Biomedical and other treatment Centres in INDIA for autism

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 Former member 2012-09-14 19:10:41


 Friends, plz post here names, addresses and contact numbers of biomedical treatment centres and your experience with their treatment.


I am taking treatment  for my daughter from CCWA Delhi, Dr. Deepak Gupta (chilld psychiatrist) and his wonderful team.

Chiefly he prescribes biomedical treatment and his team of OT, Spl AD, Speech Therapy and other specialists provide other conventional treatment and individualised plan.

Dr. Deepak Gupta is  Internationally reknowned for his work in child psychiatry and he is one of the very few qualified doctors who prescribe biomedical treatment, he has recieved special training by Medimaps in U.S.A. for this purpose. He is member of various policy impacting associations for child wellbeing in INDIA, all in all he is a big shot, but he is very accomodating and respectful towards parent's views about their kid's treatment. He has set HBOT chamber too.

we go every 3 months or so to delhi and apart from Dr Deepak Gupta  his other team members involved in my daughter's treatment are

Mr. Rajeev Ranjan (speech therapist)-- excellent human being as well, apart from very good speech therapist

Mr. Dheeraj Bhasin (special educator)-- gives very good suggestions, and individualised special education plan for kids, very suited for his field

Mr. Arpan Kumar (Occupational therapsit)-- very knowledgable and gentle person

The overall experience has been very good and our daughter's ATEC score has dropped 40 points in just 8 months treatment.




Telephone No : 011-41733340, 9953309156 (for appointments)

Other branch : E-229, GREATER KAILASH PART-II, NEW DELHI-1100048 


Friends plz post your experiences and contact details of other treatment centres too here, so that we all get benefitted with each other's experiences and newest treatment modalities.


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 AAF (akhil autism foundation)--

this organization helps kids with autism and has been doing great work, apart from all other good work, this organization founded by MANISHA LAD, is helping indian parents to get Methyl MB12 injections imported from USA.

MB12 therapy is one of the most efficacious therapies for treating autism, i just got the first set of injections today for my daughter,

i am keeping my fingers crossed that it works for my daughter,

Friends please pray for my family and my daughter, may all our children recover and lead a fantastic life fulfilling all their dreams and reaching their fullest potential. Please friends remember my daughter in your today's prayer.


Chukki1 2012-09-14 23:18:31



Thankyou so much for the valuable information.I have just one more question.....when u visit Delhi once in 3 months for the treatment, how long do u stay there?



aditis 2012-09-15 00:58:27


 thanks for the information,

my son is suffering from mild autism. can this therapy work on it ? please tell me the overall cost of treatment


 Former member 2012-09-15 11:19:04


 @chukki1 and @aditis

we go to delhi 3 months or so, as it is far away from bhopal and staying there is costly if u stay in a good hotel also we have to take leave from our work and get reservations, so we can not make it every month which should be done ideally.

We stay there for 2-3 days, we take 2 classes from each therapist in these days, one class for evaluation of progress and the other one to get educated about therapies to continue at home (i am not taking help of any therapist and doing everything at home),

first we have to take appointment with Dr. Deepak Gupta at least one month prior on telephone and tell the staff there about the classes we want to take, then they co-ordinate everything and give u appointed dates for which we make reservations in train and hotel.

Treatment cost depends upon the testing and medication prescribed to ur kid, early in some tests are very costly as they are done in international labs and some are average, most of the drugs prescribed are cheap and easily available, but some are a bit costly and have to be imported from USA.

Appointment and therapy clases cost is with in reach for most families. Plz call at the centre at the above mentioned numbers for details, the staff will provide you all the details , you can also visit their website above mentioned.

But the treatment is worth it and many kids recovered and most have shown significant improvement, most importantly the treatment is sientific with solidevidence and being provided by a reknowned medical doctor, that too a psychiatrist and not by any quack claiming himself to be an expert on autism.

The medication prescribed are by best companies, displaying all their composition on the labels having credibility.

Plz go ahead if u dont have a good treatment centre in your city as it is worth it, the sooner you start the better is the result and improvement.


 Former member 2012-09-15 11:22:16


 Friends plz post your experiences with various treatments and treatment centres here, so that we all get benefitted from each other's experiences.


