Regarding wch all therapies to start with

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Riy87 2017-08-29 22:50:50


Hi Aanchal.. very happy to see ur updates, gives a moral support and a relief. U r really an inspiration fr parents like us.  My son is 3.8yr old diagnosed with mild autism. Since then I kept browsing and talking with ppl working with these kids. I'm shifting to Whitefield ths week and my queries are      1. Are there any inclusive preschool which will give individual attention?? 2. ST And OT are recommended but when I spoke with few centres thru phone all recommended ABA too befr even seeing the child. And when went across that there were very few certified professionals and thy don't give individual sessions too.. is it actually necessary?? Won't  the ST N OT help ?? 3. I came across few centres n spoke with some of them such as playstreet, vydehi, creative smile, , centre for autism n comm Disorders, futuready there were plenty n m so confused now!!! So can anyone pls suggest me wch to go 4... 

aanchal 2017-09-05 14:02:25


Hi, do you have his reports? Please email them to me at


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