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rajlaxmi 2015-02-08 03:22:36


Hi Aanchal,
Gone through most of the threads, suggested by you. I think you can help me to guide my 6 years old son who is suffering form ADHD.
1 year back we consulted one of the renowned doctor in Hyderabad and after consultation and the tests he told that our son suffers from ADHD.  Then we  went for medication MPH and Pipra A (half of the tablets twice daily). when he first stared taking medicine he was quite normal, after few months of intake the previous type of symptoms slowly he stared again. so we stopped the medicine . That time we again came back to our initial stage. 
So after 2 months of stopping that medicine again we started. Again after few months of intake the previous type of symptoms slowly he stared . So it has just became a cycle.

His major problem is watching TV more than 6 hrs, lack of concentration, now a days not at all interested to do any Homework. I asked to his class teacher she told in academic perspect he is very good, vey active, not that much naughtiness at school.

My concern is

  1. he is such a small baby , is it safe to give him medicine daily ?

  2. Will we continue the medicine lifelong?

  3. What to do when he is habituated with that drug ?

  4. Is there any alternative except medicine.

  5. Not at all listening to parents.

  6. His anger persists maximum 5 minutes, but that time is very difficut to control him.

Kindly suggest what to do , I am waiting for your reply anxiously.

Thanks and regards

Rajlaxmi Kar.

FallingStar 2015-02-24 17:05:52



FallingStar 2015-02-24 17:21:00


Rajlakshmi, consult a good homeopathy doc in your city.

After knowing the usual psychiatry drugs are dependent type, we looked for other methods. Changed 4 homeopathy docs.
finally we consulted Dr. Ranga Sai for treatment of ADHD, he is at Bangalore, we consulted him online - he couriers the medicines to us and after nearly 11 months of treatment the child rid of it. The medicines are safe. He does not give daily medicines. And to my knowledge ADHD remains so and even adults have this who werre not treated good when they were children. So ... seek a homeopath in you city. We consult him for breathing problems off and on too.

all the best dear.


rajlaxmi 2015-02-25 00:13:01


Thanks a lot Ms. Rachana (Fallingstar). Definitely I ll search a good experienced homeo doc. 



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