Why having 2nd baby is compulsory

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SAN321 2014-08-16 13:35:08


  I have a kid 5 + years now.   Everyone started asking about 2nd kid for the last one year ... We do not want to have for another kid.  But when anyone asks me I feel upset and thinks a lot about it. 
Why is it compulsory to have at least two kids in every home?  I'm trying to engage my kid as many activities as I can so that she will not feel alone.  Because of several family personal reasons we wanted to have single kid.  ( still i'm in dilemma but my wife is not at all interested to have another kid) 
 I'm trying to find out.,,, is that something we miss in future if we don't have two kids.  I want 
Many Thanks.

sriram6547 2014-08-16 17:50:47


HI there,
It is not compulsory to have 2nd kid. So don't force yourself if it bothers you. It all depends on you and your partner and your family conditions.
It is not you who will miss in future, but your kid, it is better to have a sibbling to share feelings and at times of need. One will always be bored in future if he is alone. So think about it. Suggestions of others doesn't matter
as it is you and your wife who are the final decision makers and result is what you get from what you did...


aanchal 2014-08-18 20:59:44


siblings are definitely important for support, especially when parents are no more. but then, you have to think if YOU want or not. forget about what is right or what is expected. have the second child for yourself not for your 1st child. simple.  there is no standard "we two ours two" rule

when you have the second child for the 'sake of your first born', you start expecting a lot from your elder one, which is not fair.


munna2 2014-10-31 15:15:08


due to my health problems i cant go for the second child ;but everybody in the family has a 2nd child they keep asking when iam going to have the second child. They say ur kid will be left alone nd nobody to share.....iam so worried abt my son....nd cry that i can not have another child-please anchal let me know if my child will be left alone nd

aanchal 2014-11-01 18:23:50


Having a child, one or four, is your own decision. Others are not going to come and help you in any ways. So going by their suggestions n advices is waste. If your health doesn't allow you to have another child then dont even think about it. You should have the 2nd one f5ot yourself and not for your first one. So ask youself if you want another child. You will find your answer. Your child will find ways to have company.


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