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munna2 2015-12-21 17:20:41


My son is 5 yrs old who is good at reading nd all other extra curricular activities and wins many prizes and he is a outstanding performer.But now writing is a big problem he writes well at home but he writes very badly at school.now the teacher started complaining on his hand writing.I personally feel he is not interested to write even at home he takes one hr to do his homework.pls help me mam,would like to meet u.hez studying in ukg.Can u share ur number or mail I'd.Will u anytime visit chennai.pls advise on how to make writing interesting and fun.pls help

munna2 2015-12-21 17:27:33


My son is in the daycare and once he is back home he wants to watch tv...he watches lot of tv...pls help

aanchal 2015-12-21 20:49:43


There is a lot that will need to be discussed. Do let me know about your visit, so that I make sure we meet. Unwillingness to write can be there due to poor writing posture (which gives hand pain after writing few words), poor handwriting/spellings (which fetches more scoldings if you write than if you don't), performance anxiety, poor vision, poor visual skills (which is different from vision), poor eye-hand coordination and many more. Understanding the root cause will help you take correct interventions.

Meanwhile, check these links







munna2 2015-12-22 10:53:48


Thank u so much for the links. I am unable to lot identify the extract problem in him.Will u visit chennai anytime now.want to meet u personally

Anju91091 2016-02-18 22:07:30


Hello ma'am, I am a trainee teacher in Christ University. I want to know as a teacher, how to identify ADHD/Dyslexia problems in classroom and how to address these problems. It will be a great help to the budding teachers in our University and to the society as well. If possible can we have a personal conversation? Appreciate your help. Regards, Noor Anjum

vatsalag 2016-04-15 16:06:16


Hi Aanchal
My daughter is 9+ an din classV, since last year i have noticed and got complaints that she does not complete her work in class and home also she has started hiding and lying to save herself... i do have some personal challenges at home. her grades have gone down also.
can you help pls... her classwork is incomplete .. its just the beginning of teh session... when i spoke t her she says she cant write fast and she was thinking or she was trying t memorise whats been told in the class


aanchal 2016-04-17 08:44:39


Anjum: I am so sorry I missed your post somehow. We can meet up. I do teacher consultation (1 on 1) as well as workshops (for a group). If you have more people, let me know. Else, we can meet up. We can also have consultation on phone/skype.
Vatsala: Your child is showing signs of internal anxieties. She will need your help. Let me know if you would like to discuss on phone or email


vatsalag 2016-04-18 10:04:59


Hi Aanchal
I can do both , my email id is vatsala.banerji@gmail.com.
and my contact number is 7042926262.
Can call you if you let me know a suitable time


aanchal 2016-04-20 10:37:19


I sent you an email

Shrikant19 2016-04-20 15:37:02


I want to take my kid admission on Royal concord schoole begur for 4th std ,please guide me how the school is?

Shrikant19 2016-04-20 15:41:35


Hi Aanchal
I want to take my kid admission on Royal concord schoole begur for 4th std ,please guide me how the school is?

jyotikaur 2016-05-04 13:43:50


    I am looking for special educator for my son who is 11 year old.
My son is hyperactive. I need special educator to help in school academics of class 7th 
He goes to regular school (main stream)
I stay at Tilak Nagar, New Delhi.


Rim123 2016-11-06 01:57:43


Hi anchal, I would like to get your mail Id to discuss about my childs writing problem Thankyou

Rim123 2016-11-06 02:10:01


Hi anchal It would be great if you could mail me ur mail Id to rim.shiju@gmail.com

aanchal 2016-11-09 08:01:23


email me at info@confidentliving.co.in please

bindusri 2018-12-06 14:37:54


Hi my daughter is 11 yrs old. For the past 1year she is behaving differently . Not showing interest in studies. Not listening to me or my hubby. Totally don'"t show any respect or discipline towards us. I m totally frustrated. Have told many times to her that she should change but when I talk to her she says ya Amma am not good and I will change. But later she behaves same. I m totally broken. I even showed her to child psychologist again Same happens. I Dono when will she change. Kindly advice me how to bring change in her. Tia 

aanchal 2018-12-08 08:44:43


Hi. It€™s a tough time for her as well as you. Please email me the consultation details with the psychologist. 
I strongly recommend not to give up. Not to show frustration. Children become what they think about themselves and their self image depends on how parents perceive them. It€™s called self fulfilling prophecy. If parents think the child is lazy, the child actually becomes lazy. 
If you are annoyed with the child, she will not be motivated enough to change assuming that this is how she is perceived. 
Trear her not how she is but how you want her to be. so if you want the child to become respectful, the wrong approach is to tell her directly to become respectful. The right approach is to appreciate how respectful she is. Pick up small instances where she has shown respect and appreciate. Tell people her good qualities and make sure she €˜overhears€™. 
She could be going through a hormonal change too. Has she hit puberty already? Any physical changes you see? Any crushes at school? Can she talk to you freely about her crushes and feelings without being judged? Is she finding studies very hard? Is she bullied somewhere? pre-teens is the new challenge these days.  

sakura1918 2020-09-09 05:22:57


my teenage daughter (17y) has been diagnosed with adhd recently, we went for test as she was saying that she keeps forgetting everything she study's and that she cant do rote learning. as her board exams were coming she is getting depressed and losing hope on life.at first i thought she was lying but she said something was wrong and her teacher suggested that we take her and get a test and find out what is wrong and now cant find any place for proper treatment for her in Hyderabad and its been very hard for me to decide what to do please give me some advice .

aanchal 2020-09-09 06:52:40


How long has this been there? Covid lockdown stress has affected many teens very deeply. I want to understand whether the doctors have diagnosed depression or ADHD or both. Email me her diagnosis paper and up a consultation first at www.plustibi.com

you can email me at aanchal.agrawal@confidentliving.co.in 

Raj2022 2022-03-04 16:02:25


Hi Anchal, I feel my daughter (7 years old) has some learning difficulty, maybe dysgraphia. I chanced upon your interaction with another parent and wanted to connect with you. Can you please give me a call at 9886286862? After we speak I can meet you with my daughter. Appreciate an early call back. Regards Rajesh

aanchal 2022-03-04 17:15:38


Please email me at aanchal.agrawal@confidentliving.co.in 


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