Kids Hesitent to write

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Mayurakritika 2018-02-26 14:19:56


Hi All,

Hope you all are doing well

I am from Mumbai and I just joined the group.

Almost all the post seems so familiar with the current situation I am facing with my daughter (she is 4.5 years old now, and undergoing LKG  and a single child).

She has a good memory and observation in drawing and other interactive stuffs, but a bit hyper.
When ever I try to make her wright, she writes in untidy way or very large almost half a page of one letter,writes C,G,M,L  letters in wrong direction . She always prefers alphabets over Numbers in writing. Now she is in LKG but cant even write a to z and 1 to 10 properly,but she remembers spelling,but not able to count more than five items at a time,for coloring she just scribbles

When ever i make her write numbers he always says I forgot, do not remember, or asks me to hold her hand and write.
She loves playing all day. I do agree its the age for playing, but at school they are well ahead in academics.
I don't know how other children cope with this. For LKG they have all Capital letters, Small letters and now started cursive writing & 3 letters words in English. And in Maths, they have completed writing 1-100, already and now doing numbers in words.

 I feel the portions are turning to pressure.

Now teachers suggest to repeat  her in same class is this a solution?
Please help in suggesting how we can overcome this phase. I do not want to upset her  or get her dislike studies.

aanchal 2018-02-27 08:18:21


From what you are telling me, the school seems to be ahead of children, not that children are falling behind. There is a difference.

Find out how others are doing, not to compare the child but to understand if the school is rushing. Do not repeat the grade. Repetition has never helped anyone in building skills. It only helps when concept fall is the reason.

How is she in drawing and other activities which need eye-hand coordination? Not wanting to write is not a problem but a symptom of another hidden problem. Find that out and help your child. She can't help herself. Sharing few links



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