot of interets in watching starfalls so we showed him everyday . quietly withoput any reactons . & he picked up  a lot academicall

but we still trying to find ways to get him to socialise  as he hit kids


I JUST HAVE TO SAY  SOMETIMES ISSUES & SYMPTOMS ARE NO LONGER THERE BUT THE BEHAVIOUR STAYS . BE OBSERVANT like pain in our fingers is long gone but we still keep pressing it . similarly  many times our kids strength , understanding & intelligence has improved & developed but stays unexplored

we  need a lot more exploring .. Tagging & accepting the child as ASD, ADHD OR aspergers, etcetc  might restrict their potential .we as mothers will always know what our kids comfort level is & where to draw the lines . 

get ambitious about the kids . try new things . sometimes intial rejection is expected  but eventually there will be a breakthrough . for everyone.


all ther best & lots of love to every one sailing in same boat



Lita 2012-09-27 22:42:33


 Wow mom100 that's lot of wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Like Neethi said our kids strength's make us keep going. Lets all concentrate on our kids strength's.

These are some of mine:

  • He never gives up, if he is trying to fix or connect something, he doesn't like to be helped, He want's to do it by himself, I feel proud of this behaviour, we sometimes try to help him without his knowledge and make him feel success. 
  • He is a self learner, He can navigate on computer or any gadget more easily than my older kid and he learnt everything by himself. 
  • Though it is OCD behaviour he doesn't like to start another task before completing the previous task. Sometimes I like this attitude.
  • He learnt swimming earlier than his same age normal kids as he was not scared of anything. 
  • They never lie or hide anything from you. Even if they get less grades they show it to you.
  • Though can't speak much but sings song all the time and keeps everyone happy around him. Even his teachers say he has a song for every activity they are doing in class.

aditis 2012-09-27 23:25:28


 Wooo….. nice replies …. I like all of them….

I did catching practice for my kid

I have started from a basket ball….

Then a tennis ball….

Then a ping pong ball,

 The a apricot and

then lastly I experiment with pea seed…..

it help a lot to understand the distance and speed of the object…..

so he can able to cross the road easily……



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