How to overcome forgetfulness in 3 year old

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Begde02 2020-09-18 18:19:09


Hello ,
I stay in US , but we are basically from Pune , my child is showing some symptoms of Autism ,yet not diagnosed , here the diagnosis may take time , would like to ask is forgetfulness sign of autism , like one thing which kid used to do or tell , now they do it anymore ? Also how to help the child to overcome this , any diet we need to follow for this . Thank you so much for the grp .

2318 2021-08-30 01:25:25


Speech regression is among early signs of autism... you can still help him reverse it by avoiding screens(TV,phn,laptop) ,packaged foods, cut off sugar, take him/her to walks, gv hm recommended vit d if there€™s no sunlight available, give him dha for sharp brain, try to avoid or completely stop dairy foods if you can..  and go for speech therapy religiously. Dont miss them please.. its only our time n dedication that can help these children. Most important point: interact with him, dont give a favorite toy to escape the child. Sit and play, initiate turn taking, teach him patience, eyecontact, fun.


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