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NJ 2012-01-25 18:25:39



I dont think this is available in med stores. I got mine from US through iherb. There could be indian alternatives, like aloe vera. But aloe vera did not suit my son. Try the indian alternatives first and see if it works since it works out less expensive. Start with a very low dose of 2.5 to 5 ml and gradually increase (after every 3 days or after 1 week).


NJ 2012-01-25 18:26:16


For the above post I was talking about GSE availability in india


 Former member 2012-01-25 21:44:32


 wow...thnks so much NJ:) will go thru all the sites...:)

oil pulling doesnt need practioners..its pretty simple...early morning on an empty stomach, take one table spoon of sesame oil and swish it in ur mouth for as long as you can...the goal is to reach 20 minutes, which will happen slowly...dont swallow it, then it wouldve turned a offwhite to white colour...

for kids i dont know how its possible though...ive heard of some mom who used to smear it n the gums for her kid...

it supposed to pull out all the toxins from the body...i had lost 8 kilos (of course not years of weight, just after prgnancy weight) my teeth became whiter...and felt fresh the entire day...





 Former member 2012-01-26 08:32:23


 hi forgot to mention something. if ur planning on doing oil pulling..make sure there are no metal fillilngs in your teeth..


VL 2012-02-02 14:59:13



  I was just checking some details on Phenol/Yeast related food info. Below are some of the websites i check, in all these Banana is based on Neglible category, where as Cantaloupe (muskmelon), Pomegranate on placed on High/Moderate.

Apples based on type is based across Low/Moderate or high.

earlier you had mentioned in the list of food to be avoilded include Bananna, Apple and Citrus, was it due to yeast or for allergens.

I had ordered Mutivitamin/Mineral, Kirkman - Non-xylitol version from i herb (they didnt have Xylitol version) Only after i ordered i noticed that it contain Fish gelatin, will it cause any problem. My kid has never had any Non-veg except eggs. Also someone in GFCFkid groups mentioned to watch out Kirkman lab as they use sucralose which is Spelenda. I suppose Xylitol version does not have sucralose. I later found that Akilfoods has Xylitol version. So i am just thinking should i order from Akhilfood and start using it

I had also orderd Blackwalnut and woodworm extract, Twinlab codliver oil, Stevia and Demerara. I was not successful in finding the right Calcium with Mag / Vit D3 combination. I was looking for Calcium carbonate or elemental calcium, most of them with Mag/Vit D were with calcium citrate and the grams for Cal /Mag i felt is low and also the IU of Vit D

Worstcase i need to check in Akhilfoods. Anybody has tried ourkidsasd, do they hve international client service.

I am thinking for starting with wormwood which is said to work on Yeast. Once I complete the course after 3 days gap i will start the Multi vit and then cod liver after a gap of 3 -4 days. GSE/Biotin i am yet to decide. GSE (nutribrand) says childern 5 and  above but someone told that they give even for 2 yo (1 drop)

Is this regime above OK?

I suppose i need to start on behaviour modification rigorously. I feel even speech she will improve now sooner or later better, but behaviour is something i want to look at.

NJ, you  had asked a question if she answers appropriately though she is self talking, When i tried to check once or twice, she was not answering relavantly to my question by was continued on whatever she was talking? What does that indicate.

But suddenly for couple of days i see that her self talk has reduced but still random talk is there.





VL 2012-02-03 21:03:15


NJ, any pointers on what i had posted above. some inputs will help. Thanks


NJ 2012-02-04 05:50:52



Sorry about the delay, I reserve details replies for late nights, but sometimes I sleep off when putting my son to sleep. During day times I sometimes log in a couple of times for about 10 minutes max.

Apart from artificials and junk food, the foods that my son needs to be avoided was given by the nutritionist we were seeing at that time. She did not do any test. I think this is a general list she gives to everyone diagnosed.  I usually grill doctors with a lot of questions but somehow I did not ask her about why the specific foods needs to be avoided. But I later searched on the net when someone suggested that ayurvedic meds are high in phenols and thats why it could not be working for my son.

Phenols and salicylates are a bit different. salicylates are a subset of phenols- Difference is here - and the sensitivities vary depending on the individual

One of the member in gfcfkids had posted a link on phenolic content of foods in which bananas were in the moderate to high category. I'm not able to find that link. Will post it after I find. But I think above all banana and similarly fruits containing high sugar content should be avoided due to its sugar content since it would tend to increase yeast. You can always add them back later to check and also if required try later to increase food choices by adding enzymes. For sometime maintain a diary of the foods given during that particular day and the behaviors positive or negative. That will help to narrow down the problem foods.

