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AnshuSh 2015-02-27 15:47:09


Hi Aanchal,

I was searching net for Adenoid problem and came across your post. I found it really helpful.
Actually my daughter is just 20 months old. She has sleeping problems since birth. She used to keep on waking through out the night. Used to take feed and then settled down.

I thought her sleep will improve with her age but it never happened till date. She generally wakes up in 2-3 ours take my feed and then only sleep.

She had her first bought of cold when she was just 5 months old. We had to give her Antibiotics and put her on nebulisation. She was fine but in every 3 month she is sick.
I feel her immunity is very low. Otherwise she is a very active child.

Since last december she has been ill twice with Fever and ear infection. Doctor asked me to get her adenoids checked and then she was diagnosed with enlarged adenoids.

Doctor said it usually shrinks on its own after 5-6 years of age but if it doesn't surgery needs to be done. As she is very young for any surgery you have to live and cope up with this problem until she is 6 years old.

I was really very depressed to hear about this and then surgery. I would never want this. Doctor gave her Montair Lyc Syrup and Metaspray for 3 months.

We have also started consulting a very old known homeopathic doctor to my husband's family for this problem.

So I would want to ask you:
1) How effective is Homeopathy for this problem?
2) In how much time it starts showing its effect?
3) How long we would need to give her medicine?
4) Can Allopathy and Homeopathy medication can go along together
5) Also your son would be 6 years now. His Adenoids has started shrinking?

I'm really very apprehensive and worried about her health.
We have to very soon put her in Play school also.

I'm also from Muzaffarpur(Bihar) and putting up in Gurgaon.

Can you please help me with my queries. I would be really very thankful to you.

Thanks & Regards,

Rsha 2016-02-08 06:03:52


Hi. My son is also diagnosed with adenoid. How is it kid doing now. Are you taking homeo treatment. Has it improved. Am also planning for homeo. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated

aanchal 2016-02-11 08:25:41


My son is now 8 and half and doctor is recommending surgery. It's a minor procedure and needs to be done as all lines of treatment- allopathy/homeopathy/home-based, have been tried and all they could do is control it but couldn't cure it completely. He is also on montair and metaspray. Homeopathy has been very effective in controlling it to a large extent, but Bangalore has it's own allergy issues which adds fuel to fire. Most children here have bouts of upper respiratory tract difficulties. 
Don't go for surgery now. But if adenoids refuse to get back to normal after 8, or start troubling a lot now, get it done. Frequent bouts of cold really affect the overall health.



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