7 yr kid loves to read but doesn't want to write

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saketchiaai 2014-07-27 17:12:17


Hi Aanchal!
Saket (studies in class 2, mount litera zee school) likes to read books very much. amar chitra katha, tintin etc are his favorite. But I observed that he can not tell the story properly. I checked whether he understood the story while chatting him. he understands the story, wants to tell it, thinks he told it very nicely... but listener doesn't get it without any reference. At this age what and how much we can expect from him? 
Recently we enrolled for a library and suggested him to write down the details of the book. name, author, publication, characters, short story or summary or moral of the story. With him I am also writing the same for another book... but he doesn't want to jot down... ...

aanchal 2014-07-30 12:01:10


If a child is 8 year old, he may not have the reading level of an 8 year old child. His RL may be lower or higher. Thus, age appropriate books may not be able to generate and sustain the interest/comprehension. The trick is to find out his RL and interest areas. If a child can self-read a book which has his favorite concepts, there is no way that he will not read.
I have started a library at Confident Living just on this idea of suggested reading. I assess the RL and suggest the books which a child should read. So I give the book instead of letting the child choose from my library. It has been very well received by children and parents alike.
I have also started a reading club, where someone reads books to children and get activities/discussions rolling in the session. This increases the interest in reading. The reading club for grade 1 and 2 meets every Wednesday from 5-6pm
If you live in Bangalore, close to Bellandur area, you may consider joining.
Check this to understand how to choose books http://learningstations.blogspot.in/2014/07/suggested-reading.html



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