Drawing and handwriting improvement

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Vishwak 2019-03-14 14:02:57


Hi Anchal,

My son is in 5yrs old and studying UKG. He is not writing fast and somehow he is joinging the letters in cursive but that is not the correct method.Tried him so many ways but he is doing in his own method and he is not interested in drawing class also please help me how to overcome from this.

aanchal 2019-03-25 16:52:22


Hi. I will need to do one of these two:
1. Train you on writing skills
2. Observe him while writing.

It's difficult to give the exact writing analysis otherwise. In general, you may want to look at these aspects:
  • digit strength (too petite, or too round, or too weak fingers may not have sufficient grip)
  • palm sweat (it's tough to have a good grip if palms are sweaty. Use taped pencils for this)
  • writing posture (wrist rest, tripod grip, writing shoulder, writing elbow, free-hand position, torse bend, paper slant, pencil slant)
  • pencil type (kids with petite digits find triangular/hexagonal pencils painful)
  • letter connectors (for cursive)
  • interest in writing ( which can be low due to writing pain, fear of judgment of bad handwriting, fear of judgment of bad spellings, poor role models around)
  • unpleasant experience in past
You may want to see if his pre-writing skills have been established or not first. See if he is good at cutting, tracing, coloring, dabbing, sticking etc


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