Chukki1 2012-09-15 15:41:27



It looks like a ray of hope for us parents here, will try and see how will be able to go there for consultation and treatment.Hope ur daughter recovers soon with this treatment.Pls keep us posted abt the developments.



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 Helo friends, i jsut read about COM-DEALL programme by India's leading speech language pathologist Dr. Pratibha Karanth (posted by jenn in this forum)

I checked their website and i was immensely impressed, the core ideology is so good, i definitely want to check it for my daughter, 

If anybody is using it for their kids then PLZ, PLZ share your feedback here.

Thank u very much.................


Aniadhvi 2012-09-16 03:56:41


 Hi rh,


I hav heard good things about Dr.Karanth.She is very experienced and all are her work is mostly with autistic kids.She is the Best in India itseems.Dont hav any personal experience but hav heard from many abdt her and she is well known for her work with tito


 Former member 2012-09-16 20:18:51


 @anaidhvi, thank you very much for your valuable feedback and link. :)


 Former member 2012-09-16 20:23:40 this is the link for COM-DEALL official website, plz go through this


NJ 2012-09-17 09:19:40


Dr Veera Panch in Chennai helped get me started on biomed.



Lita 2012-09-17 10:26:39


Is Dr Veera Panch a DAN Dr,

I have a 5 yr old on the spectrum, We have been on biomed for last 1 yr, we do see improvements but it regresses with any interruption in the diet, or if there is a change in his supplement, He can't tolerate lot of supplement like B12, omega3, so we aways have to watch what we give him.

we will be moving to Chennai from US by the end of the year, I am really worried about getting the supplement and help with the biomed inteventions. if anyone is aware of biomed dr and good therapy center or school in chennai please let me know. 


 Former member 2012-09-17 10:35:59


 Lita I have really bad feedback regarding biomed from other parents you are well off not trying it, stick to conventional therapies like ABA, speech and OT. 


 Former member 2012-09-17 10:37:03


 rh my son is going to comdeall for a year and half if you want to know anything about comdeall ask me in message, they are good. 


Aniadhvi 2012-09-17 11:32:46



I would like to say one thing BEWARE OF DAN DOCS.This was said by a research scientist who is into communication disorders for 30 yrs and has done lot of research and still continue to do.

I know few won't agree and I am no expert either but defn trust the research scientist and his wife who hav dedicated thr life to the communication disorders.



NJ 2012-09-17 20:43:52


From my personel experience I can attest to Biomed as I have seen the wonders it has done on my son. True that biomed like any other treatment options is not a miracle treatement for autism. There is a lot lot of hardwork you need to put in with biomed as well just like any other treatment. There are a lot of supplements, dietary constraints regarding biomed and what supplements/diet works on one child may not work on the other. And yes, dietary intervention if the child is sensitive to certain foods, have to be strictly followed. I have and know many other parents who have seen a lot of improvements, so lets not dismiss biomed just like that. I know its not hard to follow the diet strictly or find the right supplements -- all these will take a while to figure out, till then there will be a lot of uncertainities and people do give up.

I personally do not go to any doctor for this. I have heard that most of the doctors whether they are ayurvedic, homeo, DAN or allopathic thrown in a bunch of supplements/medicines, and in case the child becomes worse or does not show much improvement, then another set of supplements are thrown in, and finally one does not know what would work and what would not work for the child. So personally I feel, in case of Biomed route especially, try only 1 supplement at a time and build on that. Lot of parents feedback is available on the net on what supplements worked on their child and for what symptoms. And if the child is sensitive to certain food items they need to be strictly followed to get the best out of any treatment. The food sensitivities can be figured out with a food allergy testing or elimination techniques. And this goes without saying-- You would get the best results without sugar and artificials, and completely home cooked food-- So throw all junk food out of the window..


NJ 2012-09-17 20:45:16


Please read "I know its not hard to follow the diet strictly " as "I know it is hard to follow the diet strictly"..


NJ 2012-09-17 20:48:36


Lita, I dont think Dr Veera Panch is a DAN. She was referred to me by Dr Jeyanthini who is a reknowned psychiatrist in chennai, when I told her that I feel my son may be having milk allergy. She does not believe in supplements though.


NJ 2012-09-17 21:03:03



There are lot of integrated schools in the OMR area. If you feel that your son would do well in a regular school, there are many good regular schools in Chennai-- It depends on how high functioning your son is.