I went through the kirkman chewables that is in iherb-

But it does not contain fish gelatin as per the ingredients listed on the site. You saw this on the label of the bottle you purchased?This non xylitol version has sucralose, but I think you could give it a try anyway and the next time purchase the other one. But just keep in mind, once you open it you have to use within 2 months else it gets blackened. Or you can keep it in fridge to get 2 extra months of shelf life without that blackening. 

I use kirkmans calcium glycinate (2 caps) and buffered magnesium glycinate( 1 caps). I'm planning on teaching my kid to swallow caps soon since the job of administering them will be easier. Now I mix it in some water and give, but its a bit cumbursome. The liquid versions have preservatives. But I think the ones only with pottasium sorbate and natural flavors should be ok, but cant know unless tried.

GSE is given even for children less than 5 years of age. But its high in phenols. So many whose kids have phenol intolerance give it with enzymes like nofenol to increase its effectiveness.

After the wormwood extract course, also continue to restrict sugar and high sugar containing foods and check if the random talk reduces.

Check if the symptoms get better after the yeast treatment.Meanwhile intervene by gently touching her shoulder and asking the question, when she is self talking. That way she may become aware to your questioning.

Make a note of all foods including supplements given and note the behaviors.


VL 2012-02-04 11:35:42


NJ, thanks for the reply. I am yet to receive my products should be receiving in a day or 2. DHL called saying that it is in customs and should be getting it soon. Regarding fish gelatin i saw this in Kirkman's website itself, In iherb site just now i crossverified, Fish Gelatin also in not there. Dont know if it was inadverdent or delibrate.

Next time perhaps i will order xylitol version, for now even i thought i will go with this and finish the 2 months course. iheb is not having Xylitol version as of now, so might have to look at Akhilfood or some other.

Even i should try if my kid will be able to swollow tablets, she understands much better but i am afraid just in case it gets struck.

Calcium & magnesium glycinate did u get from iherb or else where as i could not see in iherb.

I will complete the wormwood course and start on the multivit. I have a question on wormwood, should it be given after food or something or between meals is fine. Morning and Eve i can give, AN i need to get MIL to give it before she goes to Daycare.

Should it be diluted in water. I think 26 drops will be like 1 ml or so i think.

Generally she takes time to fall asleep (anywhere b/w 20 mins to 1 hr),once she sleeps she will have a sound sleep for atleast 8 hrs but yesterday she was very disturbed.

Still the verbal stims is there. Though speech wise she is certainly progressive when i compare to what she was 3 months back. Also as i am starting on CLO let me see

I have not ordered any probiotic as i dont any significant GI. But she was on antibiotic 2 weeks back, so her gut might have been permable to some extent. In i herb i dont see dlactacte, only culturelle.. Do you have any other recommendation.

I think Yoghurt (for us i think it is curd right) is a good probiotic as it gets fermented but if we do CF then it will not be acceptable.

I started this week with CF but i was not there yesterday and my MIL had given her milk and curd rice.. It is very difficult to get their buyin.. That 2-3 days i found that she was bit less hyper and manegable. I tried making Ragi porridge with jaggery but she just took one spoon and later refused

As you suggest i will try to maintain a food diary and note down the behaviour. But as i am not ther whole day i will not know how she is in Daycare





NJ 2012-02-04 16:01:02



I too now checked in kirkman website that it contains fish gelatin. There could be 2 reasons. One is, the formula has changed and iherb has not updated that in the site or it could be that iherb is selling the earlier formula till their stock gets over. You could just post a query to iherb with the link to kirkman and check with them. I dont think they have any reason to hide the fish gelatin ingredient. If she is not allergic to fish then she would be fine with this. Anyway you are going to start CLO which is non veg, so its fine if there is fish related ingredient in that vitamin.

I got the calcium and magnesium glycinate from akhil health foods long back. I had bought about 3 bottles and it came for about 8 months, since I started slow and for a while I was using only 1/2 caps of mag glycinate per day. Now I have bought the same magnesium glycinate but of blue bonnet nutrition from iherb. The calcium glycinate of kirkam is still remaining. But I am now giving the calcium bone maker complex of doctor's best(also got from iherb) which contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, vit k,d and c. This I am using like a multivit (which contains more amount of calcium from the usual vit) and giving the b vitamins separately(of now foods, got from iherb).

