No intrest to score good marks

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SuperMomOfSuperKids 2018-02-28 16:10:00


my kid is in class 9, he has good memory power, able to understand the subject well,good vocabulary skills
But, he has no intrest to score marks in exams, he never writes cw/ hw, never keeps his books safely either looses it or keeps them in a shabby state.
he is not bothered  even if he gets '0', next year he will be in class 10 attending board exams, somebody plz guide n help me.

aanchal 2018-03-12 20:22:48


Sorry to hear about the child's struggles.

All children bother. All. By default. If a child shows he doesn't bother, you need to understand why. Many times, children who are going through depression, anxiety bouts, rejection, show that they don't care. Many times, children who are severely absent minded and unkempt, are found to have NLD, or chronic depression.

It's not fair to do any online diagnosis like this. I usually don't call parents for a consultation urgently. But in your case, I feel I need to meet you. I don't take consultations in April and May. So, you may want to come in March. Let me know.
If you don't live in Bangalore, in the meanwhile, email me more details at

SuperMomOfSuperKids 2018-03-15 17:32:03


Hi mam Thanks for your reply I'm in Chennai, I can't meet you this month sorry. As parents what should we do to motivate him, particularly I as his mom what should I do.. Kindly help...

aanchal 2018-03-16 16:33:05


You are trying to look for solutions, without understanding the problems.
He is a teenager now. I am sure many of the current issues are chronic and have been there for a long time. If you try to make sudden changes, he may get confused and frustrated. Take one baby step at a time. First, try to understand the reasons behind his incapabilities. Is he absent minded? Is he anxious? Is he depressed? Is there any lack of ability which frustrates him?

Be careful while motivating him. You don't want to unwillingly pressurise him with expectations while over-motivating him. Talk to him how he feels about his academics. Explore his social network and find out if he is struggling there.

Join and put your query. There are many experts in the panel who can help you there.

There is no quick-fix to such issues. Show patience. Show love :)
Warm hugs to you. 


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