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DeeshaDeepak 2017-11-27 23:56:51


My daughter 2 years, falls sick very often with cough/cold/congestion.. I am giving her himayala septalin and vasu step. Mortal in the night (Anti allergic). But she falls sick often as often as 15 days. sometimes slight fever also. when fever I give crocin, nebulization for congession, and himayala koflet for cough. feels very bad. Feels helpless. Tried all common home remedies. feels heatfully painful. any suggession.. want to try homeo.. what to do.

aanchal 2017-12-11 20:45:15


Oh. There is nothing worse than seeing your child fall sick frequently. Do consult a good homeopath. Do not give meds by checking online.
Find out if she is allergic to something around her (dust, pollen, some food item, mites etc)


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