I give wormwood extract with the meals and mix it with a little water. You mean after you started giving this she is getting a disturbed sleep? Then this could be either die off or phenols. When you give her apple during the night(i.e around the same time as you give the last dosage of wormwood extract for that day, is her sleep disturbed? If so, then she could be having phenol intolerance. Else it could be die off, You may want to give the last dosage in the evening so that it interferes lesser with sleep, or wait for a few days to see if it settles.

I get the probiotics from custom probiotics. They are high in potency and since my son has severe gastric issues with several(about 20) antibiotic courses before age of 2, I gave this. You could try a course of enterogermina which is locally available - 2 tubes for 5 days after an antibiotic course. Ragi is something which my son also never got used to after 8 months of trying I gave up. I was giving Nutriiveda for a couple of months as a protein beverage to jumpstart his wake up. You can read more about NV from here for your information -

In Daycare, you know which foods is being sent to the daycare that day for her to eat, so you can note that.



VL 2012-02-04 19:01:45


NJ, today only i received the DHL parcel, i had ordered for close to $58 and as customs DHL has charged Rs. 920. Is that OK?

I am yet to start the wormwood course, might start doing it from tomm. when you say that you give wormwood with meals you mean while you are feeding her you simultaneously give the wormwood mixed in water. It that a normal protocol how it should be administered?

In day care, the care taker is an old lady who feeds her so i am not sure if i will be able to make her do this. Morning with BF i can give her and night also not a problem. The other question is should it be only 3 dosage to get the effectivess or if we can split the dosage as 2 and give it

I  am yet to open the package i will check if the multivit has the Fish gelatin mentioned. I dont know if my kid is allergic as i had never given her any fish product. anyways as you say i am going to try CLO also.

I had seen nutriveda earlier but seems to expensive and not sure of procuring here.Currently what is the protein beverage you give? as you had written for BF you give a protein shake.

In iherb i saw - Growing Naturals, Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice Milk, Creamy Vanilla, 15.2 oz (432 g).  Was thinking it could  be used as substitute for milk, it says no articificial flavour but was thinking what could be the ingredient of creamy vanilla.

Also, i saw some chia seeds, Hemp seeds, Hemp protein + fiber. Was thinking if they will be substitute food for nutrition. Any idea on these


NJ 2012-02-05 00:06:27


DHL charges 30% of the product cost(i.e charged by customs) plus 300 rs as handling fee.

I gave the wormwood immediately after a meal. I give enzymes with meal due to phenol intolerance. Thats the reason why I give it within an hour of start of ingestion of meal(since the effectiveness of the enzymes stays only for an hour).

I dont know about the course of twice per day. You could directly email natures answer to find out, else, you could put this on hold and administer it during the summer holidays when she will be at home full time for some days(if your mil could give it).

NV is expensive, but I did give it for 2 months and it seemed to be like a good nutrition drink though I did not see spectacular results which I can attribute specifically to it. I'm thinking now if I should go back to it and do it continous for 6 months. Now I'm not giving any protein shake, All the vegan options did not suit. The rice protein was too grainy that he dwould not want to take(I bought the unflavored so that could be a reason). I had bought Nutivas hemp protein once(again unflavored) and it was yucky and my son would not take it(still sitting in my fridge). I just bought lifetime kids (which is rice +pea), but it looks like it did not suit him. I had bought 4 canisters of lifetime kids from a short dated deal(lesser price because its shelf life is expiring this april), and now I dont know what to do with them. I'll give a couple of canisters to you for free if you want.

If they say no artificial flavor it may mean that the vanilla flavor is derived directly from vanilla pods.


NJ 2012-02-05 00:16:59


So far from whatever protein powder options that I have tried, NV is the only one which he drinks without any fuss and which seems to be ok on his gut also.


NJ 2012-02-05 00:18:39


Rice protein powder like from Sunwarrior was also gentle on his gut, but it was hard to make him drink that because the texture was too grainy and I had purchased the unflavored one. Perhaps he would have liked the chocolate, but I have not tried.


VL 2012-02-10 09:35:40


NJ, i had started on wormwood today morning, to start with given a dosage of ~1 ml (28 drops) against the recommended 2 ml. I gave this after she had her milk (not any solid) is that OK. Actually it is quite bitter, I diluted a little with water and gave her, she didnt know what it was but drank, then she started asking for water and drank perhaps about 30 ml of water. Is that OK?

i thought after seeing for 2-3 days will increase. I wanted to know after opening should this be kept in fridge or is it OK to keep it outside as i will be using for 10 day. Will it cause any loss to potency.

