I am in desparate need of help Aanchal !

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Aniel1011 2015-12-15 16:16:50


My son is 3.4 years old. He is pretty active throughout the day. He does not speak in sentences yet. He spells out names of the Products that come in TV advertisements, like if he see airtel hoarding on the roads he says amma Airtel,colgate, videocon etc.
He cant sit at one place, keep doing one thing or the other. Likes to sing rhymes, and watch TV cartoon (selected ones). All his mile stones were met on time except for speech and language.

He is very inattentive at  school (Nursery) and as well at home, poor motor skills. our pediatric doctor said he needs assessment. I am dying a million deaths everyday thinking that he maybe autistic or having some kind of disorder. He has eye contact and does not flap or do repetitive stuff. Not all symptoms of autism are seen, except being inattentive and spelling out TV advertisements most of the time.
He is my first child and i am just worried all the time. My wife thinks otherwise, she says he will be just fine as time goes on. Probably when he becomes 4 years old he will pick up. But i am not sure, can you please offer your valuable advise.

Ankypawar 2015-12-15 21:26:32


I am facing same situation. My child was doing same things and he was diagnosed with PDD in April 2015. He is my only child. ( 4 years old).

Without worrying first get the assessment done. I had been told that we were already late in getting our child assessed. So, please don't go after other person's advice. Take best  psychiatrist's advice and act as per doctor's suggestions. Nothing to worry. :)

Everything will be fine.


Rinki2011 2015-12-15 23:16:11


Dont Wait.
get him evvaluated as soon as possible!
Early intervention is a Key!


Aniel1011 2015-12-16 13:51:21


@Ankypawar Thanks for the reply. Where did you get your son diagnosed in Bangalore?
What did doctor suggest as next steps for your son ? How is he doing now, has he improved since April 2015 ?
Am sorry i have so many questions! Is he able to understand instructions and speak language?


Ankypawar 2015-12-16 17:42:40


I am from Delhi. Doctor suggested occupation therapy and speech therapy. He shows improvements , but changes are gradual. He understands most of the instructions and follows.speaks half words and repeats whatever we ask him to repeat.

aanchal 2015-12-17 11:32:57


I understand how how anxious you are because of the delay in speech and lack of attention. An assessment is definitely required to do root analysis and provide early intervention, if required.
However, I would also like to tell you that symptoms are not exact indicators of disorders and they shouldn't push you into a whirlpool of unnecessary tests and series of OT/ST/ABT. 
For example, last month I met a child who had been 'diagnosed' with ADHD 6 months back somewhere and was not showing any signs of improvement even after a lot of ST/OT sessions there. I found the child to be going through a lot of anxiety issues. We started parenting sessions and home-based changes. The child has calmed down significantly. 
The same symptom in different children may have different reasons. A therapeutic intervention cannot/should not be given unless you know the reason.


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