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Ree15 2016-09-09 12:16:28


Hi Aanchal,
I am from Delhi and I have two kids. My son who is youngest is 7 years. I always have complaint about him from school. Lack of concentration in class, cannot sit in one place and disturb other students. Last year we went to doctor and doctor advice to give Metat and ask to meet other doctor for behavior session. while sitting for behavior session we find the doctor was very rude and our son was very scared of going so we discontinue. He is in class II, he is very sharp in vocal and creativity but he cannot learn big words and sentences. He don't want to study however he never say i don't want to read but find very difficult to learn. Kindly suggest me how to take this forward and how can i make him study interesting. Do i give him Mentat. Please suggest and guide.

aanchal 2016-09-12 07:27:25


Every child not sitting in one place doesn't have ADHD. There are various reasons why a child may not want to or be able to focus on class. Please email me the assessment reports first (
Here most children who come to me with 'ADHD', have emotional issues. So no amount of intervention for ADHD works. When we work on parenting loopholes and learning skills gaps then we see improvement.
A child who is struggling with big words and sentences will not find anything interesting in classroom. Each day is a demotivating experience for him. How can he sit calmly there?
How is his sitting tolerance in other non-academic activities like TV, coloring?
Please check these for reference:

Ree15 2016-09-13 13:16:28


Hi Anchal,

Thank you and will share the details soon. With regards to sitting tolerance in other activities, he is quite while watching TV however for other activities he is not as he always move around. 

Thank you for providing the website detail which is really very helpful. 


Preeth123 2016-09-19 10:52:38


Hi Aanchal,
     I have a son aged 3.10 yrs now going to nursery class in a playschool and diagnosed at the age of 2.3yrs to be having a risk of autism(language disorder). He is also going for OT and ABA therapies. In school they complaint about his behaviour issues like pushing children, not sitting at one place. So we had to introduce shadow. Now he is only for one hour in school with shadow. His learning is good regarding alphabets, phonic sounds, numbers, counting, writing. Is it advisable to continue in the school with shadow or look for special school? And also how is vydehi school in white field, Bangalore?

aanchal 2016-10-03 07:37:26


Diagnosis of ASD at the age of 2.3 sends shivers down my spine. It the age of many developmental features which mimic ASD, like object fragmentation, anxiety bouts, lack of boundaries, lack of gestalt, poor/no speech. It is very easy to get confused with ASD. My two cents:
1. I have seen many such children who seem to have many symptoms of ASD but are not autistic, and grow up all fine.
2. Too much information on internet leads to self-diagnosis in parents, leading to panic, leading to unnecessary evaluations and therapies.
3. Half-baked information in teachers often causes a lot of wrong diagnosis at play- school level.
Has the doctor who diagnosed ASD given you inputs regarding rest, schedule, behavior or diet ? I personally don't believe in OT and ABA in kids unless a clinical evaluation is done based on significantly strong symptoms. A slow or delayed development can be well handled at home through cognitive stimulation program. Please email me the assessment reports first ( I would like to see it before giving any feedback.



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