I tried Demerara, again after opening should this also be kept in fridge or is it enough to keep in air tight container.

Kirkman Multivit i got shows the ingredients in Kirkman website. I guess iherb may not perhaps be aware of the change in formula. I thought i will give a gap of 3-4 days after wormwood and start Multivit. Can i start with 1 wafer and increase to 2

Also is it OK to give her in the night. like 1 in day after BF and 1 in night. Because AN she will be in Daycare


NJ 2012-02-10 11:02:40



I had given 28 drops only of wormwood extract during the whole course, this year and last year also.

It did not specifically mention in the label to be refridgerated, So I did not refridgerate it. Demerara sugar also need not be refridgerated. This is available locally in India also(In case you got this also from abroad). It is available in fabindia outlets.

You may write to iherb about the change in the formula. I started with 1 wafer only and gave it for couple of months before I increased it to 2. I gave one in the morn and 1 in the afternoon. When you give in the night, observe if it is causing any sleep issues. You maywant to refridgerate the multi for longer shelf life after opening.



VL 2012-02-10 11:14:11


I got Demerara also from iherb. Next time I will try to get from Fabindia.

Then i will continue the wormwood with 28 drops itself for the course.

i had noted your point on giving multivit in night. Will check for that..

Also my kid in the night does not wake up but keeps twisting and turning in the bed, she keeps changing different direction in the bed itself (V.V rarely she will make some mild noise)  I try to keep her close to me by putting my hand around her but when i also sleep off then i will not have control. Is this constant turning also sign of sleep disturbance. But she will fully wake up only after 8-9 hrs

If she has yeast should i try adding probiotic  to her food. In i herb i see culturelle is the only appearling brand, do you have any suggestion



NJ 2012-02-10 11:31:52


Try to take her inbetween to pass urine and see if it gets better. For my son when I take him to the loo at this time, he sleeps more peacefully upto another 2 hours. If its this case then probably she may be drinking too much water in the night. I used to avoid giving water to my son 2 hours before bedtime. If he insists I give him about 30 to 45 ml thats all.

I buy the probiotics from custom probiotics, Its expensive , but is highly potent and lasts for 6 months to a year depending on the dosage. In my experience probiotics does not help with acute yeast. In India also enterogermina is good in my opinion, but one still needs to limit the sugar.



anil457 2012-02-10 11:33:40


hi NJ and Jyoti,

anil hre..m from ur conversations..its quite enlightening....i hve a 11yr old daughter with dealyed milestones..she is a slow learner,borderline intelligence..studying in 4th now....she goes fr her special education,occupation therapy...has sme behavioural problems...gets a bit hyper n over ecxited whn sme people come over...she jus wan them to be with her..she starts to cling to them or kinda always pull them towards her...she realises her mistakes after they go away..but with people around she jus misbehaves n doesnt listen...we quite tensed up wit her behaviour...dnt knw at to do....if any solution or guidance kindly lemme knw...




VL 2012-02-10 16:13:53


NJ, i am not additing sugar at all in any of her food. Even  milk i give her without sugar. But rarely give her Maa laddu or greengram laddu.Today i gave muskmelon for school snacks, that also i gave plain only. Didnt even put Demerara. She seem to have eaten it fully. But sometimes i think she gets to eat chocolates in school given for b'days. But most of the time it will be in her bag so i will remove it.

Anyway i will try to control even the little that she has. Also as we are predominantly Rice eaters will it also add to yeast growth. Currently she eats rice both for lunch and dinner again BF will be Idly, dosa, Sevai so mostly rice based.

Is changing to brown rice will be better for atleast once a day? Again i am not sure about the difference in taste? need to check for myself.