There are websites that ship supplements to India. If you want to avoid the shipping and customs duty try to stock it up while you come here or when a relative/friend comes to India.


NJ 2012-09-17 21:04:27


Some children do well on Cod liver oil(in case they do not tolerate fish oils), and vice versa(as you mentioned that your son cannot tolerate omega 3 ).


Lita 2012-09-18 00:10:57


 Thanks everyone for your response. I know each kid is different some supplement works for one and not the other.

For my son we are on the biomed path, as we had seen many positive results. we noticed he started talking and his eye contact improved after we started the diet, he has become calm,  though the lab work doesn't show he is allergic to either milk or gluten but no harm in being on diet, Amazingly we have lot of indian foods that are GFCF. We are not doing any rigourous biomed only things that he can tolerate, he had yeast and we saw more stimming, screaming and frequent burping even on drinking water, this reduced almost to none after we addressed Yeast, Though we are off yeast medication now, but whenever we see the behaviour we need a doc to prescribe the medication, he doesn't tolerate any store bought medicine. After seeing many ups and downs in his behaviour, we only give him probiotic, vit D regularly, and on GFCF diet, other supplements are on need basis.

The Therapies help a lot but to get the kid to concentrate he needs to feel good, and biomed mostly helps with addressing his immune system, We also noticed when he has yeast or has any milk product by accident his stomach hurts and he doesn't like to do anything except screaming, hitting others, getting upset for no reason. it lasts for weeks sometimes. He never said a meaningful word before biomed, now every word he says is related to something he needs or something in the surrounding.

I am hoping our age old Ayurvedic can help him with immune issues. Anybody tried Ayurvedic?

As for high functioning, the main issue is speech, though 5 he is on the speech level of 3 yr old, He understands simple instructions and will follow, He has a time delay in response. He is comfortable with daily routine. Here he attends special needs class but taken to the mainstream class for things that he is comfortable with like arts, PE, Computer.  I am not sure whether he will be comfortable with regular school, probably will need a shadow teacher for helping him understand, Any idea of schools that have these.

I am really looking forward to come home as we have a feeling his speech will definitely improve with all the family and friends around.

For my Son the major changes with biomed we had seen are improved Eye contact, reduced aggressive behaviour, started listening, teeth grinding gone, few gastric issues gone, screaming(still it is present now and then) but now he knows he is not suppose to scream but does it for fun (OT says it is sensory seeking) . 




NJ 2012-09-18 00:43:35


Ayurveda and Homeopathy works a lot slower than Biomed. I had tried Ayurveda initially(the commercial preparation -- mentat ) which dint work, ashta churnam prescribed for his digestive issue made him more aggressive. But I remember Vallarai helped immensely with his memory, but it also made him aggressive.  For Homeopathy I went to a doc once for his sleep issues and it dint help either. For me biomed is the only route where I can carry on alone without the help of the docs, as there is a lot of information available on the net on how to proceed with certain symptoms , dosages etc, though initially the information would be overwhelming. Ayurveda and Homeopathy are more closed and nobody knows exactly how to deal with the condition, even the docs. Ayurveda mostly treat aggression with oil massages--- not sure how that helps. But there are others who talk highly of Ayurveda and Homeopathy. I have not experienced Ayurveda and Homeo substantially enough to compare, and I have been very used to the quick results I have been getting from biomed, and so have not got back into the other 2 after starting biomed.

He may benefit from a lot of speech stimulation if your folks can provide quality time and play a lot with him and also has his sensory issues under control. But I personally am not convinced on how advantageous being in India for that be as compared to the US. There are a lot of facilities in the US that are unmatchable to the ones in India. If you have good friends and family in India who are helpful, then it helps you to some extent by giving you some breathers, but I dont know how much help it would be in his case.

In Chennai some of the integrated schools are -

Harishree vikas - Gandhinagar, Adyar

Childrens garden - Mylapore

Gateway international - OMR

Headstart - OMR

APL global - Velachery

Vaels billabong - Neelankarai

You can also check out regular schools which have very less class strength. I think the grove, KFI, st marks, vruksha montessori have less strength in class .. ie about 20 per class.



Aniadhvi 2012-09-18 02:05:37


 Hi lita,


Are u moving for good to chennai or just to try out.

