Sibling issue - I am at my witt's end

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Kuchan 2015-05-28 17:59:44


My son is 8 year old PDD-NOS but improved a lot to be mainstreamed for core subjects, He has a sister - 8 month old. Since her birth he has taken very negative view of the things. He does not allow her to touch his things - gets very angry if she touches him and  a lot of bad behavior has crept in. He does not want to do anything w/o being pushed to extreme - he does not like to eat, bathe, study do anything we tell him to do. He does not explicitly say that he is angry with her but we can understand. He just turns back and go to the computer room if we start to take our daughter to lap or show any affection towards her. We tried to coax him a lot but could not do anything. His studies are suffering because of this and a lot of tension gets created. I am not sure how we can deal with it. I can understand that he is basically sad because of less attention towards him but we can't ignore our daughter for him.


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