mixing homeopathy with other medication for autism treatment

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Hiranmai 2015-02-24 18:13:55


@ YPVS : his email id is dr.ranga@gmail.com. I have replied u in ur inbox.


YPVS 2015-02-25 09:31:55


Thx a ton Hiranmai.got ur reply.planning to meet the Dr sometime this month.will call and fix up the appointment.Thx

mvrs 2015-03-14 17:45:31


hi...I contacted Dr Ranga Sai....he told me to send the reports and postal address to him to send the medicines,,,,he told seeing the kid is not necessary...

Hiranmai 2015-03-15 01:56:05


yea, he saw the child on skype and we mailed him what we had. He is quiet prompt at sending medicines and pays a good amount of attention and interest through out. interview was not like the conventional docs, treatment was very effective though.
all the best mvrs. :-)


mvrs 2015-04-07 17:59:07


@Hiranmai and @ Adelfiya

Can u share the update on Dr Ranga Sai Homeo treatment. Based on suggestion, i discussed with him and he asked question and have now suggested to start medicines.

Shall i proceed with the treatment,,,any suggesstions

Hiranmai 2015-04-10 22:09:09


yes u may, as it benefitted us and hope it benefits u too. He only says we need to wait and watch the child develop gradually, as every child reacts differently to treatment because they are individuals. U may discuss ur concerns with him if any. Wishing the best for you.

geisha 2015-04-13 22:29:45


hello everyone..

i m new to this site..does anyone know a better homeopathy doc in hyderabad for ASD OR ADHD..pls share my son is 4.9yrs old ..nd diagnised with ASD at 3.5yrs...need help..

mvrs 2015-04-15 15:47:56


Thank you. we have started taking homeo medicines from Dr Ranga Sai Bangalore from past 2 weeks.
Till now could not see any changes in my kid. Hope improvement will be there in him.
One negative change i observed in him is that the hyperactivity level have increased from past. Not sure of the reason. Keeping my fingers crossed.....

roshini3 2015-04-15 15:54:49


Hi mvrs It hsppens with my kid also.hyper suddenly increased.Noe im daily making her to walk half am hour in d eve Believe me her hyper come down and she is getting nice sleep also

priya2015 2015-04-25 13:49:51


Hai Hiranmai,How long have u been takng treatment under ranga sai for your kid? Does your kid follows commands and pls tell us about the speech improvement

mvrs 2015-04-25 22:05:06


Thanks roshini for the input....will try taking him to a walk......,

Hiranmai 2015-04-30 21:06:16


hi priya

well, he gave the medicines for about 9 months and stopped.
asked us to observe and get back if any issues crop up, which fortunately haven't yet.
Speech is a lots better - began with babbling( initially was only one word " mama" ) and picked up words which we used to teach him, later began with two word phrases and he is was making small sentences - the doc stopped treatment then, and asked us to wait and watch. He is fine, making small sentences, follows commands and no problems with learning as well, very less restlessness and social interactions are better.



priya2015 2015-04-30 21:13:17


I feel extremely happy to know that hiranmai.Along with homeopathy what are the other treatments or therapies u did for your son.It will be extremely useful for many parents like me.

Hiranmai 2015-05-10 21:23:30


Hi priya

We initially gave some OT and ABA for 2 months. He was on mutlivitamins and supplements too.
But after we started treatment, the doctor advised us they were not really necessary and we stopped them.
He was only on medicines.


priya2015 2015-05-10 21:46:50


Dear Hiranmai ,very nice to hear that.Is your son going to school now.Through this forum ,I came to know about this doctor.Hopefully he can cure my son too as I am going to start his treatment from Dr.Ranga sai.Going through extremely tough situation and having sleepless nights thinking about my son.

siddhardha 2015-05-11 12:00:41


Hi Hiranmai,

Can i have your contact number.
you please send it to my parent tree account if it is ok.
would like to know little more details on Dr Ranga Sai's medicines etc.



Hiranmai 2015-05-18 18:18:48


@ Siddhartha

I will message u the number .Have sent a frend request. .


siddhardha 2015-05-18 20:20:43


Please send me your number.



priya2015 2015-05-26 19:25:32


@Hiranmai Some of us here have started taking treatment from Dr.Ranga and hoping for some improvement.I have few questions,pls reply

1)How old is your son and does to go to normal school now? 2)How far has he recovered (pls tell us in terms of % so that we can get some hope too..)




RishusMumma 2015-06-24 19:04:12


@mvrs & @priya.. Just saw all your discussions which I guess are 2 months old. Hope you are taking treatments from dr.ranga Sai. Any updates? Pls let us know how things are improving at your ends.


priya2015 2015-06-24 20:06:48


@Rishusmumma Unfortunately no improvements till now.

mvrs 2015-06-25 07:47:11


@Rishusmumma....It has been three months since we started medicines for our kid. 
I could see improvements in terms of his speech......he has started picking new words which we teach him through repetedly....he is now saying letters from A to G when asked.....and also repeats what we repeat when asked to....This is the improvement when compared to 3 months before when he only know used to repeat only one word......
On the negatide side....his hyperactivity has increased very much....he constantly throws things in house and damages all the objects in house.....Hoping this also gets reduced soon.....
Next month going to meet Dr ranga for fourth month medicines....

YPVS 2015-06-25 15:23:37


hi rishusmumma even in my case it's almost 3 months over.I am not seeing any noticeable changes but his hyperactivity as increased..I am not sure if we need to wait for Some more time..thx ypvs

aks2 2015-06-25 16:09:41


Same case here. It's been 2months. Don't see any improvement however hyperactivity has increased.

roshini3 2015-06-25 17:14:23


Hi all Started second month meds fr my dd from dr Ranga sai.Yes her hyper also increased a lot.......but her sleeeping issues almost resolved.....Thanks Neetu

mitaali 2015-06-26 17:39:49


Am also taking Dr Ranga Sai's treatment (its 2nd month currently) .
However am not sure if homeo is making difference ....
Well his speech has improved , but not sure if its due to homeo .He was completely non vocal till march , and thereon he started with sounds and now words on need/demand basis. and we started his homeo treatment since May , so he was already on to that path of improvement which might have got accelerated due to homeo but not sure , since home intervention were still on..
@mvrs - how old is ur dd , apart from homeo are you also incorporating any other therapy/line of treatment ?


RishusMumma 2015-06-27 17:27:00


Hi all.. just saw your replies.. I guess it will take time... keep posting your updates ppl. Anyone trying Ayurvedic treatment? Is it advisable? About fish oils- in India which one is available? I find people discuss abt Nordic Natural which is quite expensive. Any other suggestions? Thanks

RishusMumma 2015-06-28 15:59:54


My son gets hyper selectively not always. This is without any medication. I am worried what will happen after medication. He throws a lot of temper tantrums. Crying a lot more. Even if we ignore the volume increases n irritates us. Will therapy really help him? He doesn't like to get confined inside any room. Hectic days


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