You had earlier mentioned that you buy Golden delicious apple. Here wherever i see i get Golden apple (i think this is washington) or Fuji or regular simla apple. I mostly buy in Pazhamudir cholai in my place. Where do you get ur Golden delicious. Is it available throught the year



NJ 2012-02-11 01:16:08



The problems you have mentioned is what we tend to face with kids diagnosed on the spectrum since their chronological age does not keep up with the developmental age. Does she understand what you are telling her? In that case you may want to prepare her in advance when visitors come over. Tell her how she is expected to behave when they come. If she has auditory processing issues, you may want to make visual charts, with the visitors pics(cut out from photo albums) and what she is supposed to do( say hi, if they ask how are you, say fine, then make it clear she needs to be playing with the *special* toy you have reserved for her). You may want to keep some toys or favorites later for these kind of occasions so when the visitors comes she will be more keen on playing with them. Inculcate some habit like coloring, reading or puzzles which she will be busy doing when visitors are around. I have heard that some people even put dvds for their kids when visitors come over so their kid will not get in their way, but I'm not in favor of that. Till the problems get better, you may want to restrict the visitors to your houses and you going over also for sometime. For sometime only entertain very close relatives and confidantes who know your daughter and willingly interact with her with affection and without judging and not mind her quirkiness.

Does she also have speech issues or is it only cognition issues? Does she have good eye contact? Does she have sensory issues like toe walking, bumping, throwing things, sensitivity to sounds, mouthing objects etc? Does she have meltdowns? Does she understand speech and the issue is only with expressing or is it both?

As a general rule avoid all junk,processed food and artificials and drastically cut down on sugar. For artificials in case she is also taking complan or bournvita, you may want to eliminate that also. 



NJ 2012-02-11 01:23:30



Try to add oats into the diet since you are not GF yet. Yes predominantly rice will tend to increase yeast. Perhaps for breakfast you can give oats and for dinner idly/dosa and rice for lunch. Yes Brown rice is better than white rice because it has additional b vitamins while white rice is only the carbos. But brown rice takes longer to cook and has a slight nutty flavor and is more chewy, many kids may not like it and needs a little getting used to.

Yes, Golden delicious apple is not available all the times like the Red ones. You can try removing the peels of the red apples since the phenolic content is high in the peels. Again you may want to avoid apples altogether for sometime and then add them back in the diet to check. I buy all the fruits from kovai pazhamudhir.



VL 2012-02-11 19:47:07


Right i can add oats, she use to like i too.. she was earlier a fussy eater as an alternate we always had oats as backup. As i wanted to go GF i stopped. but i think as i am yet to go full bloom on CF/GF i can add oats again.

I will try to remove the peel and give her, so far i had given with peels as they say skin has the most nutrition, but due to phenols i might have to do it..

Today 2nd day i am successfully giving the woodworm, she fusses a bit but has it ultimately.. but i find that she is breathing a bit heavily (sounds like wheezing) and she had a very mild runny nose for few mins in the morning. I had given her a hair wash also, not sure if it was due to that or effect of woodworm. but it was there only for few mins and then i didnt notice it but this Wheezing kind of sound i noticed since yesterday evening (otherwise she doesnt have wheezing anytime). May be it is die off symptom also.

Whole of yesterday she didnt pass motion, but today morning she passed lesser qty. but i think it was more blackish (may be due to color of wormwood).

I guess i should make her do next time not on toilet to see if i notice any change


NJ 2012-02-12 19:52:08



Is this wheezing lasting only for a few minutes or is it continous. It could be a die off or it could be from normal cold also. In case she is continues to have breathing difficulties, you may want to stop the dose and start slower, probably 1 drop and build up every 3 days slowly. Do you also see increased hyperactivity, irritability, agressiveness or sleep disturbances after starting this? Then it could be a phenol issue and all herbs are high in phenols. Then in that case you may want to give no-fenol enzyme with this. Since my son has phenol issues, I gave this within an hour of ingestion of enzymes.


VL 2012-02-13 12:36:03


NJ, wheezing is not on continous basis, i just noticed it for about 15-20 mins at a strech and then not significant, later after few hrs same duration i noticed. Even the runny nose was only for few mins.

Yesterday she had bit of sleep disturbance as ususal she was twisting and turning and made a mild whimpering sound also, but after i patted her she slept off and got up in her ususal time.

But she is passing motion only once in 2 days. I started the course on Friday, so since friday she has passed motion only once (sat morning). Can i cause constipation.? Generally she passes motion once mostly in the night after her dinner

Actually i she that her hyperactivitiy has reduced a bit (not fully gone) she seemed to be more calmer comparitively. She was more into productive work like cycling, or asking me to read a book etc.



NJ 2012-02-13 23:09:39



The extract is supposed to help with constipation and not cause it. Is her fiber intake adequate?-- ie is she is taking veggies and pulses with husks(like green gram) everyday? oats is also rich in fiber.

