Indirectly asked to leave school

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dell1944 2018-08-24 20:06:11


Hi Aanchal.

good day.

We would like to seek your guidance on this. Looks like we arent able to get correct diagnosis for our 4 year old kid. We have a  year old boy who has not developed speech 
he is not able to talk and has not developed vocabulary. He speaks few words but only when he wants to (mainly when he is playing). He is not able to understand basic verbal command, however if we point to the object, he is able to follow the commands.
He is always running around and playing. cannot sit at one place. 
We took school admissions for him in a reputed school in bangalore, its been 2 months of session and we have been indirectly told to withraw the admission, teachers 
mentioned that they are not able to control our child, He runs out of the class, Doesnt sits at one place, writes on wall, sometimes pushes kids. They need to have 1:1 attendant for him. however, Our kid is able to wrote alphabets A to Z and 1 to 10.
We are not sure how to deal with this situation. How will our kid fit in normal stream
with other kids.
also when we talk to him, he doesnt listens, if we raise our pitch, we looks at us, but doesnt follows command. eye contact is there for few seconds.
Can you guide us for appropriate school for our kid,
Secondly, reading other post in this forum, is this adhd or autism.
How can we get this cured. please suggest /help

Thanks in advance 


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