Suspected mild Adhd

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preshesha 2018-03-27 16:50:34


Hi mam, I am new to this website. I read some of your suggestions reg asd/Adhd. Thanks for ur kind service. My son Darshan is a normal born baby in JIPMER pondicherry. He was so hyperactive since 1.5 yrs and had speech delay too. We consulted pedeatrician in Jipmer. They asked us to undergo speech therapy and suspected with mild Adhd. They asked us to wait till 4 yrs of age for any medication. We started occupational therapy in 2yrs of his age and then discontinued it since he didn't co-operate. We put him in the normal mainstream school in 3yrs of age. But he didn't improve in his speech and academics. So we met the psychiatrist Mrs. Jayanthini and according to her advice v started his ST, OTand all education from 4 yrs and continuing till date. He showed very good improvements in speech. And hyperactive is reduced a lot. Now he is 5.8 years old but still has very difficulty in reading and writing. He is studying UKG in small play school where student to teacher ratio is small. The reason for putting him in small playschool is to get extra individual attention to him. Even though he is very much lagging in writing. He writes capital alphabets A to Z and numbers 1 to 10 only that too with many efforts given by me and his special educator. Teacher complaints that he is inattentive in class and lacks concentration. The syllabus of his class went to 3 letter words and cursive writing. He is a slow learner. He does not show any interest in studies. Wat to be done for him to improve his writing skills. And moreover he has a jumping mind. Can't concentrate in one thing more than 5 min. If possible I will come and meet u personally regarding my son with all his details. Awaiting for ur reply. Thanks and regards, Preetha S.


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