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mathan1986 2019-02-09 17:26:57



My 2 years 6 months Son has been diagnosed with Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder with the CARS 2 ST Score of 31 by Child psychiatrist in  Velammal Medical Hospital Madurai.
So Pediatrician Neurologist advised my son to take Occupational and Speech Therapy to improve his age appropriate skiils. Currently we are located at Madurai Tamil Nadu and my son going to Play group from last October.In home we speak sourashtra to communicate and in School they speak in Tamil. 
Should we provide the ST in Tamil or our mother toungue in Sourashtra?

Kindly provide your valuable suggestion and is it good to join him in near by therapy center for daily ST/OT sessions or weekly two/three times is enough.

My Son strengths and weakness are below
1. He can respond to the name (But not adequate when some strangers calls)
2. He can watch the eyes when we talk to him.
3. He can walk/run/climb
4. He can say alphabets,Numbers and few colors,animals,veg (not fluently though) as he used to learn with the flash cards.
5. He is not either pointing or leading to his desired items. He may help himself if accessible by him.
6. Unable to indicate or communicate when he feels for urinate or toilet. But when we direct from hall to go bathroom for urine he will go that place and pass urine.
7. He can sit in one place for long time and enjoy the name borad/Puzzle activities. Not much hypo/hyper..
8. In Play school teachers says he sometime mingle with his age peers. But we are yet to witness it.
9. Not sensitive to Mixy or pressure cooker sound but if there is a huge Horn noise sometime he may get disturb and cry. But he can be consoled.
10. Able to show his body parts (not all of them) 1
1. He loves Hide and seek or peek a boo and bubbles blower games..
12. He sleeps peacefully anytime.
13. He is not picky eater and he can eat all type of foods as still we are feeding him. But he will touch and eat the solid foods but does not like to touch and eat mashed items.
14. From 1 years to 2 years he watched excess of Mobile and TV specially Chu Chu TV and kanmani rhymes but he don't mimic when playing. He will be interestingly watching those when played. But we completely stopped for last 5 months but he also don't force us to put those.
15. He will be calm when we take him out like temple, marriage functions or any crowded places.
16. He does not follow simple instruction like get his pampers or get the ball etc.
17. does not mingle with other easily would want to play alone most of the times.
18. Does not enjoy the new places.
19. Don't call amma or appa. He use his own language or sound

aanchal 2019-03-25 18:19:16


2.6 seems a little early. I believe in early intervention, but sometimes it's tough to differentiate between delayed development and a disorder in toddlers. However, it's good that you've already begun OT/ST
Choice of language depends on the environment. If most people around speak Tamil then go for that. ST should be more in regional language and English so that he faces fewer difficulties in school. I can't tell the frequency without seeing him. Twice/week sounds good to me though. 5/week can be done too if it's not too strenuous for the child.
2-3 is the age of parallel play (and not cooperative play) and we don't see a lot of socialization in school at this level. If the teacher is ok with his mingling, then don't worry.
I do not want to be hasty, but I am getting a sense of a child who may benefit from SIT (auditory-motor, specifically) and PECS for developing instructions following/responding skills.

mathan1986 2019-04-13 22:35:33


Hi Aanchal,

Thanks for the response and suggestions. From last 3 months he is undergoing ST and OT in local therapy center here and frequency is 6 days a week.
He can read the alphabets and numbers on the board and now therapist working to identify the objects using flash cards


mathan1986 2019-05-04 21:23:25


Hi Aanchal,

I sent you the complete assessment report of my Son to your email address.

Kindly go through and share your views. 



aanchal 2019-05-05 10:24:21


Will do that. 


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