need help anchal

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st24 2015-03-03 13:15:40


Hi ..i m mother of 10 yr old fifth grader. The problem is my son doesn't like to play boyish out door games. Till last yr we were in mumbai thr he used to go down everyday in evening for 2-3 hours but he was never intrested in those boyish games like cricket, football etc. There he had a mix group girls and boys and they all used to play, chat, ride bicycles etc. 1 yr back when i shifted to ahmedabad he totally stoped going out. He spends his free time either with tv or gaming on tablet. Its been 1 year and he is not friends with anybody here....its true that there r only few kid of his age group in my new society but my son is not interested in making new friends...he always miss his old friends...what to do i am really worried..plz help


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