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ankush1 2015-02-13 08:15:26


My Kid studies in the DAV Public School Thane and his school had called us to inform that our child is not coping to the studies and has poor performance in the class exams.
Here is what happened with my Kid
While getting him admitted for the jr. KG level since the admissions were not available in most of the schools we applied I had to get my son in Billabong International Thane but since their fees are exorbitant and education wise their curriculum is pretty worst, I decided to move my kid and got him in to DAV Public School. Now since Sr.KG and Now in 1st he has poor writing, reading skills (or it seems he is loosing interest) . The school is asking to either change the board or let him repeat.
We have got him checked with a Kid Physcologist and they say he does not have any learning disability its the will and his interest that is affected.
What is the right thing to do: change the board or let him repeat a class.

prachis 2015-02-14 15:01:21


Hi Anchal, I am into similar dilemma... My daughter is Jan'10 born and she will be graduating to Std 1 in June 15 (she will be 5.4 yrs old by then). She is studying a year ahead as per rules, (Jan'09 to Dec'09 should be in std 1 in 15-16 in Mumbai). She is studying in an international school.
She is very good in her communication and concept (as per her teacher) but week in writing/slow compared to other kids in class.  She is the youngest on in her class. Her span of concentration is also less.
Should I maker her repeat Sr. Kg so she performs better and be in right grade at right age. As she is loosing interest in studies due to continuous pressure build up by us and school to improve her writing skills.
Or should I let her graduate to std 1, by this she will always be the youngest in the class and I am afraid if this will hamper her confidence level and her overall personality. (currently she is very social and sharp observer)
Please guide me as I have got mixed feedbacks on this.
Thank You! 

aanchal 2015-02-18 22:48:39


Few things about repeating a grade:
  • it doesn't enhance skills of reading and writing. Repeating the grade only repeats the concepts
  • it doesn't increase the child's interest in studies. In fact, it may deplete confidence further
I usually do not advocate repetition. If a child is facing learning blocks, we should help him/her overcome the blocks first. Simple repetition won't help without giving the right intervention.

As regards being the youngest one in the class, someone has to be the youngest one, right? At this level, there shouldn't be more than 6 months gap between your child's age and the 'average' age of the whole class. If there are 20 children in the class, find out the average age and don't get intimidated by the age of the oldest ones in the class.

prachis 2015-02-26 12:50:27


Hi Aanchal,
Thanks alot for guiding me, actually I met the class teachers of my daughter and they gave positive feedbacks about her and highlighted the fact that when I pay attention towards her studies she does well compared to when her daycare lady takes her studies.

I have decided to let her graduate to std1 and give her right environment at home which I have not been able to due to my late hours working. 

Once again THANKS A TON for helping me come over this mind block that my child is youngest in the class and hence lagging behind.
Appreciate your initiative of resolving several parenting issues. :)


124567 2019-01-01 13:28:17


Hi prachis I'm sailing in the same boat now.. Did you repeat sr kg in your daughter's case or did you send her to grade at 5.4...if you've please provide your inputs... He feb 2014 born..will be graduating to 1 for the academic year 2019-20. N he ll be exactly 5.4 by june 2019. We've decided to move him to a new school as well n bit confused whether to repeat sr kg so that he gets adjusted to the school and also would be ready with readin n writing skills by next year...please help

124567 2019-01-02 08:51:15


Hi Anchal My son is 4.10 now and he is UKG.. I'm looking for a new school to join him in grade 1 but the school where I took him for a test said he didn't get shortlisted for grade 1 but they can offer UKG as he is under age as well for grade 1..the reason for non performance might be because the current school doesn't have the concept of tests and he is completely not aware of it and was not prepared as well but as far as i know we can make him learn n write no issues just a little attention is what he needs...the principal of the new school says it would be better to repeat ukg rather than creating a stressful life for him by sending him to grade 1...i spoke to principal of current school and she asked to wait till feb 2019 to comment on this as its too early to decide is what she said.. I'm unable to decide whether to send him to Ukg again or look for a different school which can accommodate him in grade 1...and if i put him in grade 1 would it be really stressful for him. Please help me!!


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