Suggestion for my nephew diagnosed to have "ADHD"

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santhinila 2014-09-23 16:16:55


Hi Aanchal,

I am looking for some valuable suggestions for my sister and her son, who has been diagnosed to have ADHD symptoms. I would say that he has been taken to the doctor(famous hospital in Chennai) for the first time and the diagnosis/appointment did not even last for 20 minutes.

My nephew is now 4 years 3 months. We started noticing him that he isn't behaving normal in past few months(may be close to a year). He does not sit in a place, whether it is at home, school or outside. He always shows his excitement just by flipping/waving both hands and legs together. He doesn't respond to our questions unless it is related to some things which he likes(mobiles, chocolates, books etc.). Sometimes he talks irrelevant or on his own on some past happenings. He is poor at motor skills, that he cannot dress himself, cannot hold pencils with a grip. I feel that his developmental growth was smooth till 3 years or so. He doesn't concentrate especially while writing. My sister has been struggling to make him write "A" and to color objects etc. He loves reading books and he is too good at remembering slogans or rhymes etc. He knows alphabets, colors, shapes and he can identify any pre-school related objects correctly. His speech development was perfectly fine and I would say that he started uttering words properly by 1+ year and spoke 3-4 syllable sentences by 1 ½ years.

 I want to highlight that some of the things which we have missed doing or now feeling that we would have done it before in his early days. His parent (and our family members - I'll mention "they" hereafter which includes my sister, brother-in-law, grand-parents, myself) haven't allowed him to do any-thing on his own from childhood like self-feeding, dressing himself and especially playing/writing with crayons/some toys etc.. They tried to be always over-protective, always instructing him to do things and haven't given chance to explore by himself(playing on his own, trying puzzles , blocks on his own - never allowed to continue as they just keep away these things if he gets small injury with a toy or an object). My sister took a break in her career after his birth and started back when he is around 3+ years. My brother-in-law is also not around for a year or so, as he is doing his higher studies now. He has been spending his most of his days with my parents and especially with my father(70+ years and having his own issues like shouting unnecessarily and likes to be alone etc).

To your surprise, my sister is a dentist and her husband is a doctor who is now doing dnb diabetology. My sister is so depressed that people around us and from school (he is in LKG now) started giving comments on his behaviour. They are making up their mind to start with treatment. But somehow me, my parents and my sister(to an extent) are not convinced to consider him as "hyperactive kid". May be it is our hope which is making us to think though. I have the opinion, the way we have brought him up and sudden separation from parents(though my sister is available after evening) made these changes to his behaviours.

Please suggest some ideas on handling this situation, where my sister is more stressed after this diagnosis. Is it right decision to start treatment? Can we look for second opinion or try some home remedies at our end? They have come here to Bangalore for this week to visit me. It will be helpful if you could suggest doctors or hospitals for second opinion too.

Alkasarda 2014-09-23 17:03:54


Try homeopathy..... I know a doctor who specialises in the same

vinitadeepak 2014-10-10 21:13:19


My son is 12 yrs 9 months old and is in class 7.
He has learning issues and is not able to focus on studies at all.

He can watch TV or play TV based games for hous together - even 6 to 10 hours but when it comes to study or anything to do with it - even talk about studying - he gets irritated and shouts and screams.
When he is away from TV for a while - and he often realizes that he should study but he is not able to.
When he does sit down to study (which is very rare) - he cannot focus - seems not to understand and then gets frustrated and says he cannot and will not.
Earlier he was an average student - now in class 7 he is not able to cope at all - his scores have now dropped to 20-25% from 50-60% last year.
We have all kinds of tests and diagnosis done - docs say he does not have ADHD or similar - he is very intelligent otherwise.
I am worried - what should we do?


aanchal 2014-11-27 12:09:29


santhinila: very sorry for such a late response. I don't get notifications for the new posts on my page. In case of urgent issues, I recommend you send me a PM. I will share my thoughts point-wise:
  • diagnosis is a time-taking process. it requires time, patience, rapport. and that's why a 20-minute consultation with a psychiatrist is not an appropriate start. you should always visit a psychotherapist/ psychologist for an assessment, who can spend time with the child and take complete case history. same symptoms may have different root causes in different children and that's why intervention based on symptoms is not advisable
  • one has to be very clear about the history of present problems. the precipitating factors are crucial in determining if the problem is an outcome of a trauma (what may look okay to us may be traumatic to kids. so we should look at things from their eyes)
  • the above mentioned symptoms (inappropriate repetitive behavior, poor self-help skills, poor responses, poor social skills) are less indicative of ADHD and more of other developmental blocks. next time your sister is in bangalore, she may come to me or go to FIVE, Aurinko, Banjara)
vinitadeepak:  If you are in bangalore, we may meet up. low interest in studies is not a problem. it is a reflection of an underlying problem.



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