Yes As u say his spee h might improve with lot of interaction but it also comes with lot of baggage,people are too intruding ,don't think a second before hey comment abdt ur son,we know all this and we are used to it,but when it comes to thr son u will react very emotionally.Special needs kids are more accepted in US than India.India can't come to US standards when it comes to special kids needs.I love India but its the fact we hav to see when it comes to our kids.

I know a family who went to chennai for the same reason u r quoting but after trying for 3 yrs they cam back to US.they did hav shadow teacher in chennai,they wer just shelling out thr money he didn't benefit from thr.I don't say u get excellent aids here but they are more professional here.U can shift to cities in US where funding is more for special kids there are lo of options here .my son goes To public school here grade 4 th and school is IB board 9 out of 10 scoring and he has a autistic kid in his class with aid.He openly says I am autistic I hav aspergers.My son cam back from school and asked h


Aniadhvi 2012-09-18 02:09:43


 Sorry my mistak pressed son asked me what is it I explained to him and he knew a bit already as his teacher explained to them and told to be nice to him when he has aggressive episodes,it's not in his control .Can u expect this in India ??

My sincere opinion is if u hav chance please stay back in US.

Its entirely ur decision just my 2 cents.


Lita 2012-09-18 02:45:38


 Thanks NJ for the list of schools and insight on Aurveda and Homeo,

when you said you are doing biomed by yourself, do you test for yeast or any vit deficieny from any lab, or you are doing the B12, glutothione, Omega3, multi vit, probiotic...supplement. 

I agree with you there are more awareness and more facilities with respect to biomed here, but some of the things are very confusing, and its all trial and error on the kid. Since there is no one cure for this, the doctors just want to try one by one on the kid and it is difficult on the kid. but with all this, we have learnt, correct the immune system, everything works fine.

though the labwork shows my son is deficient in B12, we have tried, all types of B12 and it only increased mood swings, aggresiveness, so finally we decided we will work on other things this will improve with that.

Here we don't socialise much, so whatever he learns is from therapy or what we talk at home, He loves to play with others, but since he doesn't communicate well he doesn't have any friends, He plays very well with his sister and her friends. 

I have got myself trained with Pivotal response training(PRT), it really works with speech and other behaviour, we do spend lot of quality time with him but there is always a limit to what we can do at home, He needs more exposure to other people, not just limiting to parents, teachers. As now only teachers, therapist and we know he can talk by himself, he will use words with others only if prompted. 

I do have a very supportive family in India and I am hoping he will play with the neighbourhood kids and learn more. 

I have heard of lot of kids changed with the therapies at V-excel, anyone been there? 



Lita 2012-09-18 03:03:39


 Yes Aniadhvi we are moving for good, Thanks for your concern. we have other family reasons for the move.

Yes I totally agree with you that Life will be difficult when someone comments, I also know we have less patience compared to people in US, but our instincts keep telling us if we move back he will improve soon.

He is already five and we have been doing everything we can from last 2 years since he was diagnosed, He is getting all the therapy, He is acceptable more here, but improvement is very slow. We will try it out and see. 




Lita 2012-09-18 07:28:30


 Is anyone doing Comm deall program for older kids who are 6 yrs or older, or is it effective only when started early? 


 Former member 2012-09-18 22:03:48


 Biomedical plan has sound evidence, below are some good books available on it.


Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders [Paperback]Kenneth Bock (Author), Cameron Stauth (Author) The Autism Book: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Early Detection, Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention (Sears Parenting Library) [Paperback]

Robert Sears 

Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD [Paperback]William Shaw (

Healing Our Autistic Children: A Medical Plan for Restoring Your Child's Health 


 Former member 2012-09-26 21:24:12


 in morning i had seen a discussion started by some speech therapist from chennai, about therapeutic listening programme, saying that she is the only person who is licensed to give one.

Now this thread is not there, it seems moderator have removed it because it was sort of advertisement.

Can anybody tell their experience with such kind of listening programme.

FDA has banned using treatment title to such programme, as till date there is no solid evidence of its benefits.

But there r many other treatments which us parents r using, which hv not got solid scientific evidence,

so can anyody plz throw some more light on this issue. THERAPEUTIC LISTENING PROGRAMME



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