five n a hf month old habitual to be carried in arms

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smritis 2014-10-10 14:21:43


Hi, my five n a hf month old daughter has GER, coz of which she needs to be kept upright for 30-40 mins after feeds. She has this problem since she was ten days old. And Now she has gotten so used to be carried in arms always that its becoming difficult for me to make her lie down on the bed for more than 10-15 mins at the max!! If i leave her on her own with her toys around, she playes with them for a while like i said 10-15 mins max and then she starts to whine n cry as she wants to be picked up. She likes it that way now. I am waiting for her to start crawling... she might learn she has something new to do now. But still it becomes tiring... even now i have to keep her upright after feeds to avoid vomits. How do i break away this habbit? What r the other activities i can keep her engaged in? I want her to learn to play on her own for sometime. I cannot just make her lie down n let her cry Which i would hate to do...and would eventually step in to pick her up... Please help...


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