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mum2 2015-06-19 11:33:42


My kid is 10+/ class 6 now.  Right from childhood he has been slow with everything - walk, run, etc.  He will reply to all q's - but slowly - seems to think a lot before answering - whether it is regarding schl or frnds or any topic. he eats slowly, writes slowly.  he gets good grades at schl.  He has great difficulty in remembering certain things - like home work given today - he will take abt 5 to 15 mins to answer. or what games did u play - again he thinks a lot before answering - if i ask what u r thinking or why not telling - he says he is trying to think of what happened at schl - but at times he can remember and comment on things i may have mentioned long ago - may be yrs also.  he finds extremely difficult to memorise home work / essays in language paper, etc. i hv always eencouraged him to understand concepts - he writes in own words also -  but memorising is reqd in certain areas - especially languages - he has grt difficulty in writing in own words in language papers - now he is developing an aversion to it all  - am worried and unable to understand how to help him. 
i dont know what to do to improve his memory and speed.  is something wrong with him? can someone suggest a way to help him remember things and improve his speed of responding?

aanchal 2015-07-09 08:52:29


This happens in kids at the age of 5-6, when they have 10 thousand things to say, but only 1 mouth to do so. They start filtering the information as to what to say and it looks like a delay in response to us. This is very common and happens to most of the kids.
kids also become very slow in responding under helicopter parenting. There are kids who don't like to share a lot and resist the whole idea of having to tell what they play, what they do in school.

However, we shouldn't rule out learning skills issue without assessing him properly (memory, sentence formation skills etc), as you are saying he finds it difficult to perform in academics too. Can you come for a consultation with him?


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