My child doesn listen at all...

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GSBK 2014-09-01 17:18:41


Dear anchal.... Hi....first of I would like to appreciate at your wonderful contribution towards guiding parents who ask for ur help.... Well m a mother of a 4yrs old child..I had put him in a regular big school....but after getting series of complaints from the school v decided n pulled my son out....cuz the student teacher ratio was 34:1....definitely difficult for them pay attention towards each child.... Then v put him in a small school...n in the mean time I got him assessed by a child psychologist. ...she told that he was showi ng features s/o hyperactivity.... Now coming to the issues that I have with my boy...his attention span is too short for activities...loves running arround....playing in the ground. ...he has a lot of energy....dont know where to n how to channelise....I don't know how to get him on track. ...m a doctor by profession....but so confused wen it comes to my own child.... could u please help me in my case?can u share me ur mail id or contact no. ....whern I can contact u.... Thanks in advance....

aanchal 2014-09-11 14:57:52


An assessment isn't meaningful unless parents are given recommendations. You may check my blog
if this doesn't help, then he may need more structured help. you may contact me at



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