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bujju2010 2015-10-12 11:12:13


Dear aanchal,
my son aged 5 yrs is completely lacking social skills, communication skill is average but not bad at home. But in school, he is not speaking to teachers or other kids. Not a single word was spoken ins school in these 4 months. Academics is good. Dont have any friends. Consulted a psychologist and she suggested speech therapy, arrange for play date etc.
my request here is can u suggest good and genuine centres for speech therapy and developing social skills. Tried rxdx, but not good.   We are put up in whitefield, but distance not a matter. Kindly suggest and help. Thanks.

bujju2010 2015-10-13 15:37:16


can you pls reply. Thanks.

aanchal 2015-10-16 08:56:32


Speech therapy is to help the child speak. If speech is developed, but due to hesitation/fear, the child isn't interacting with anybody outside, then we don't need to teach him to speak, but to understand what's stopping him outside.
You child may be hesitant of adults/kids. He may not be able to judge situations at social level and thus might be failing to respond. He may be feeling apprehensive of reactions to his imagined poor responses.
Severe shyness, acute lack of self-confidence also cause this. I have seen few kids recently who are chatterbox at home, but absolutely silent outside. Analysis revealed different reasons in all cases. So understanding the root cause is the 1st step.



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