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Lita 2012-10-02 10:42:13


 I am not the right person to answer this as I don't give any supplement except probiotic(which is the good bacteria present in yogurt) and Vit D. We did the lab work and found that my son was deficient in B12 and D vitamin, We give Vit D but don't give Vit B12 as he is not able to tolerate them. As per the lab work he didn't need any extra calcium probably he is getting from some food. We do the lab work whenever we see stimming, other behaviour issues and give him Nyastatin/diflucan for Yeast issues if required.

Each kids issues are different and different supplement work for them.

But many have had success with speech with B12 shots, Omega3.  Mutivitamin is also good if the kid can tolerate.

You can check with a doctor and see if your kid needs and you can add accordingly. 


raj0072000in 2012-10-02 18:42:57


thanks lita for guidance. i have an appointment with Dr. Deepak Gupta (child Phycologist) on 10th oct'12.

We will add supplements based on his advice.


 Former member 2012-10-03 19:17:00


 @raj-- it is good that u are going to a DAN practitioner (dr deepak gupta), it is always better to go for treatment under a doctor's guidance and not do everything at your own, as all kind of supplements etc have both effects and side effects also a protocol has to b followed,

 and u hv someone to whom you can back up and ask querries, though his appointments are short but he remains in touch with his patients all the time.

best wishes to u


raj0072000in 2012-10-03 20:23:17


thanks rh. Can u share experience with Doctor Deepak Gupta. I have also gone through some programms on internet like Son-rise, Teachh, RDI etc.

Is some one have an experience about these programms especially I found Son-rise program techniques quite good as shown in Video on their site.


raunak24 2012-10-05 21:36:02


Hello Lita,

As per my doctor we need to avoid all sour foods sometimes very rarely tamarind can be used. I really dont know whether  it helps with reflux or any other things.





Lita 2012-10-05 22:04:41


 Thanks for letting us know, I use lot of tomatoes,tamarind in my cooking, From now on I will try to use in moderation or slowly get rid and see.


raj0072000in 2012-10-31 21:40:20


is suffola & normal refind oil Gutin free & casein free??


raunak24 2013-07-17 16:17:22


Hi everybody,

my son is on gfcf diet from the past 2 and half years and believe me the progress is awesome. he goes to a normal school and doing very well. we got his assessments done and he is out of the spectrum but we need to follow the diet till 14 age.

At first gfcf cooking was very hectic speacially with no options around but steadily got into the groove and trust me it's not so cumbersome.Any parent who are following gfcf diet pls do eliminate corn n soy too from the diet ans yes no cheat days for sure u will see ur kids improving day by day







mvrs 2014-12-15 14:47:43


Hi Raunak,
Good to hear that your son is out of spectrum now. My preematurly born son who was born in 6th month now is doing good and is currently 2 years 7 months and is diagnised tobe be ADHD and in ASD spectrum. I am planning to start GFCF diet. he is primarily on milk.
please suggest can i give daily almond/coconut or rice milk daily. Does it needs to be purchased for any specific website or can be made at home. I am in Chennai.
kindly suggest how to proceed based on your experience. 

swethag 2015-01-17 20:15:48


Hi ,
my son is having asd we have started the GFCF diet. I have gone through the posts and see we have to give only few fruits to kids who have ASD symptoms? is there any reason why we should not give all the fruits?


neethusingh 2017-03-21 14:04:55


Hi raunak will u please send gfcf diet chart my son is 2 yrs 8 months and is diagnosed with asd I want to start gfcf diet chart for my son will u please please help me and guide me .if possible send information to my mail id

neethusingh 2017-03-21 14:07:29


Will u please send gfcf diet chart what to follow to my email even i want to start for my son who is 2 yrs 8 mon diagnosed asd please do send it will help me and my son alot

211130 2017-03-29 01:04:47


Hi raunak24 its very encouraging that your son is out of this problem . My daughter is 2 years old recently being diagnosed .please guide me how to go about this diet or any other things which can be done fir her. Please please reply really have no clue from where should i start. Thanks in adavance

 Former member 2018-09-21 18:00:56


hello, I want to know from parents who followed GFCF diet, have kids benefited from GFCF diet? Thanks

Nanc123 2019-01-03 01:49:09


i know its been 7 years this post has put up. Can you tell me how is your daughter now.

PDJR 2021-11-29 16:30:58


Hello Everyone,

I just joined the forum and was reading through some posts. I stumbled upon this chat when searching for "is pomegranates good for preteen starting to show autistic traits".. 
So I read posts that are 9 years old..  Just wanted to know from Jyothi who stared this post, how is your daughter doing now? I hope we all can reactivate this thread..

Also other moms, lets please continue this thread. Its very helpful.

All moms, please share how are your son and daughter doing?

My son was speech delayed when he was 2 yrs old. We thought it could be autism. But it wasn't. He matched his peers in about 2 years. Now he is reaching puberty and Iam worried since I see some changes in him. It could be age related or am I a over worried mom to think if he is getting autistic traits? He gets very emotional to the point of tears when he feels bad and many other changes. 

Was wondering if diet change might help. If people respond, then I will share more about his diet. 



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