mixing homeopathy with other medication for autism treatment

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rkrishna 2012-04-22 16:05:41



I have two and half year old son who has few symptoms of autism (not responding to by name, no eye contact, spinning objects, laughing all of a sudden and sometimes crying all of a sudden for no apparent reason etc) and he has low muscle tone. otherwise he is active like any other child and no other issues. he does say few words, but he doesn't call us or ask us if he wants something. we are giving him Gluten free and diary free diet and also started homeopathy treatment. I asked the homeo doctor if I can continue both the biomed treatment (GFCF diet along with vitamin pills) and homeopathy. he got angry and asked me if I have faith in his treatment, but said continuing both shouldn't be an issue and he left that option to me.    

actually I have consulted four doctors in total (all reputed) and all gave different opinions. first one was child psychiatrist and she said it is "Autism spectrum disorder" and suggested diet changes (dairy and wheat free) and gave vitamin pills to compensate for the omission of those foods. she told me to try that for one month and come back. another doctor also said it is "Autism spectrum disorder" and did physical examination and said he has low muscle tone and suggested physiotherapy (frequent visits almost daily for two years). next one is the home doctor who said it is just a behavioural disorder and not autism and gave some pills for 15 days and told me to come back after that. next one was ayurvedic and she said she will give some medicines for brain development and that alone should be enough. I decided not to go for Aurvedic treatment and instead stick with homeopathy and diet changes. I am also thinking of going to a pediatric neurologist for my son's thorough examination just to clarify my doubts over if it is really autism or just slow development. Please let me know if there are any harmful effects on continuing homeopathy with other medications.


kaniyamma 2012-04-23 13:47:33


Hi Rama,

In my point of view, than trying different diets and medicines, give occupational therapy is the most importan thing we need to do for autistic kids. please consult some good OT and ask them to do an complete assesment. based on the assessment report you can plan for further treatment. if you are in chennai, i can refer you a good pshycitrist and OTs here. please let me know if you need any further details.




rkrishna 2012-05-07 23:47:45


 thanks for your reply, I took my son to a big children hospital (corportate and commercial) in Hyderabad. I met general pediatrician first who suggested me to consult the neurologist who in turn suggested me to go to occupational therapist, psychiatrist and speech therapist. I met only psychiatrist and yet to meet the OT and ST. the psychiatrist suggested GFCF diet along with vitamin medicines and asked to fill up a questionnaire based on which he will check the severity of the autism and suggest a treatment. as you suggested I will try OT as well. ever since I came to know that his delayed speech is not just slow development, it is a serious problem, I am running around all doctors and spending most of my time for this and after all this, I am not sure what will be the end result. I would like to know if there are any kids who recovered 100 percent from this disease. probably that will give me some confidence. This is causing me lot of mental stress and I am unable to focus on other activities. I can't imagine the pain my little one (and we as parents) will have to go through in future if he can't recover from this problem.


mamma1603 2012-05-25 13:33:52


Hello Rkrishna,

Please dont take mental stress, I have been through the same trauma, when 3year old was suspected and evaluaed for not being intractive.

But trust me, be brave and help the child. Autism is not disease and just a syndrome. With help, and constant love support kids will do fine. If we look into Autism symptoms, each one of us has something or other related to it.

So please be brave, smile to your child, play with him, hug him, play anything he likes. I know how much pain is it, to accept it.

My son  does speak and communicate at home but at daycare does not engage in play with peers and was evaluated for ASD. We dont have reports now, but for one month we play with him, talk to him. But he always does any group activity. He had hand flapping was overly engaged in some activities. But his hand flapping constantly subsided and we devised many other games to engage.

After all this attention, he is so changed for a month. He speaks so many sentences. He is Pee ing the potty. He does shout when he has to poop but scared to do in potty.

