Feeding issues for 15 month toddler

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9neeti 2018-10-13 20:40:30


Iam a mother to 15 month old toddler. His eating is erratic one day he will eat next day is a struggle. Initially I thought he had a sensory processing disorder but that I could rule old as he started eating different textures. But he just eats 1-2 spoons that it. He is active(hyper) at times and continuously on move. Is it ADHD or anything that I should look for early intervention. 

Chandragv 2018-12-22 20:29:53


Hi, You need to check on few points before raising this issue. If baby is 15 months old. Baby can have almost all food. What food you are offering.? Feed her all type of food. Are you changing food every time? If not please offer different food every time and start rotating. How much time you are spending to make her eat? At least you must spend 30 minutes. Then only you will come to know whether she is eating or not. As I know baby will appose first may be doe 10 to 15 min. After that they will adjust and start eating. Never shout on baby when they refuse to eat. Try this and let me know. Chandra. 9986557110


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