ASD child. Need some guidance

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Richa764 2022-04-27 19:05:28


Hi maam, I have a 3 year 26 days daughter. She was detected with mild ASD at the age of 2.5 year. Earlier we thought being alone and in job n moreover less social interaction due to covid and all its a speech delay. But her eye contact was also minimal. After diagnosis, since 5 months we are deliberately putting efforts with her and her speech has improved tremendously. Her "need based" communication has started in 3-4 Word scentences like " I want water, I want to go pee pee, please give me". 2 word scentences are perfect and preferred by her like " open door, close door, frnd house" Her all physicall milestone were achieved on time. She is not routine bound. She gives social smile if she knows a person ( it takes 2-3 meeting or Majorly when PROMPTED). She eats everything. Knows all shapes, colour, animal, vegetables, fruits, etc. Able to make standing line, circle and sleeping line. Knows and answer basic questions ( but you have to get her eye contact) (a) name, age ( b) father , mother name (c) no concept if asked that " this is......." n if it's not then only. (d) big & small, same & different (e) understand basic 2 - 3 step commands, like- "bring ....." / "pick up plate and put it in place"/ "call ...."/ sit down...etc. Problem part:- 1. Receptive communication has not started. 2. Eye contact is still 30% only. 3. Inattentive- she was asked to call some person but she will go...n come back half way or not able to express. Or I have to prompt say "didi come" 4. Repeats every scentence what we say to her when she doesn't know or understands u like chocolate? She will repeat " u like chocolate". 5. Hyperactive. Her EEG , BERA all tests were normal but docs says behavirol autism may be there. Please guide me maam

Richa764 2022-04-28 07:08:26


Anyone please help


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