He is very active and learnt numbers up to 1000 at 3, and he knows A-Z including A for apple. He was learning this from rhymes. So we made him habit using samsung tablet. Which resulted him isolating from his peers in daycare. We live abroad, and I work too. Which made him to stay in day care

trust me, talk to him continously, love him, be with him.


rkrishna 2012-05-25 16:28:26


 thanks for your suggestions.


mamma7777 2013-06-17 18:40:51


 hi am new to this site,my son has no socal interaction,lack nof speech, am scared to go to a hospital please help.rkrishna r shravanti ,i tried ur no,but its not working,please give me ur no r email id,mamma 1603 would be glad if u could share ur experiencewith me,please give me ur contact no or emai id,please help,r email  me at tulipwave25@gmail.com.



raunak24 2013-07-19 16:15:15



call me at 9949822851 there is nothing to be scared of we all have passed from this stage n trust me it will help ur child be brave n take care of ur child




 Former member 2013-07-22 00:11:39


 @rkrishna-- yes there are kids who have recovered 100% and so can your kid,

plz google success stories autism and u will get to read plenty

have courage and faith and god will show u the path.........


subhani 2013-11-29 11:32:22


Hi can you give me you phone number? i want to get some information.

rkrishna 2013-12-02 22:08:03


Hi Subhani, check your inbox for my contact number


kalpanat 2014-02-25 03:52:16


Did homeopathy work for the kid. Can you please provide me some info about homeopathy and the Dr. you have seen.


rkrishna 2014-03-10 15:32:16


Hi Kalpana,

There is some improvement in my kid, but can't clearly say if it was due to homeopathy OR the therapy OR the diet. The doctor name is "Ketan Patel" and here is the link to his profile http://www.specialityhomeopathy.com/homeopathic/dr_ketan_patel.htm. It seems he cured some autism cases before.



Bujju0611 2014-11-21 01:43:09


Hi Rama,

Does homeopathy works for your kid? I understand the post is 8 months ago, so want to know how it goes on. I want to take up homeopathy after trying biomedical for an year. my son is going to be 3 and half years old who has same issues of your son 2 years ago like no eye contact, silly laughs and added with over hyperactivity. Hope your son came out of those behaviors now and doing great. please guide me in this to take up homeo or not with your experience. Thanks.

Adelfiya 2014-11-29 02:16:51


Hi Bujju and all there.

Homeopathy does work real good, if your doctor is good.
If anyone of you are from Bangalore and want a good one, i would suggest
Dr. Ranga Sai at Tristha Homoepathy Clinic in Malleswaram.
He had asked lots of questions and even about my psychological state during my pregnancy !!
Don't waste time dear, its valuable.

:-) adelfiya

mvrs 2014-12-15 12:41:16


Hi All,
I came across this site and found it very useful. As a newbie to this site I need your support for the following.
My son who was a premature baby born in 6th month 750 gms 2 years ago and now currently 2 years 7 months started behaving differently from past 4-5 months. I got him checked through our regular pediatriacian.
Currently he is diognised in ASD spectrum but doctors are not sure if it can be called as Autism. They told it can be PDD NOS or ADHD or ASD. I am now currently in Tambaram,chennai and have started his assessment for Occupational Therapy based on recommendations from SRM hospital.
I am also planning to start GFCF diet for my kid. kindly suggest how to proceed as I am veggie and my child is still on milk and he does not chew things. I have to puree things and feed him.
I am also getting sugggestions from friends to visit homeo doctors for treatment as well. Pl suggest if required any good doctors in chennai



videep 2015-02-03 12:11:04


Hi Dear.....want to know further improvement in your kid, as i am planning to refer to Dr. Ketan Patel....plz advise.....plz

videep 2015-02-03 12:13:43


Hi Dear....please advise if your child has shown further improvement with Dr. ketan Patel medicine, if yes....plz advise......as i am also planning to take his treatment for my kid........plz share your contact numbr as welll, if possible......


gun1 2015-02-04 17:11:48



rkrishna 2015-02-04 19:00:06


Hi Videep, As I said in my comment above, I am trying multiple things like GFCF diet, therapy along with homeopathy and my son did show some improvement, but can't really say if it is due to homeopathy and I think it worked well for some kids. you can give a try too. didn't see any side effects.



mitaali 2015-02-05 13:49:18


We have started Dr Ketan Patel's medicine 4 weeks back,however onething I dont understand is, he doesnt mention name of his homeo medicines. He has charged for a year and says atleast 3 months are needed to see any striking improvement.Are other (homeo) doctor's the same ?