I did not observe constipation with my son, though I did observe mild flu like symptoms. You could also directly mail the company of which brand you had purchased regarding this as well and see what they have to say.


VL 2012-02-14 10:52:45


She takes vegetable every day. She has Dhal rice (Tur dhal) for lunch everyday. I had given her oats (but only a small cup) today morining. One thing i didnt check if she passed motion in day care yesterday. When i asked she said she did but i am not sure if she is saying it rightly or its a random answer. I will call them and check.

But after saturday morning, she had not done till Monday afternoon. Infact, in their school there was an observation day, where parents can come to class and observe the happenning. So I was there till 11.30 she was taken to restroom in snack break time but i dont think she would have done potty.. So if she has not passed yesterday in daycare also, then it is more than 72 hrs.

I got the wormwood from Naturer's answer, will try to mail and check

Actually in the class i find her quite ok. she is not hyper etc, but I find that her attention/concentration is bit low, i.e she doesnt voluter to reply in group when teacher asks or lifts her hand up saying she knows (for things that she is familiar). She sings rhymes with action, but it will be very silent kind. 

One thing i noticed that 50% of the kids are very active in answering, lifting their hand to answer etc other 50% is passive only.

I felt that the teacher already has some stigma about her from her initial behaviour so she keeps calling her name for some commands. Other thing is when her attendance was called 1st time she didnt answer, 2nd time she answered but it would not have been audiable and she didnt see the teacher fully as she was having her snacks. Teacher would not have noticed it significantly

One thing i noticed is she is very disciplined while eating her snacks, and she was sitting in the same place and eating.. Regarding mingling with kids, she just calls their names (that too she repeats 3-4 times), smiles at them or goes and hugs them

I am planning to start on Multiviatimins may be 3-4 days gap after completing wormwood. Then i will start on CLO. I hope CLO helps in better attention/concentration.


NJ 2012-02-15 00:21:42



If you are sure that the constipation started only after wormwood extract, and there is no other changes in the diet, then you may want to stop this or back down on the dosage. 

For most part on description of your daughter I find her ok. But at 3+ children should have back and forth communication with their peers. For instance child1 asks child2, what are you doing?, child 2 answers "I'm doing <this activity>". The child may not respond to strangers, but atleast to children whom they are frequently in company with, perhaps their classmates, cousins,family friends kids etc. They may not follow rule based games much, but they will involve in group pretend games,  For instance when an older child plays teacher, and says all of you write abc, then the other children pretend to write abc. or playing kitchen where the group is involved in making some dishes. But this cannot be observed in a single day. It needs to be done in a period of time observing the child in a group setting that she is frequenting.


NJ 2012-02-15 00:25:37


If you can get a kid of a family friend or cousin who can play with your daughter, you can create natural scenarios where she can interact more meaningfully with another child. This way you can supervise the whole thing and intervene as and when required.


VL 2012-02-15 11:31:10


Hi NJ,

  Finally she did potty today morning without much difficult though i should say. As wanted to notice if there is any change so i asked her to do it sqatting down (not on western). As she had not passed for almost 4 days, initial part was hard and later i felt quite normal. Her quantity was also quite more as against her last potty 4 days back. I had given her the morning dosage as my MIL told to give saying that anyways she has passed motion today.

I had mailed Nature's answer regarding this and below is the reply that i got "Although this herbal combination is not known to cause constipation, anyone may have an individual sensitivity to any substance. Black Walnut and Wormwood is a strong herbal combination that may not be appropriate for children. I suggest you discontinue use"

But one thing i notice since yesterday evening is that I think she had a bit stinky gas (she has never had before) also her poop today was quite stinky which she has never had earlier.. Is it that the medicine is working and removing all yeast?




VL 2012-02-15 11:56:59


Also when i have given her Zenteel in last Sep (which is 10 ml single day course), she didnt pass motion for 2 days but 2 days later in her stools i noticed tiny tiny worms sqrimming for next 5-6 day. Donno if we can see such with the wormwood. did you notice any?

Actually last 2 days i had not given her AN dosage as she is going to Daycare, today also she will not have, But in the morning i increase 10 drops and i thought i will do the same in night. Next 4 days i thought i can  give her 3 x dosage as i am on leave plus weekend

But i am still in a dilemma whether i should continue the course for next 5 days or stop. Any suggestion?

For fiber intake i had given Oats today morning also and had given Guava fruit as it will help ease contipation?




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