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sachpreet 2015-12-07 12:55:21


Few days back i joined a very small scale school in my neighbourhood where many students from poor background were studying. Their parents were working as maids or labourer. As i wanted to join big CBSE school but thought of gaining experience over there. But i worked there for three days. The major reason of leaving that place is that they were punishing even small children. The children in nursery & ukg were made to stand for 15 mins. for coming late.The teacher in nursery class was having scale in her hand. The scale would be  for maintaining discipline not for hitting which i thought. But one nursery class student went for drinking water & did not come back for 15 mins. The teacher put a slap on her face for this reason. One teacher in 8th class asked students to raise hands for not memorising the homework she has given & slapping them also. She gave slaps 10 th class students also. In my opinion they all were intelligent kids. But they face lack of resources.At home they cannot give much time to study. Moreover they don't take much nutritious food like we pamper our kids. The teacher inspite of understanding all these things & making her lecture more interesting was using scale & physical punishment. Poor kids.....I cannot all these things...I could not go next day. I made a request to principal at departure time to stop this..but i didn't go next day...Teacher should understand the problem of kids why they  are not doing memorizing the lesson. What should i do.....Because their parents are not so much educated & even they beat their kids. But teachers are educated. What can i do for those kids..I am feeling so helpless.or i should see my benefit & forget what i noticed over there.

aanchal 2015-12-08 09:03:15


I can understand your frustration but this is the bitter face of education system especially in the rural areas. I am afraid you can't do much, as the parents don't have a problem with the punishment. Sensitising teachers is possible when you have support from the parents. 
If this disturbs you a lot, quit.

sachpreet 2015-12-08 10:57:11


Thanks Aanchal


pravso 2016-02-02 15:59:22


Well Sachpreet... I don't know how this works in the rural areas... But I'm hoping there should be a panchayat or an educational officer you can report this to... coz i'm sure that your complaining to the school principal or talking to the teachers to the school  or trying to gather support from parents is not gonna be of any help..As Aanchal mentioned parents don't have a problem with this as they think this is the teachin method followed everywhere.. Lack of awareness.... 
Try not to overdo anything and be polite in your approach if you plan to approach the authorities... coz it may spell trouble if they too are biased towards this...


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