Hiranmai 2015-02-12 00:57:35


Hi Mitaali , we live in Hyderabad and consulted Dr. Ranga Sai, in Bangalore. He couriers the medicines to us every month, we consult with him on the phone or Skype.
He does mention the names of the medicines on the bottles and child is improving ... he charges monthly and he too said 3 months are needed and yes there is definitely an improvement. Speech is better - picked up lots of new words and constructs sentences with broken grammar, restlessnesss and hyperactivity is less, not shy as before and child is able to focus when we try to teach him something and now is playing with his peers too. 


Bujju0611 2015-02-13 07:13:22


Hi Hiranmai,

Thanks for sharing.
This is nice to hear a homeopath gives out the medicines with names. And so encouraging to hear the improvement. Could you please share the names of the medicines and potency for your kids age. I understand that doctors change the homeopathy medicines based on kid's reaction to it. If you have info on symptoms/behavior and medicine (say hyperactive, focus..)possibly, please share. I am currently with stramonium and hyoscamus niger for my son's hyperactivity issue. We are out of India, missing indian homeopathy knowledge and prescription here.


mitaali 2015-02-13 12:36:29


Thats gr8 info Hiranmai....can u share Dr Ranga Sai's contact details? also what r the medicines he prescribed...basically what is the underlying cause he mentioned...?

mvrs 2015-02-15 19:07:18


Hi Hiranmai,

Thanks for the info regarding Homeoclinic. (Dr. Ranga Sai at Tristha Homoepathy Clinic in Malleswaram)
I live in Chennai currently and was looking for good docs in Hyderabad. Upon your suggestion will consider Dr Ranga Sai Malleswar.
can u share the contact details if possible.
I have a son 2 year 10 months and diagnosed in ASD spectrum 3 months back. Currently he is going to OT and ST therapies for about a month. He speaks only on word "baba". His eye contact has improved after going to OT. Due to his premature birth he still can not chew on his own and I have to puree things for him to feed. In this scenario how homeo can help is what my doubt was...
Any body in this forum can give me their suggestions to help.
Currently Doctor has given him....mentat syrup, zincovit and osopen d multivitamin syrup.
I have stopped milk to him but giving my 2 year 11 month kid with pediasure milk twice a day.
To start GFCF diet...can pediasure be given as a replacement of milk or not...pl suggest..


mvrs 2015-02-15 19:11:38


Hi Kaniyamma,
can u share the child Phychiatrist in Chennai you would suggest. currently my kid is under observation of  Dr.Jayanthini at Nandanam.
I want to discuss the resources available for our kids in Chennai, pl share your contact details....sravani.voleti86@gmail.com

Hiranmai 2015-02-20 17:39:57



Hiranmai 2015-02-20 17:58:04


Hi  :-)

@Bujju, he prescribed currently magnesium carb 200, on specific dates. Earlier it was silica marina 1M and previous to that was calcarea hypophos 30. All the medicines were given once every 3 days. Not on a daily basis. He reviews the changes and present symptoms every month. Bujju, I got dr.ranga sai's refernce from a relative of mine in USA, who he was treating for her Asthma and her son's depression. He was doing it on the internet and they could call him if need be so. We too fix an appointment with him for skype chat and he afterwards couriers the medicine. Actually a time saver :-)

@Mitalli. he did not attribute it to any causes specifically. But he spent lot of time in interveiwing my mental state during the 9 months of pregnancy.  He said it has nothing to do with the diet of the child per se and asked us to give the child all that he wants to eat. And we have not restrained him from eating anything. Its so far so good.

@mvrs. we too did a lot of hunting and shuttling between various specialists and followed a lot of diet regimens, in hope and nothing really satisfied. We spent a lot on many brain studies and electrolyte levels etc. You may consider calling on dr. ranga sai. Chennai is more closer to Bangalore. :-)

his number is 9741177559. Clinic is in Malleswaram, not sure of his full address as we never visited his clinic so far 

hope the info helps.

mvrs 2015-02-20 20:51:42


Thank you hiranmai. I called Dr Rangasai and he responded well. He told me to wait for a month to see if any improvements are there in my kid and then asked me to call again for my son's case to see if medication is really needed.

YPVS 2015-02-20 23:25:45


Hi hiranmai can u pls provide ur contact no? I want to consult Dr.RangaSai..so just want to discuss with u. Thx a bunch Ypvs


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