how to correct the grammer when talking

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Happy123 2015-12-18 12:51:33


Hai Aanchal,
I have two kids of 4yrs & 8 yrs old. They keep talking in english only with grammatical mistakes like i have sleepen in the afternoon, i eaten it, wear the fan (instead of on the fan) i go to school on bus etc., etc., to be frank I myself n my hubby don't have a so good command on english but okay. When we go out with kids they keep talking in english only but few people will laugh at them and few will comment on their face only. So, immediately they stop talking to each other and they will sit silently in one place till we move from there. 
So, can you please help me out in correcting them.
Thanks in advance

aanchal 2015-12-19 08:01:21


Few people who laugh at the incorrect grammar already shuts them. So why do you want to correct them further...and shut them further!!
See, grammar shouldn't be corrected each time the child is speaking incorrectly. It will significantly kill the ease, creativity and confidence. Make a note of what mistakes they make. Sometime later, teach them (one thing at a time).  Tell them that when they make a mistake you will make a hand gesture and they should correct themselves. 
And, don't correct them each time. Just look at them and smile. Believe me, they will know.
Encourage them to read a lot. Reading books is the best way to correct grammar. 


Happy123 2015-12-20 13:02:11


Dear Aanchal,
Thank you for your response. Can you please let us know the names of the books which i can make them read.


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