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bujju2010 2015-06-24 21:56:57


Hi aanchal,
how to make my kid (4.5 yrs) read english on his own. So far i havent concentrated much on this aspect as there was lagging in other areas. Now i want him to read on his own and also to speak. 
Pls guide me with the steps and also suggest good books on this aspect.
thank u.

bujju2010 2015-06-25 10:27:04


In addition to the above, i like to mention that he can write  around 50 words (4-5 lr words). But not sentences. I don't know how and where to start. Pls guide me. 

aanchal 2015-07-09 07:45:47


Now, this is very difficult to suggest online, especially when I am sensing other developmental problems from your post. There are various factors to consider when it comes to reading (speech, sequential skills, comprehension skills, child's reading level and much more). Please check this http://www.learningstations.blogspot.in/.
If you are in Bangalore, we can meet up once.
At the most general level, good books to start reading (without assistance) are the level 1 books of "I can read" series(scholastic, random house etc). You may read illustrated books by Eric Carle, Julia Donaldson to your child.



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