My 3 Year Old son does not respond to his name

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pk007 2017-03-06 00:30:53


1. He speaks when asked about colors/ numbers alpahabets and answer correctly.
2. He says when he is about to pee or do potty.
3. Looks at eye when he speaks.
4. He says hi Uncle/ Aita only when he wants.
5. He most of the time does not respond to his name and will be busy in his work. The school teacher also says that. He will not sit in one place and will be running around in school.
6. He will cry when we scold loudly.
7. He does not respond to queries of others but only to his mom and dad (me).
8. He speaks himselves sometimes which some of we understand, always busy in playing.
We are at loss on what to do, he is in playgroup but teachers think he might in playgroup next year too. He has improved but need more improvement. Is this Autism or something else. He does his things when he wants, otherwise we have to ask him repeatedly. 

aanchal 2017-03-07 10:42:20


Isn't he just being a 3-years old boy?
Autism is over-diagnosed these days, just like ADHD is. Are you in Bangalore? Can we meet?


pk007 2017-03-08 00:34:03


yes he is just 3 year old. Can read alphabets and numbers, can speak certain sentences, sing rhyme (slowly), ride bicycle,  I find everything normal except responding to his name and eye contact (he does when he wants). I am scared of the word autism itself. Can you explain what might be the reason for his lack of response to name? We can meet probably after 2 weeks as I will go out of station. 

aanchal 2017-03-14 14:49:02


Lack of interpersonal responsiveness to name and poor eye-contact can be there due to various reasons:
  • Lack of use of pronouns or over-use of pronouns (you, I ) from parents' side. 
  • High screen-time
  • Name called out loudly (regularly or in past) to scold
  • Associates name with an unpleasant experience
  • Very common name, creating confusion in child's mind (especially in class where teachers use name + surname to differentiate the kids with same names, while at home we don't use surnames)
  • Poor sensory integration
  • Poor language cognition
  • Sensory overload
Educate yourself on autism. Your fear will induce anxiety in him too. If we read personality disorders,  we will find half of the symptoms in us. Does that make us all abnormal? No. Similarly presence of 1-2 symptoms of ASD as the age of 3 shouldn't scare you. Good that you are aware and finding out details at your end. Please check out


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