OCD symptoms in my 9 yrs old son

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mili1 2015-09-19 01:13:24


Hi Anchal,

I am a silent follower of this groups...I think you are the best person to guide me.My son  is showing ocd symptoms for more than 3 yrs ,first I didn't think about it seriously as he is always a very cranky kid. But from last year it came to my mind that something is odd  like telling something repeatedly till he is not satisfied,or doing some rituals 10 times,expecting me to do certain things he wants but I have to understand that on my own,almost in 90% of these things he includes me.He knows that he told something wrong but don't want me to correct him .He is very much normal in school and with friends and is very good in studies.This behavior continues for 3-4 months ,stop for fe months and again starts.I went to a child psychologist in Hyderabad she didn't even talk to him and told that he has ocd and needs  behavioral therapy.By the time we shifted to Chennai and want your help  to find a good psychologist in Chennai.I also have a 2 yrs old kid and this daily tantrums consumes almost 3 hrs everyday which is very depressing for him and me.

Desperately looking for some help




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